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Eternal love story# Our Riansh (Introduction)

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Hey!!! It’s my first fan fiction here…….so I will definitely try to be punctual ….. please support me!!!
Main Lead-
Riddhima Mathur- Daughter of Inspector general(IG) officer Sooraj Mathur and Sandhya Mathur, a dancer aims to be the best dancer of Paris

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Vansh Raisinghania – Son of criminal Ajay Raisinghania and Uma Raisinghania, He is a rowdy but a helpful person who always helps everyone

Recurring Lead-
Mathur family-
Sooraj Mathur- An Inspector general(IG) officer, husband of Sandhya, Father of Riddhima and Veer and aims to anyhow arrest Ajay Raisinghania.

Sandhya Mathur- A housewife(ex- Cbi officer), Wife of Sooraj, mother of Riddhima and Veer

Veer Mathur- Son of Sooraj and Sandhya, A interpol officer, Brother of Riddhima and husband of  Ruchi

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Ruchi Mathur- Wife of Veer , a doctor and pregnant with veer’s child, thinks Riddhima as their daughter

Raisinghania Family-
Ajay Raisinghania- A Mafia criminal, husband of Uma Raisinghania, Father of Vansh

Uma Raisinghania- Wife of Ajay Raisinghania, Mother of Vansh

Vansh’s Friends-
Aryan , Angre and Kabir- all are orphan but care for each other and can do anything for each other and live with Raisinghania on Vansh’s Family Existence.
Riddhima’s Friends-
Siya, Ishani and Sejal-  All are best friends since childhood and all four friends are best dancers and care for each other and live with Mathur’s for their and Riddhima’s Safety
Siya-  (she isn’t on wheelchair) 
Right now Riddhima with her Brother and Sister in law is in Paris with her all friends for her aim but they have to written back due to a case which Veer has to solve with Sooraj
They are some more characters like Riddhima’s Boyfriend (he just a short role but later I will increase and picture will be posted in that episodes only) and some more in further chapters they will be introduced as well as with the progress of story
Do comment and tell me your guesses about the idea for the upcoming story and about their thriller life…… and if anyone of you anytime in the story don’t want me to progress it further then just comment me I will surely stop the story then and there…..promise
Sorry for any grammatical mistake
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