Faith – A Riansh Fanfiction (Chapter 1)

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                                                                                                                          Faith✨- A Riansh Fanfiction                                                                                                                                       Chapter I    “Hello! Everyone, I ,Vansh Raisinghania would like to make an important announcement. I would like to introduce you all to my wife Mrs Vansh Raisinghania….” a familiar voice echoed in the room, as Riddhima dragged her tired self towards the huge doors of VR Mansion.She was tired and relieved seeing Vansh safe and sound.Suddenly she starts getting angry ,feeling as to why vansh left her in shimla and what press conference was happening, well she owed a decent explaination right?!“….i would like everyone to meet mrs ahana vansh raisinghania my beloved wife.”There she stood,Ahana, the same women who tried to  kill her ever since she entered the house,with a smug look on her face as she descends down from the illuminated stairs wearing Vansh’s mother’s lehenga.Suddenly everything becomes clear for Riddhima.All those lovely moments she spent with Vansh at the glass house, the gift he gave her yesterday, all those days when he kissed her and said he would always be there- were all fake, she felt betrayed. Her patience worn out, she was burning with rage in the inside but her face remained calm. Vansh looked towards her, checking if she felt- as if her life and dreams had been torn apart.Surprisingly, he didnt see any change of expression on her face.Everyone was clapping and congratulating Vansh and Ahana. Riddhima picked her phone and started calling someone. The whole raisinghania family was pleased with whatever damage they had caused for Riddhima but they were surprised not seeing her react even one bit. She was a fighter wasn’t she?Seeing no one acknowledge her presence not even Dadi, Riddhima realized they were and would always be on Vansh’s side even when he was wrong, well what did she expect? She smiled sadly as she called someone.Vansh came marching towards her with his usual ‘arrogant vansh raisinghania‘ aura , snatched her phone and pulled her towards him. Everyone gasped. “What happened Riddhima?! Why aren’t you sad? shattered that all your hopes and dreams have been torn apart? How do you have such a cold expressionless reaction, i guess this is just how you managed to torture my sister…. with this same  face of yours as she begged you to stop hurting her .” shouted vansh.Shocked with his accusations Riddhima felt weak and something break within her, how could he blame her for something so vile. After all she had done for Siya, Siya who she felt as a best friend and a sweet younger sister.She had just opened her mouth to snap back at Vansh when she heard a voice.a voice that gave her hope ….“ BHABI, RIDDHIMA BHABI!!”To be continued….Guyss this is my first ever fanfiction and i love riansh soo much that i just had to write this.please tell me how the story is and if you want me to continue!!                                                                                  – Love,                                                                                         Shagun😄✨

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