Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Bhim convince Ram ji to live with Jijabai

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe episode starts with Anand promising Jijabai that Bhim will do justice, otherwise he will not speak to Bhim again in his life. He tells Jijabai to keep it a secret.Puranjan and others felt bad for Ram ji’s family. They suggest going to make Ram ji up. Dhansuklal and others come to stop them and tell them to learn from them. Pandit tells them it is God’s punishment for Ram ji and his family, and if they all do not abide by their rules as they did before Ramji’s arrival; they will also suffer. The villagers discuss what if they had deemed Ram ji’s family wrongly. Puranjan and friend defend Ram ji and were determined not to fall weak in such times. They should stand with Ram ji’s family in this time instead of blaming.Anand comes to Bhim along with Jijabai. Bhim was studying. Anand brings Bhim outside to Jijabai. He joins his hands, but Jijabai did not want to give blessings, but take advice. Anand leaves them alone. Jijabai says his Baba must have told him, but it cannot be the right division at least for her. Everyone believes Bhim always decide justly. He may consider her anyone, his father’s second wife, his step-mother, or a helpless woman of his caste; she demands her husband back. Bhim was moved, then tells Jijabai to go back, her husband will return tomorrow morning. He goes back to his books. Anand takes Jijabai back home. Bhim was thoughtful all night.The next morning, Jijabai finds everyone in the house. She was worried if everyone left her alone because of Bhim’s gameplay. She goes finding Bala, Meera, Tulsa and Manjula.Ram ji comes to Bhim who was still asleep. He brought milk for him and rubs his forehead. Bhim says today they will have milk and tea with someone else. He requests Ram ji to come along. Ram ji was not ready to go home.Jijabai comes to Puranjan and others and cry that her family went missing. She is left all alone because of Bhim’s game-play. The villagers assure they will help her find the family.Ram ji’s children and Meera stood outside Guru ji’s house. Bhim and Ram ji also arrive. Bhim asks for Guru ji’s just advice. He says Ram ji took the decision; but should he have divided according to him or other’s wishes. Ram ji says this discussion ended last night. Guru ji asks Ram ji about his decision, and the reason behind him.Villagers and Puranjan go and find Jijabai.Bhim decides that Ram ji must live with his wife, and they all should live together. The siblings also agree to this decision and everyone wanted to live with Bhim. Jijabai and villagers also arrive. Bhim leaves the decision on Ram ji if he should live with Ramji, or the rest of family. Bhim convince Ramji to accept Guru ji’s decision. Guru ji agrees to Bhim. He tells Ramji to live with his wife, while the others live together. Ram ji apologizes to Guru ji for not agreeing to the decision. He announces he is leaving. Bhim stops Ram ji. Ramji says Bhim does not understand he is sending his Baba to the other portion. Bhim hugs Ram ji and cries. Guru ji says there is never a crack between father-son, no matter how much divisions. Ram ji place a condition that Bhim will return home. Bhim agrees.
Villagers tells Jijabai to learn a lesson. Bhim is not her enemy. Anand tells Jijabai to swear of her Baba and tell how their brother is. Jijabai blesses Bhim to always remain happy in life, and gain respect in the world. Ram ji does not let Jijabai place a hand on Bhim’s head. He tells Jijabai that his son does not need her blessings. She had a problem with his family, she will never get the family; they will live away from his family now. He will observe her closely that how she can live peacefully, sleep well, and stay happy. Bhim asks Ramji not to be angry and stay calm with his decision. Ram ji abruptly tells Bhim to take care of his part, he will take care of his. Meera asks Ram ji where he will go. Seth ji arrives at the spot. He suggests a job of accountant in Bora village. Ram ji was ready to take the offer. He thinks the father the two families go, closer they will get.PRECAP: Bhim requests Ram ji to live in a nearby house, not another village. Ram ji and Jijabai leave. Update Credit to: Sona

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