Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ramji gets to know about Bala’s lie.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
Maharaj warned Mangesh to think about his family otherwise they will be thrown out of Satara, he also charged to pay Sethji 20 rupees for stealing. Mangesh emphasized on being innocent, his plea was rejected. Maharaj concluded the Punchayet, though he was begged by Mangesh, but he stepped on him and left. Mangesh kept asking his people for forgiveness, but everyone hovered by everyone. Magesh apologized for not being any help though he promised to. Mangesh didn’t care about himself but was worried about his family, Maharaj could go to any extreme. Bala came, he was sure that it was Karma hitting Mangesh. He didn’t want Bhim Rao and Anand to be any help. He was at peace by seeing him in trouble. Bhim Rao and Anand declared that peace as a sign of cruelty. Anand was questioned for the lecture. He replied that few days back when Bala realized his mistake for helping Gopal came and apologized for his behavior, he promised to stick with Bhim Rao forever. Bala agreed to support Bhim Ro but refused to help Mangesh who troubled him and his family the most especially his mother. Anand objectified asking Bala not to ridicule Mangesh. Mangesh asked them not to fight for him. his land will not be occupied. Mangesh said that he was a coward following a fake Maharaj whom they cannot defeat, not everyone is as real or as rave as Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao will not back of from the fight if they are right. Mangesh ran to save his family, Bhim Rao wanted him to fight.Ramji and Puranjan came, they asked about leaving the house uninformed. Anand told Ramji about the injustice, Bala was happy with what happened to Mangesh. He left. Ramji asked for a detailed explanation.Maharaj planned to perform pooja on Mangesh’s land, Pandit will follow from the day after. Sethji thanked Mahesh for supporting. Mahesh requested to give him a small section of that land, pandit ridiculed him for asking something like that. It was God’s land which cannot be shared amongst people. Maharaj offered him his delight; Mahesh was asked to show patience for his reward.
Bhim Rao explained how Maharaj took the land. The villagers refused to help Mangesh, his and was occupied on the name of God. Puranjan asked for a solution. Ramji replied that they could have went to the police Captain but if they took this action now Maharaj would finish his family. They condemned the injustice happened. Mangesh was somehow responsible for his fate, he chose the wrong and defended it now life was teaching him with his own medicine. Puranjan agreed, as own always pays the price for his actions. They went to market.Bala saw Rani doing laundry, he wanted to ask her something. Rani refused to talk tot him, he grabbed the string holding the clothes. Bala questioned her for lying last night. Rani replied that everyone would have lied or else the society would have misunderstood them. There was no society other than their families, Bala questioned. She shoved his hand form the cloth string, Bala asked if she would search for him again. Rani refused, Bala said that he would wait for Rani at the same spot.Everything happens for the best. Ramji recognize the man under whose company Bala plays the instruments. Ramji went to investigate about the contract Bala talked about yesterday. The man refused to have seen Bala for a few days.Bala planned to wait for Rani with mangoes. Ramji questioned Bala. Bala replied that considering him the most responsible one his teacher has asked him to being powered for the instruments. Ramji said that he met his teacher on heir way home, he told that Bala was not sent anywhere. Bhim Rao asked why he lied. Bala said that he was sitting with his friends. Everyone questioned Bala for lying. Bala refuted, he said to have been blamed for the wrong each time. Bhim Rao was never questioned for supporting Mangesh than why his intentions were always doubted. He left saying that whom ever he was he was for himself.Precap: Bala argues his father about his second wide. Bhim Rao questions him for indulging Ramji’s second in the matter. Bala says that similar to a widowed sister or Sethji brother Jijabai is also important. He has never seen Bhim Rao worrying for her.Update Credit to: Sona

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