Don’t You Dare… #OS on Riansh #IMMJ2

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Hello everyone!!
PS: It’s a phone call conversation! And if you find it a bit simple and boring then, Sorry!!
The OS begins with…

Riddhima (sobbing): Vansh…Vansh..I’ve just killed someone..
Vansh: Huh??
Riddhima: Oh My God! Vansh, blood is everywhere….on my hands!! By the way, it feels so warm.
Vansh: Riddhima calm down, and tell me what exactly is going on?!
Ridhima: Vansh, I think I have killed someone as he’s not even moving. So much blood is coming out from him, also he’s turning blue!
Vansh: Where are you?!
Riddhima: Chandni Chowk.
Vansh: Oh okay…I’m coming!
Riddhima: Vansh, I’m a murderer. I just took someone’s life.
Vansh: Take a deep breathe. Tell me what exactly had happened?
Riddhima: I was walking back home. But just then my stomach started making sounds, and I was very so hungry, I thought of having a chaat.
Vansh: And you went Chandni Chowk?? Don’t you think many people might have seen you…I hope you understood!
Riddhima: No…no, the place where I’m, there’s utmost silence and no one’s around.
Vansh: Okay..That means no one saw you?!
Riddhima: Yeah..Then, this guy jumps out and asks for my wallet. I hesitate to give him and in a reflex he jumps on me, wraps his arms around me and I saw a knife in his hands.

Vansh: So it was a self defense!
Riddhima: Then I thrash him, get him off and the knife which he had in his hand falls on the ground beside me. Without thinking anything I picked it up and as he lunged upon me again…I didn’t think and just stabbed the knife forward…Now there’s a lot of blood on my feet.
Vansh: Dear…it wasn’t a murder, it was a self defense!!
Riddhima: I don’t know.
Vansh: Riddhima listen to me, You are just in shock. He tried to hurt you. What he would have done with you if you hadn’t defended yourself!
Riddhima: Vansh, it just doesn’t feel right. Uhh! 
Vansh: Hold on Riddhu, I’m almost there!!

Riddhima: Ohh! His wallet.
Vansh: Huhh!?
Riddhima: His wallet is laying on the ground just next to him.
Vansh: Just stay there. Don’t touch anything!
Riddhima: Oh god..
Vansh: What? Now, what has happened? What are you doing?
Riddhima: He has 2-2 kids.
Vansh: How do you know about it?
Riddhima: Saw pics in his wallet.
Vansh (worried): You picked it up? Riddhu put it back right now and wait for me!!
Riddhima: He just looks like a normal guy. Mr. Kabir Sharma 
Vansh: STOP!!
Riddhima: Vansh, he’s just a normal guy.
Vansh (impatient): HE ATTACKED YOU! TRIED TO ROB YOU!!
Riddhima: What if he just needed some money? Also, his clothes were pretty tattered.
Riddhima: Neither mine!
Vansh: Just hold on. I’m trying to get there as fast as I can!
Riddhima: I feeling cool…very cool and alone.
Vansh: Don’t panic. I’m coming…
Riddhima: Oppss.
Vansh: Now what?
Riddhima: Someone just walked by and saw the scene, saw the dead body, saw me and ran off!
Vansh: You’ll will be fine. It was self defense.
Riddhima: Still I killed him.
Riddhima (tensed): Vansh…Vansh, I can hear sirens..
Vansh: Police?!
Riddhima: It could be..
Vansh: Gosshh…just stay there.
Riddhima: But they’ll arrest me!!
Vansh: If you explain, they won’t!
Riddhima: What do i do?!
Vansh: STAY THERE! I’m only 5 mins. away, Stay there.
Riddhima: I’m running.
Vansh: What?! Don’t you dare to do that.
Riddhima: I have to get out of here…the sooner the better.
Vansh: You gonna look suspicious Riddhu. If you stay there and tell them what had happened, they’ll understand!
Riddhima: Too late dear…I have to get away.
Vansh: Where are you running now??
Riddhima: I’m just running. Anywhere to get out of there.
Vansh: You are delirious. Stop and tell me where you are.
Riddhima: Vansh, to be honest, I don’t think if I can live with myself!! I killed someone for God’s sake.
Vansh: Riddhimaa..
Riddhima: Oh God, the police..they are here. They have caught me, I still have his wallet in my hand!
Vansh: Tell them what had happened!!!!
Riddhima: They are telling me to get on the ground. They have their guns out…
Vansh: WHERE ARE YOU?!?!
Riddhima (crying): I’m scared. They are advancing towards me. Vansh, if it’s my last day I want to tell you something…
Vansh: Riddhima listen to me it’s not…..
Riddhima (interrupting him): Listen to me, I’m not having much time left. I love you Vansh…I love you to the core!! Thank you for being you!
Vansh: I also love you sooo much Riddu!
Riddhima: They are here!!
Vansh: No, no…nooo! Riddhu EXPLAIN THEM. Riddhima, speak something! Comply with them. NO, DONT SHOOT HER…..RIDDHIMAAAAA!!!!
Running from any situation has, is and will never be the best option. It’s always better to face them and not just run!
Always think of how to handle a situation open-mindedly not absent-mindedly.
~~~~ THE END ~~~~

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