Ehsaas Forever – Episode 21 – Ketki decides for herself

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Hello my dear friends. Hope you all are doing well. Let’s start with today’s episode.The episode starts…Ketki (by coming near Kuhu) : Sorry, Kuhu didi. But I think Mishti didi is right. I have to fight or else the fear of getting caught won’t let me live peacefully. I will go to Pune but after informing my Mama.Kuhu places her hand on Ketki’s shoulder and says,“It’s okay, Ketki. It’s your life. We are here to just give you advices, not to impose decisions on you. The decisions, commitments will be taken by you only. I am not upset with you. I wish you always live your life according to your judgements and your commitments”Mishti wipes her tears (which is noticed by Kuhu) and says;“It’s all about our views, Ketki. We, both sisters love each other so much that we can even die for each other but sometimes we differ in our opinions. Even the opinion given by Kuhu was for your benefit only but she thought of today, not future. That’s it.”Rajshri : See, how mature our granddaughters are! Mishti said right They both can differ from each other in their opinions or thoughts but their love will always be same.Varsha somewhat feels guilty.Varsha : Maa, I am sorry. I didn’t wanted to say all those things, but my emotions crossed my barriers. I know you always loved Mishti and Kuhu equally but just because of my immaturity, I disrespected you. Please forgive me.Rajshri : It’s okay, Varsha. Even said you many things! Will you not forgive me?Varsha : Maa..They both hug each other.Shaurya : Now, if your both mil- dil drama is over so can we get food to eat? (Jokingly)Vishambhar : Haan, even I am very hungry.Rajshri : Yeah, of course. You both order the food. We’ll serve you.Everybody laughs.Shaurya : So, Ketki what have you decided? How will you make your mama agree to your wish?Ketki : I have an idea. Mishti didi, you said na, that your cousin is in N.G.O. I want to meet her. May I get her number please?Mishti : Yes Ketki. I will surely give. But what are you going to do?After sometime in Rajvanshs;Everyone are sitting in hall. Kabir is still thinking how to bring Ketki back. Suddenly they hear the doorbell. Meenakshi opens it and to her shock, women are standing infront of their house with Ketki in middle. Women comes inside.Meenakshi : Who are you all?Woman 1 : We are from N.G.O of Women’s Rights….Soon all the family members (Parul, Kaushal, Kabir, Alok) comes.“We had been informed that this girl (Ketki) is being forced to get marry.”Kabir : No, who told you that? It’s not like that. We all love Ketki so much.Parul : Yes, I am her mother. I think you all are having some misunderstanding.Women : Ketki, is it true?Kabir sighs Ketki not to say anything. Ketki somewhat feels frightened.“With all the courage, I had came here. But after seeing mama, all my courage vanished. Why am I not able to say anything?” Ketki thinks.“No, it’s not true. All are saying lies here”All are shocked after they turn around from where the voice came. It’s Abir.“They are truly forcing my sister to marry a man who is already married to some other woman. They are trying to suffocate my sister’s dreams and her feelings”, says Abir.Women gives a deadly glare to Kabir and speaks to Abir :“And who are you to her?Abir : People say we are cousins, but we say we are more than own siblings.Woman : Glad to know that, such brothers too exist. (Looking at Ketki) Ketki, you don’t need to be afraid. You can go to Pune. If they ever try to stop you or even if they come to Pune, you just make a call to us. We are having direct contacts with the WOMEN POLICE DEPARTMENT’S Incharge and then your family will directly face the wrath of police.Kabir : But once listen…Woman : We are warning you, Mr. Kabir Rajvansh, don’t ever try to follow your niece or else the consequences will be worse.Kabir gets angry as no one had ever dared to warn him like that.Woman : Ketki, you go and bring your belongings. We’ll wait.Ketki goes and brings her belongings. She bids goodbye to Abir, Atul and Meenakshi and conveys her message to Kunal who was not present there. Ketki goes from the house to go Pune.“It’s all because of that girl. She had crossed her limits now. But she don’t know the consequences of challenging Kabir Rajvansh”, thinks Kabir.At Night;Mishti is sitting near window when Kuhu comes from behind and hug her from back.Kuhu : I’m sorry, my dear sister.Mishti : I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have talked you that way.Kuhu : But why were you crying at that time?Mishti : When did cry!Kuhu : No need of lies! I saw you crying. Tell me, why were you crying?Mishti : Woh! Actually… we behaved very harsh with each other because of which the mess was created in our house. I didn’t liked how our elders fought because of us. It was like we created the mess.Kuhu : It’s okay. It happens sometimes. You are too emotional. But our elders have reconciled too. They fight like we fight. But there shouldn’t be any third person interfering in it. We had fought so many times, but we reconcile very soon because no one interferes between us. Likewise, they also fight but reconcile because of no interference from any third person.Mishti : Yeah! You are right. There shouldn’t be any third person in any relationship. Now sleep, Good Night. We had enjoyed enough holidays. From tomorrow we have to go to college. SleepShe lays down on the bed. Whereas Kuhu too switches the light.Good Night….The episode ends here…Huh! I had finally completed Ketki’s drama. From next episode, you’ll be able to see some refreshing college scenes. Have a good day.

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