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Faith – A Riansh Fanfiction (Chapter 11)

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                                                                                                            Chapter XI

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WARNING- the following content  is prohibited for hungry people as it contains a lot of mouth-watering food pictures 
As the warm aroma welcomed them Riddhima led them towards her dining room.

“So what’s for dinner?” Siya asked eagerly
Secretly everyone in VR mansion loved Riddhima’s cooking even though they never admitted that out loud.
“There are french fries and chicken nuggets for starters”

“There is mango juice or wine to drink”

Vansh was surprised he never thought Riddhima drank wine leave alone have a bottle at home so casually.
“There is Lasagna , Chicken biryani , Panner tikka masala , Dal, Roti and salad for the main course”

“As for dessert i have my specialty Irish Apple Pie with Homemade Vanilla ice cream”

Everyone helps themselves to the food.
Even Ahana looked happy while eating but Kabir looked pretty tensed.

After everyone had eaten their hearts content Riddhima starts speaking.
“So let me start from the beginning i want you all to be calm and composed while i speak.”
She gets an old framed picture from a glass cupboard nearby and shows it to everyone.

Everyone gasps loudly and Aryan chokes in his wine.

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“Sorry bhabi” he says, as he looks down to see the mess he had created, dropping all his wine on the floor.
“No worries Aryan” this was the first time  she could feel the softness and genuineness in his tone as he apologised.
She presses a button and a small robot comes rushing towards the stain and cleans it and goes.

Everyone is shocked

the picture was of Uma Raisinghana and another women.
“Wait, what- thats mom who- what- when-” Vansh stutters for the first time not finding words to say.
“If you all are wondering, this other woman with Uma aunty is my mom, Sheetal Rajmalhotra…“
“They were best friends but your dad always hated their friendship as my dad, Arjun Rajmalhotra and your dad were rivals. So whenever Uma aunty came home… she came in secret.
My parents were murdered by some other business rivals and they would have killed me too if your mom hadn’t come to save me.
I was just 10 yrs old at that time.
Then i went to live with my grandparents, my uncle and my aunt. After my grandparents passed away due to old age i got to know that all my uncle wanted was my parents money…“

When she was saying this Chachi felt guilty of the numerous times they had thought the same thing, Vansh had always cared for them no matter what a stupid jerk Aryan was and no matter how many times Chacha had tried and failed  to take over the business.

“ As soon i got to know this, i knew there was no one for me in my family, I spoke about this to Uma aunty and she told me to become successful in whatever career i chose so i wouldn’t have to depend on my parents money. i never met you all  because your dad hated my family.
I’m a lawyer and a physiotherapist.
I went to law school and side by side did a physiotherapy course.
I left my aunt and uncle’s place as soon as i got a job.
I’m not in bad terms with either of them, i just don’t stick around that much.
As soon as i saved my money i bought this plot and built my dream house.” she says with a dreamy  look


“It was a dark stormy night and the windows were rattling because of the wind,
I was sipping on some hot chocolate and was sitting curled up with a nice fat book.
Suddenly a dark, weak figure staggered near my gate. I rushed outside to see who it was…., it was Uma aunty.
I was shocked, she had been stabbed badly.
I took her in as fast as i could but i couldn’t save her, all she managed to whisper was “Please- please Riddhima beta, save my children and my family from the people who murdered me, i don’t know who is behind all this…-” she whispered.
 And before i could ask- who or when she got attacked, she took her last breath in my arms…..“

To be continued

Hey guys, i hope you all enjoyed this chapter.
I’ll upload the next one soon.
Take care and stay safe
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