English Vinglish — Chapter 2

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Gauri was listening to the English teacher who was teaching her and all the other students how to say the basic words in English that were used in everyday life. Gauri knew very little of the basics since her daughters and husband were quite fluent in English…especially Sapna. 90% of the time, she would speak English and 10% of the time she would actually speak in proper Hindi.The English teacher: now normally when one person and another person begin to talk, they start off the conversation with ‘hi how are you’. So repeat after me…. ‘Hi, how are you?’.Everyone repeated what Miss Tiwari had just said. Gauri knew some of this since she heard Sapna and Om say them. Then Miss Tiwari spoke again: now the response to that question would normally be ‘I’m fine’. Then you say ‘how about you?’. Now I want you all to talk with your partner and say those three phrases I just taught you. Okay?The class nodded. Gauri turned to see the woman who was sitting next to her…from the introduction she gave, Gauri knew that her name was Saniya.Saniya: so you are also a mother?She asked in Hindi. Gauri nodded then Saniya said: so you have one daughter?Gauri: four. You?Saniya: four boys. The two oldest are twins and the two of them recently went to university so I want to learn English when they come back. Those two always complains that I don’t know English. I only know Hindi. They complained so much and now I want to learn the language for them so they can stop complaining and they can be proud of me.Gauri: my daughter is like that sometimes. My eldest. She sometimes complains and she is embarrassed of me not knowing English.Saniya: kids…all they do is complain. We birthed them and they still complain and they are still embarrassed of us.Gauri: they do. A lot. But I still love them.Saniya: same.Miss Tiwari: Gauri, Saniya, no gossip. Do what I told you to.Saniya and Gauri: okay mam.Saniya and Gauri did repeat what Miss Tiwari told them to do, and they had to repeat the phrases a few times. Miss Tiwari then taught them how to say ‘I’m good’, ‘I’m doing well’ and how to say ‘goodbye’ all in English. She then started teaching her students how to write the English alphabet.A little while later, Miss Tiwari went up to Gauri who was writing in the notebook that she gave her and all the other students.Miss Tiwari: Gauri?Gauri: ji?Miss Tiwari: it’s nearly 2. I suggest you go now for your daughter.Gauri nodded and she kept her notebook in her bag. She said goodbye in English to Saniya and to Miss Tiwari. Miss Tiwari smiled as Gauri greeted her bye in English. Gauri seemed to be a quick learner and Miss Tiwari was sure that Gauri would speak English fluently in four weeks.Gauri went out of the building where the English tuitions were held and then tried to get an auto. No auto was stopping until a car stopped, seeing her.Gauri; Omkaraji?Her husband smiled at her and said: haan mein.Gauri: I thought you was at work until evening.Om: I was but then I decided to leave early to spend some time with my lovely wife and Pari.Gauri smiled as she got into the front passenger seat. Om then started to drive once again. Once he started driving, he wondered why Gauri was outside the building. Normally she’d be home with Pari, since no one else was at home at 2. This was because Pinky was with her friends, Shakti went to work, their other three daughters went to school and Om was at work.Om: how come you went to that building and who’s with Pari?Gauri: voh I went to the building because they hold tuition lessons, and I wanted to see if they offered courses for 14 year olds…voh you know Sapna’s been asking to join some extra classes for science.Om: oh yeah she did.Gauri: and you know Shilpa?Shilpa was one of Om and Gauri’s close friends. Om nodded as they reached a red traffic light.Gauri: she’s looking after Pari.Om: chalo that’s good. You rarely go out jaan.Gauri: kyunki I don’t know English and I don’t dress like people here. People make fun of me.Om: no one makes fun of you jaan, and so what if you don’t know English or dress like people here? I love these beautiful salwar kameezes and sarees you wear, and Gauri, it’s important to know how to speak in your mother tongue so don’t worry if you don’t know English. If you want to learn English, I’m here.Gauri: why did you fall in love with me even though I am not your status?Om: I fell in love with you because you are always there for me. I fell in love with you for the sparkle you have in your eyes. I love you because you perfectly fit in my arms. I love your sweet caring nature. I love you for your cute smile. And I fell in love with you because you’re a good kisser.Gauri punched his arm lightly, making Om chuckle before he started driving again since the light turned green.Om: in all seriousness though, I fell in love with you because you complete me and I can’t imagine my world without you in it.Gauri smiled with a light blush on her face. Om smiled seeing her blush before focusing his attention on the road. He loved this girl. Even though his mother was still not fond of Gauri and much rather he married someone else of their status, he loved Gauri. He loved her more than anything in the world, and true to his word, he really couldn’t imagine life without Gauri as his wife and lover.Om stopped at Shilpa’s house and Gauri got up to get Pari from Shilpa. She rang the doorbell and Shilpa opened the door with Pari in her arms.Gauri: thank you so much Shilpa for looking after Pari.Shilpa: no problem. I am happy to look after Pari whilst you do your lessons.Gauri: glad to hear.Shilpa gave Pari to Gauri and Gauri securely held her in her arms.Shilpa: does Om know that you’re doing the lessons?Gauri shook her head as Pari kept her little head on Gauri’s shoulder.Gauri: I want to surprise him.Shilpa: aww how cute. Well good luck for the lessons.Gauri: thank you.She waved bye to Shilpa before going back in the car. Her husband started to drive again. As Om drove the car, Pari began to get a little bit fussy. Gauri knew that Pari was hungry now. After four pregnancies and four children, Gauri was not shy to feed her child in front of Om. When Sapna was born, Gauri was shy to feed Sapna in front of Om. It’s not like she felt uncomfortable around her husband. She was just a shy girl. But after Mishti and Munni, Gauri was not shy anymore.Gauri stopped feeding Pari and gently patted her back.Om: Pari looks so much like you.Gauri: nahi she looks like you. See her eyes are yours, she has your mouth shape, your face shape…Om: she has your face shape, your mouth shape and your eyes. Oh and your nose and cheeks.Gauri: Pari, who do you look like? Mummy or daddy?Pari cooed as a reply. Om and Gauri looked at each other before Om reached home. They got out of the car and inside the house. No one was home yet so Gauri kept Pari in her cradle, then went to the kitchen so she could start cooking for tonight’s dinner. Pinky didn’t know how to cook, so she made Gauri cook.Gauri: Omkaraji! I have to work.She said, since Om had wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close making her back hit his hard chest.Om: work can wait na. I am also important.Gauri rolled her eyes whilst her husband started to kiss her neck, making her moan a little. His stubble ran cross her cheek, making her giggle.Om: let’s forget all this kitchen work and make another kid.Gauri: aren’t four kids more than enough?Om: I want another little girl on my team.Gauri: why? I deserve a little boy on my team. Now hands off me and wait for Pari to be one-year-old. I need to cook dinner tonight.Om: you’re always cooking, cleaning, this that. Gauri, you are also a human. Take a break, I’ll cook.Gauri: do you know how to cook?Om: you know I do.Gauri: phir bhi…I’ll cook; you go play with Pari okay?Om picked up a pot and kept it on the stove. Gauri was about to say something but he kept his finger on her lips as he turned the stove on.Om: take a break for once baby.Gauri: but you got a half-day after ages.Om: and I want to spend that half-day knowing that my wife got a break and feeling glad that I helped her out because she does everything.Gauri: why do you have such a good way with words yaar?Om: sit on the kitchen stool and relax.Gauri smiled and sat on one of the tall kitchen stools, talking with her husband, telling him where things were and laughing along with him. She honestly loved her husband. Anytime Om had an off or a half day, he would make Gauri relax and he’d do all the work.Maybe she could tell him about the fact that she started English lessons….No she wanted to surprise him and everyone else, and she intended to that only.Om: Gauri, for our anniversary in two months, do you want to go somewhere abroad?Gauri: I don’t know….it doesn’t seem nice to leave mummyji and papaji with Sapna, Mishti, Munni and Pari. Munni will talk too much and eat their brains.Om: Munni is very well behaved thank you very much and doesn’t trouble anyone.Gauri: she doesn’t trouble you because she’s daddy’s little girl.Om: I love how all our girls are on their papa’s team.Gauri: you know….I wish that Sapna wouldn’t be embarrassed of me though.Om: she isn’t embarrassed of you baby.He said as he finished cooking and sat on the stool next to Gauri.Om: she loves you. She is just in that teenage phase. If you think she idolises me, you’re wrong. Teenagers are like that…they’re embarrassed of their parents even though they shouldn’t be.Gauri: true yaar, true.She looked at the time and gasped.Gauri: it’s nearly 3, I need to pick the girls up.Om: I’ll pick them up. You stay here.Gauri: theek hai.Om got up and picked the car keys. He pecked his wife’s lips before leaving the house. Once he left, Gauri went upstairs to check on Pari. Then she started to repeat to herself quickly ‘hi how are you’ ‘I am fine’ ‘How about you’ and ‘Goodbye’. She did stammer at some points because the language was very much new to her.Pari smiled at her mother as Gauri repeated the phrases to herself. Gauri looked down at Pari, smiling at her daughter.Gauri: do you think mummy will be able to speak English properly soon?Pari cooed with a smile.Gauri: thanks for believing in me jaanu.She hugged her daughter gently and kissed her forehead.Sorry for not updating in years.Sorry for a short and boring chapter.But I hope you all like it and I am back to being a bit more active updating. So I am writing Kismat which is a book on wattpad based on Rikara and reincarnation. I am also writing some more books and I will continue my stories here as well 🙂

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