Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-14)

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Chapter-14In RV Mansion:-A girl open the door and comes inside the mansion whole Mansion is emptyGirl (shouting) – Dad, Bhai, maa, bhabhi????????? She is your Riddhima is here?? Daddddd……………..No reply came…Riddhima (shouting) – Dad save me from them….. Bhai save me they’ll kill me……. BhaiSooraj- Riddhima, what happened beta….. Who will kill you?She saw Sooraj and ran towards him and hugged him…Riddhima- Dad, (panting) they’ll kill me…. Where is mom, bhai, bhabhi?Sandhya- Riddhima…. What happened beta…. Why are you shouting?Veer- Yes…. Riddhu are you ok?Ruchi- You are panting even…. Where are those three….?Riddhima- The….They had killed them…. I….I…. somehow ran away from there….. Dad please save meSooraj- Nothing will happen to you…. Who are they?Riddhima- They are…….. They are…And then she saw a man standing at the staircase with a gun in his hand and is pointed towards Sooraj, he was about to press the trigger….. And bullet was about to hit Sooraj, She turned him and bullet hit at her abdomen and she was about to fell on floor but before that Sooraj caught her by her waist and slowly laid her on the floor and started patting her cheeks…Sooraj- Riddhima… Riddhima…. What have you done? Why you came in front it was for meRiddhima (panting) – Da……d…. Sa……ve….. me… ……eas…..e I….. do…….n’t w……an…… di….eSandhya- Riddhima…. Nothing will happen to youVeer- Dad…. Let’s take her to hospitalRiddhima- Da…..d….. I’m So……….rryRiddhima breaths her last and dies in Sooraj’s armsSooraj- Riddhima……..Nothing will happen to youRiddhimaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………….He gets up with a jerk and saw here and there and realizes it’s a dream…..but just to confirm she is safe…. He moves down and saw everyone celebrating Ruchi’s baby shower… but notices four of them aren’t there. ..he moves towards VeerVeer (smiling) – Dad… You woke up…… Se…Sooraj (cutting him) – Where is Riddhima, Ishani, Sejal and Siya?Veer- They must be here dad….. Busy with some decorations…..Sooraj- Search all four of them…. Remember tomorrow is court’s hearing….. Everyone is in danger till thatVeer- Ok dad……All search for Riddhima and in MansionSooraj calls watchmensSooraj- Had you two saw Riddhima anywhere?Watchmen 1:- Yes Sir we saw Riddhima ma’am with her friends going out with Ishani ma’am, Sejal ma’am and Siya ma’amSooraj- What? How the hell you let them go without permission? When they left?Watchmen 2:- Sir they left around 2 and half an hour before and sir we had asked them they said that they had already asked your permission to leave without bodyguardsVeer- They left without bodyguards…….. And Dad if they had asked your permission then why are you searching from themSooraj- They hadn’t asked my permission otherwise why would I gave them the permission to leave in such danger which is on our headVeer- How had you guys asked them to leave without confirming from Dad?Watchmen 1:- Sir they showed me there phone sir has only send “ok” in it….and just to confirm more we even checked the number…. And that was correct so we asked them to goSooraj (shocked) – What???Veer was giving Sooraj a confused lookVeer- Dad….?Sooraj- What?Veer- Phone?Sooraj- Whose?Veer- Yours?Sooraj- Why?Veer- Just to check whether they are lying or not?Sooraj gave him his phone, Veer checked it and got shocked and showed it to Sooraj….Veer- Dad see they had taken your permission and everything is written clearly and even you wrote ok, they’ll come don’t worry…Sooraj- But when I said ok….. I didn’t rememberRuchi- Dad, might be all this chaos you had forgotten about their message… Don’t worry they’ll be hereSandhya- Yaa Sooraj…. Just half an hour before I got Ishani’s call they were shopping gifts for them they were only about to leave At 11 am, but I asked their help… So they left late…..Sooraj- Ok…..They got indulged in the function……….In Karyan’s Car:-Kajal:-Kabir saw Sejal’s eyes which was half closed and a bit was open which was just giving a fuel to the fire which was inside him from the moment he talked, danced with her. He eventually fell in love of her and can’t even bear to see her in someone’s pupil otherwise he would burn that person alive…. He was aware that he was somehow turning into an obsessive lover…. But he knew how he will need to control his growing desires otherwise and he would propose her there. But feared of his secret profession. He somehow controlled his mind for sometimes and grabbed her milky bare waist which was open as she was wearing a crop top and he checked her black jeans which just adding charm to her beauty with her black crop top, he didn’t found anything in her back pocket of jeans and bruised his hands on her waist and then checked her front and found her iPhone…. He instantly switched it off and was watching herIshan:-Aryan was already holding her by her waist to make her balance as she again and again fell on him due to unconscious he grabbed her waist in frustration. Her waist’s touch was just making him turn more on and then he took her arms on his shoulders to balance her from falling and then said mumbling under her breathAryan- She is damn too heavy…. God knows how his husband will even hold herHe bruised his thoughts and instantly found her phone and passes it to Kabir.Back to call:-Angre even passed Siya’ phone to VanshVansh- Kabir, Aryan found?Aryan- Yes bro?Kabir- What do we need to do?Vansh- Gave those phone to me without saying a wordAs Vansh said Kabir came out of his car and gave him it and moved backKabir- Now…?Vansh- Move your car ahead of me and wait after moving a bit moreAs he asked Kabir overtook him and came in front of him and moved a little far while Vansh took a reverse car and took a lighter from car and moved out of car and came it bit far behind more from Mumbai border and then took their Sim and then burnt those Sim with their phone and came back and sat in his car and drive it till he overtook Kabir and then stopped and asked Kabir to follow himWhile driving:-Angre- Vansh… What was the need to move that far?Kabir- Yaa Vansh…. And did you do with it?Vansh- I took it far behind from Mumbai border because if there are chance of them to track it them last location will only be of their as I broke their sim there and Yaa…. I burnt themAs he said they heard a loud gasp andVansh- Anyone four of them woke up….But they saw all were in deep slumber but suddenly Kabir saidKabir- It was Aryan, VanshVansh- What happened to you Aryan?Aryan (weeping) – Bhai…..You burnt those four iPhoneVansh- Yaa…. I burnt themAryan (weeping) – How can you bro, you could you burn those iPhone….. You aren’t aware of its costAngre- What you want from it?Aryan (weeping) – Angre don’t ask…..Angre- ok….Aryan (weeping) – But I’ll tell you….. I had been pleading for this same edition of phone from dad from last 4 months but he always said that you are irresponsible, first learn to earn half of its price only…..And bhai you burnt it…. You could have given one of it to me………Kabir- Total Rubbish Aryan…..Vansh- Aryan I burnt them so that if they found there location with phone then they shouldn’t be able to do anything from those phone like they may started checking fingerprints……. And if they found only three there then there are chances of us of getting caught….Aryan- Ok Bhai…. You are greatVansh (attitude) – That I know Aryan………. Anyway we are about to cross Mumbai border be ready for checkingThey all agreed and focused on drivingPrecap- Checkpoint and Riansh romanceDo comment and tell me your guesses about Kabir’s secret profession and Riddhima’s reason t0 faintSorry for any grammatical mistakeand do tell me how is the cover???

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