Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Baala was released.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
This episode starts with the chemist giving Bhima medicine, instructing him to consume it with milk. Bhima tells her that he has no money, Chemist agrees to give him anyways.The villagers threw Ramji in mud and started beating him with stones and sticks. Ramji remembers his miserable past. On Manjesh’s say everyone went to destroy Ramji’s house.Baala was released by the policemen. He informed Baala that his youngest sister is very ill, he must go to him. Baala was confused as he had no money for bail or to hire a lawyer, then why was he being released. Policemen tells him not to worry, he may not be a law maker, but he is its guardian. Asking Baala to leave the Policemen tells him to ask Bhima to keep up the hard work, law can only be applied if it proven legitimate. Baala leaves grateful to the Policeman.Bhima was going to people one by one, asking for milk informing them that he needs it for his sister. Everyone reused to give Bhima milk.Ramji and Jijabai stood and watched while Manjesh and the villagers were destroying their house. They were asked to leave this villager as soon as possible otherwise they will light it to fire. Jijabai fell to the floor crying while Ramji was remembering the good times, he had with the same fellow locals who beat him up and destroyed his home today.Baala was running barefoot in the village.Anand was being hit by the Cow man for being week and slow. Anand sat on the floor, tired and exhausted but stood up again remembering Tulsa’s pain and hunger.While Tulsa’s screamed with the increasing pain. Baala came in the house. Baala asked for Anand and Bhima, Baala left to find them. Meera was trying to calm down Tulsa.Bhima was begging everyone for milk when Baala saw his younger brother. Baala ran towards something.While bathing Ramji, Jijabai wept calling those villagers sinners for destroying their home. She questioned their humanity. Ramji tells her that whatever she is suffering from right now, he has suffered it every day and would be still. No one will help us if we won’t help the one who needs us. Ramji tells Jijabai to pack all the stuff, they will leave this village today or else they will fire us and our place. Jijabai asks where they will go? Ramji tells him that wherever they go they will not lie about their cast. Everyone has to pay the price for their lie, they did so today. Jijabai cries.Anand faints while ploughing the cart. The Cow man poked him with his stick in an attempt to wake him up, he wanted him to lay somewhere else other than his land. Bhima saw Anand and came running, he tried to wake him up. The Cow man taunted Anand for being weak as a sparrow and willing to work like a bull. Bhima was surprised that Anand became an animal. Bhima’s hold his head trying to wake him up.Baala saw a cow and took some milk from it when a villager saw him, he calls the near villagers to grab the thief. Baala runs away with the milk.Anand woke up claiming that he is alright, he was about to pull the cart. Bhima stops him saying that Tulsa will not agree to this. Anand tells Bhima that he cannot see his family drink sugar water every night. Bhima wanted to take Anand with him when the heard people screaming Thief! Thief!Baala was running home, Anand and Bhima ran towards him as well. Baala enters his house handing Manjula the milk. Manjula tells Baala that Bhima has the medcince. He promises Tulsa that she’ll be alright, he will find Bhima and the medicine. The villagers were standing outside the house. Anand and Bhima ran inside. Baala asked Bhiima to give him the medicine. Bhima heard Seth ji’s voice, calling the mile stolen. Bhima refused to give the medicine; he denies treating his sister like this. watching Tulsa’s condition, Baala asks him to let his stubbornness go. Seth ji says that today’s decision will evaluate his honesty. Bhima stood in silence.Update Credit to: Sona

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