Ek Aur Prem Kahani – ANUPRE Four Shots (4)

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Hello all here is the last shot
Anurag gets angry with Prerna as Mr.Bajaj paid money for the haveli. Anurag and Prerna get married by exchanging mala without anyone’s knowledge.Anurag returns from London after a few months and is shocked to know that Prerna is married to Prerna

Suddenly Anurag gets to reality when he hears a clattering noise. He gets up wiping his tears and sees Mr.Bajaj standing out with some papers in his hand
Anurag: Why are you here?
Mr.Bajaj: I need to talk to you

Anurag: Mr.Bajaj the engagement ceremony is over and Komolika will be waiting for me at her home..the baraat has to leave
Mr.Bajaj: How can you get married for the second time?
Anurag: What?
Mr.Bajaj: When you have already married Prerna and when she is waiting for you how can you marry someone else?
Anurag: She is waiting for me? What are you blabbering? She is married to you right
Mr.Bajaj: No we aren’t married
Anurag: I heard Veena aunty tell that you are her son in law
Mr.Bajaj: Thats true..I have married Shivani and that makes me her son in law right
Anurag is shocked
Mr,Bajaj: I wanted to marry Prerna but when I proposed her for marriage she told everything and denied me
Anurag: Then papa said that Prerna married you..why should he lie?
Mr.Bajaj: Anurag you dont know what happened here after you left…its better if Prerna tells you..Come with me
Mr.Bajaj takes Anurag to Prerna’s house. Prerna is standing behind the door crying
Mr.Bajaj: She is deeply pained talk to her
Saying this he leaves. Anurag and Prerna think of their recent past
When Anurag hears of Prerna’s marriage to Mr.Bajaj from Moloy he is shocked and gets angry. He agrees for marrying Komolika at an instant. This news fills the entire colony. Prerna is shocked. She runs to meet him

Prerna: Is it true Anurag?
Anurag: Is what true?
Prerna: Are you marrying Komolika?
Anurag: How can you be so cheap Prerna? What does he have which ….leave it…Yes Im marrying Komolika. You are not suitable for me

Prerna: Did you call me cheap?
Anurag: Even prstitutes have some ethics unlike you Saying this he pushes her out locking the door. Prerna leaves to her room and bursts out crying Sanjha ki baati bhi koi bujha de aaj Andhere se jee bhar ke Karni hain baatein aaj She cries as if there is no tomorrow Anurag also starts to weep after sending her out Andhera rootha hai Andhera baitha hai Gumsum sa kone main baitha hai He imagines Prerna and Mr.Bajaj in wedding rituals and cries Raat hamari to Chaand ki saheli hai Kitne dinon ke baad Aayi woh akeli hai Sanjha ki baati bhi koi bujha de aaj Andhere se jee bhar ke Karni hain baatein aaj Both of them are brought to reality.

Anurag sees Prerna’s hand holding the door and places his hand on hers. She tries to take it away but he tightens the grip Anurag: When I spoke all those to you why didn’t you say that you did not marry Mr.Bajaj? Prerna: Why should I always say? Why don’t you know something on your own? How can you think of me like that? Anurag: Because Papa told me..so… Prerna Bajaj said a lot happened in my absence what happened? Flashback Prerna goes to Basu office after Anurag left for London.

She overhears the conversation of Moloy in phone Moloy: Sorry sir..Ill get a better haveli.. A pause Moloy: Sir..woh…Sharma haveli…woh.. The call disconnects and Moloy walks out . He is irritated to see Prerna Prerna: Namaste uncle Moloy: Why are you still here? What did you think you can get money from Anurag and give me to get your haveli..anyway you got it..Anurag nahi toh Mr.Bajaj kitne aadmiyon ke saath sothi ho tum paise keliya? Prerna feels as if a thunder struck her head in hearing these words.

She returns home to find another shock. A big wall is being built between Sharma and Basu houses Moloy: Hereafter no connection between us. Everything between Basus and Sharmas is over now. Rajesh suffers heart attack when he hears this. Mr.Bajaj: We need to take him with us for treatment but aunty.. Veena: What happened? Mr.Bajaj: My company will ask a relationship..

I would like to marry Prerna Prerna calls Mr,Bajaj in person Prerna: Mr.Bajaj Im sorry if I gave you any idea. Sorry Im already married to Anurag Mr.Bajaj: Oh Im sorry Prerna They come out Veena: What happened? Mr,Bajaj: Aunty she loves someone else and I cant force her

Veena: Now what will happen to Rajesh? Shivani: Maa Ill marry him to save papa Veena holds Mr.Bajaj’s legs as he hesitates Veena: Please save my husband The very next day they register their marriage and take Rajesh for treatment . But unfortunately Rajesh passes away after a few months. After his last rites  and a ceremonial marriage of Shivani and Mr.Bajaj  happens. Shivani settles in her in law house.

Veena and Prerna decide to get back. Sensing problems by Moloy Mr.Bajaj leaves Shivani at home and accompanies Prerna and Veena Prerna wears sindoor in her hairline and steps out of the train. Veena is shocked Veena: Whats this Prerna? Prerna: Maa Im married Veena: What? To whom?

Mr.Bajaj: Maa she has not married a wrong guy. Ill take responsibility of her well being please give us some time Veena is not convinced but doesnt say anything.  Once she settles into the car Prerna: Mr.Bajaj Anurag is coming tomorrow

Mr.Bajaj: Then everything will get sorted But on seeing Prerna wearing sindoor with Mr.Bajaj everyone imagine that they got married Reality Prerna: But you blew it up..uncle also demeaned my character and you too did the same… Anurag: Why did you act normal in the function?

Prerna: What else will I do? Suddenly act indifferent with you? Our marriage had no proof what else will I do? Anurag pulls her out and holds her closer. He looks into her eyes

Prerna : You should have doubted on seeing the wall. You should have believed that I will never marry anyone other than you Anurag: I thought…after uncle’s death aunty forced you to marry Prerna: Even If forced Ill choose to die than to marry anyone other than my husband Anurag hugs her

Anurag: Im sorry Prerna…Im a big fool..we will have to stop this marriage..come lets go He drags her to the Basu house and shouts from the main hall Anurag: Mr.Moloy Basu….come down Moloy comes down with a pale face. He sees Anurag and Prerna holding hands

Moloy: Are you mad? Your baraat has to leave..we are searching for you and you are with her that too a girl who is married Anurag: You know what you are right..Prerna is married but not to Mr.Bajaj to me..She is married to me. She is Prerna Anurag Basu Mohini gets happy to hear this

Moloy: Dont blabber He holds Anurag’s hand but he snaps it Moloy: Anurag listen to me Im your dad Anurag: You wanted Rajesh uncle’s haveli but  he paid the money after the lease and you could not get..

so you slt shamed Prerna…is it what a dad does? And now Komolika’s dad has many properties that can be used to get your lost deal thats why your are selling me there..right?
Moloy: Beta this proposal came long before

Anurag: Papa you never believed that Ill do well in business thats why you wanted me to be the son in law of a rich businessman right? Do you know something Prerna supported my passion from childhood and she also persuaded me to join the business and prove my worth.

All the wonders which I did in London are just because of my promise to her..mistake is mine too I should not have blindly trusted you when you told that she married Mr.Bajaj and a stupid reason for that wall. Now I would like to apologise to Prerna

Anurag goes on his knees
Anurag: Im sorry Prerna..sorry for all the trouble me and my family caused to you. Sorry for all the pain we gave you
Prerna lifts him up. She has no words to speak but her eyes speak 1000 words
Mohini comes to them

Mohini: Fraudsters hid everything from me..Anurag was in London you could have told me na Prerna
Prerna : Aunty he said he will handle everything thats why
Mohini : What did you call me?
Prerna: Aunty..

Mohini: Its maa from now..call the pandit and set up a mandap here..my son’s marriage will happen now
Moloy: What about Komolika?

Mohini: We did not arrange for it. My son never said he loves her all this was under your supervision so you have to convince them
Anurag: Maa an important work is pending..We have to  call a JCB machine and  destroy the wall
Mr.Bajaj: Dulhe raja you get ready for your marriage. Ill handle the wall
Time passes

Anurag and Prerna finally get married to each other. When his hand fills the sindoor in her hairline Prerna’s eyes get welled up with tears. He notices this and gestures her to smile. With all emotions flowing inside her Prerna gives him a small smile. His hand wipes her tears.

Mr.Bajaj: Let this be your life long story. Anurag you should always be there to make her smile and wipe her tears
Anurag: I will be there till my last breath and I promise to never hurt her again
Prerna starts to cry remembering Rajesh. Anurag hugs her to console her
With their happiness lets end this SS
Thanks a lot Jasmine for suggesting this ff and thanks Zingo for your support.

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