Divya Kumar Khosla’s latest post about Pearl v Puri case is confusing

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TV actor Pearl V Puri’s case has still not had any clarity as the Police is still investigating and the decision is up to court. The actor got arrested in an alleged rape case of a minor girl. The Naagin star was then sent into 14-days judicial custody. Post his arrest, a lot of celebrities like Ekta Kapoor, Nia Sharma, Krystle D’souza and others came out in support of him. Filmmaker Divya Khosla Kumar too wrote an elaborate post on her social media to give a clearer picture of the scenario.  But in her latest Instagram post she raised questions over who is the real victim in this case.Divya’s social media post questions the father and mother of the 5-year-old girl who was reportedly molested. She stated that an enquiry should be carried out against them. Her post reads, “If your 5yr old daughter is raped, will any father ignore this & keep fighting a custody battle..the father lodged a complaint in 2019 then why he did he not pursue the case… why did he keep quiet after he got the child’s custody…Why he’s reopened the case now after 2 years when the mother is almost on the verge of winning the custody battle in the lower court… why does the mother sound so relaxed in her conversations…any mother whose daughter goes through all this, will put all her problems aside & jump to the forefront to get justice to her daughter… She will turn the world upside down.”Well, who knows what’s the truth. But because of all this Pearl’s reputation  has got brutally ruined and it would be hard for him to survive in this industry.

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