Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Puranjan challenges Dhansukhlal

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
Maharaj says you too will drown one day if you will continue to walk against the society. Bhima says many people would swim in the direction of the current without placing any bet. You neither know that nor there arises a question of swimming. You should remain in their touch. Sooner a later, someone will swim against the current. You can rejoice in sharing their story of defeat. He leaves with Bala.Villagers offer to bring food but Anand politely denies. We will manage it on our own. A guy says you are our kids. It is our duty towards our kids. Anand requests them to let the kids stand on their own. He leaves.Meera is crying. Bhimbai gave me the responsibility of her kids. I am sitting here helplessly while my kids are out on the streets looking for work. They are begging people! Manjula requests her not to cry. Aayi must be happy that her sons are trying their best to look after everyone. Tulsa seconds her. She would be so relieved to realise that she has left us in good hands. Bala returns home empty handed. Manjula asks him what happened. He says I dint get anything and goes inside sadly. Anand comes as well. Tulsa asks him the same question and he shakes his head. Bhima enters with his head bowed down. Meera cries her heart out.Jijabai says food is ready. She does not see Ram ji anywhere. She starts looking for him. Ram ji is sitting on outside. Bhimbai used to cook at this time when she was alive. Bhima would study and Anand would try to stay awake somehow. Bala used to fall asleep. Manjula used to feel sleepy but she would keep studying. Tulsa used to wait for her aayi to call her for dinner. I used to feel proud seeing my family together. He wipes his tears thinking about the present. Jijabai tells him that the food is ready. He says I am not hungry. She says you will be in pain till the time you wont accept this house. Ram ji says a father has left her kids behind. Would he not be worried now? He walks away. Jijabai looks on.Everyone is holding their stomach. Bhima asks Meera if there is something in kitchen. Tulsa says there are some potatoes and chillies. Bhima says we will manage with that. Meera asks him what that will do. Bhima says we will get rid of this pain then. He requests his sister to make an extremely chilli dish of potatoes. We will drink water when we will feel spicy. Bala says our heart and stomach will realise the truth by morning. Anand says we will see that in the morning. All 4 kids go inside.Jijabai brings a plate of food for Ram ji. I have cooked all your favourite dishes today. Ram ji looks at the plate. Life becomes beautiful when you have people to share it with. Filling a plate with so many dishes does not make things any better. Jijabai says I don’t think so. I do feel that you need to start life afresh. Ram ji says you wont understand. Some people are like magicians. They eat less yet fill their lives with happiness and satisfaction.Everyone sits down to eat dinner at Sakpal House. We will eat a little and then drink water.Jijabai requests Ram ji to eat it. Ram ji denies. I feel like eating mashed potatoes and drinking water.Meera and the kids take a bite of the food and then gulp lots of water.Ram ji only takes a bite of potatoes from the plate and drinks water.Next morning, Bhima wakes up first. He goes outside holding his bag when he notices the dirty dishes. He is caught in dilemma but then begins walking towards the dishes. Mangesh says this is the harsh reality of your life. You must choose now – books or these dirty utensils! You have the habit of studying in the morning. Today is the time to decide what you will eat if you will choose to study. Dhansukhlal says I will bear all the expenses if he will give up on his studies. Everyone comes outside. Dhansukhlal says I will bear all your expenses on the days you wont study. Pundit ji tells Bhima to accept it. You don’t get such chances every day. All the kids tell Bhima they aren’t hungry. Meera says we are ready to remain hungry today. Bhima will study. You can come back tomorrow morning and try again. Mangesh says they are broke yet they are so stubborn. Meera tells Bhima to study. I will arrange tea and milk also. Dhansukhlal asks her how she will do it when the men (boys) of the house failed. Meera retorts that she will do it. I cannot see my kids in this condition. I wont come back home if I fail! Bala tells her to let him try. Anand seconds him. Meera tells them to let her go if they trust her. Say something only if you think your Bua is worthless. Bhima requests her not to go anywhere but she tells him to be quiet. You all will stay righ here till then. Mangesh says we wont move anywhere either. Meera leaves.Puranjan comes there. Have they started some new drama? Bala says they are trying to find an opportunity as they know that we are helpless right now. Anand adds that they have no money. Puranjan says Ram ji sent a money order. Haven’t you received it yet? Bhima says someone robbed the postman. Puranjan gets confused. Bala says that’s what he said. Puranjan decides to investigate. Dhansukhlal asks him why he is looking at them. Puranjan says I doubt you hence I am looking at you. Dhansukhlal tells him to lower his eyes but Puranjan refuses. You don’t talk to thieves like that. Dhansukhlal repeats his warning at him but Puranjan stays put. Dhansukhlal slaps him. Puranjan pushes him in return. Mangesh and Pundit ji stop Dhansukhlal while Sakpal family stand in support of Puranjan. Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal to bathe himself. Who all do you mess with? Bhima tells Puranjan that Bua has left to find some work. We must find her. Puranjan says she shouldn’t have gone anywhere in this condition. We should find her.Meera is crying. I will do anything but arrange money to help my kids survive. She offers to help a guy who is trying to push the cart forward. Will you give me some money in return? He calls her a mad woman. How will you do it when I cannot? She insists that she will manage. She uses all her strength to push the cart and succeeds a little.All the kids and Puranjan are looking for Meera.Meera falls down eventually. All the kids rush to help her. The guy scolds Meera. I told you not to do anything. You have spilled everything. Bala requests him to calm down. We will do it. Meera says no one will do anything. I will do it on my own. Why don’t you understand? Bhima says we understand and respect all that you are feeling but please let us do it. Bala also requests her to let them do it. Meera cries. What should I do? Bhima says we should apply ointment on your wound. He asks the guy where he has to deliver the cart. We will do it for you. Meera tries to say something but Anand and Puranjan tell her to let the kids take charge for now. Puranjan and the girls take Meera home while the boys stay to help the cart driver.NO PRECAPUpdate Credit to: Pooja

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