Diaries-of-Mysteries : A RiAnsh FF #2 – JAB WE MET

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Hey guys , soo , everyone got a doubt where is riddima , am I right ? Or am I right ?? , Today it will get solved
When vangre are roaming here and there in the forest , they heard some sound of foot steps
Vansh (whispering) : be ready , stay alert , our enemy is near .
Just then a person in hoodie came in front of them , his/her face is invisible , because of the mask abd darkness .
Person : surrender
Vansh : (laughs)do we look like fools to surrender
Person : ok , then let me execute .
He/she took a small glass bottle consisting of a golden sparkling powder ,
Angre : vansh , be careful , it’s a dangerous powder , it will make vampires unconscious .
Before they could do anything , he/she took some powder into her hand , and blowed it on vansh , and suddenly , he felt unconscious .
Person : if you also want to get caged ??
Angre : no , leave my friend
Person : I will leave him , when my work gets over
Angre : can I come with you
Person : ok
They leave to a villa –
The person ties vansh to a chair , and then chants some spells , and takes a pin from his/her front side pocket , and then comes near vansh , he /she takes a drop of blood from vansh , using the pin .
He/she takes the blood to a long thin sized glass bottle ,
The Person : it’s ready , hmm , what’s your name and his name
Angre : I am angre , he is vansh
The person : my work is done , he will get conscious in 15min , you can take him now , thank you for cooperation .
Just then he / she whistles and a person appears , he is having blue eyes , he then gets back to human form .
Person : aman bhai , here is the blood of vampire , which is asked by roshni bhabhi .
Aman : thank you .
He leaves from there
Aman enters into the library , to see roshni preparing something
Aman : is the potion done ??
Roshni : just need the blood
Aman : here (handing it over)
Roshni : hmm , much brave she is , she got the vampire blood
Aman : will baazigar get ok ??
Roshni : of course khan baba
At the villa –
Angre : can I know what is the blood for ??
Person : hmm , do you know JINNAD KE BAADSHAH ??
Angre : yes , he is aman right ??
Person : yes , his best friend cum companion baazigar got a wound on his right side hand because of a vampire , it needs vampire blood to recover , so what I took your blood .
Angre : oh , sorry for misunderstanding you
Person : now you leave , or else the werewolves will not leave you both
Angre : how much time left for him to get conscious ?
Person : hmm , 2 min
Angre leaves with vansh .
Angre comes in with vansh
Ishani : bhai , angre , how are you both ??
Siya : why soo late ??
Ishani : actually we need to inform a good news
Just then all four see a man coming secretly covering his face
Angre : who could it be ??
Vansh : who will it be , rather than aryan , ARYAN STOP YOUR HIDE AND SEEK NOW
Aryan stops in his tracks shocked to hear his name , vansh gestures him to come to him ,
Aryan : what happened bhai , vaise , it’s 12:00 am , you came now ??
Angre : don’t try to divert the topic
Siya : as you will always get caught
Vansh : why are you roaming like a ghost , vaise where is your results card , principal called me , today the results are out .
Aryan (in mind) : stupid principal , now how could I show him my results card
Ishani : you could curse your principal later , first go and bring your progress card aryan saab
Aryan leaves and comes with progress card
Siya : thank god , he didn’t does any drama like last time that the progress card is lost .
Vansh sees the report card
Vansh : 12.3 percentage in maths , 18.3 in hindi , 10.5 in science , 6.8 in chemistry , 9.2 in biology
Angre : what are these marks yaar ??
Ishani : don’t act like he doesn’t done this before or he is a bright student .
Vansh : you are reading your last year of engineering from past 4 years , don’t you have shame , actually we should have it , I an embarrassed to call you as my brother
Siya : vaise , are you truly heir of raisinghania family ??
Ishani : its common every year right? , Vaise bhai , tha good news is that riddu is coming for lunch .
Angre : after 5 years she is going to meet us
Aryan : I will somehow try to woo her
Vansh : dare you to do so aryan
Aryan : why , do you love her ??
Vansh : shut your mouth and go to sleep
All leave to sleep
In vansh’s room :
Vansh : hmm , it became 5 years , don’t know how you will look , I have a crush on you at first sight when I saw you , at the age of 10 , while you are 4 .Hoping to see you soon .
Precap : I will not give
Guys , do anyone know in which episode riddima where this saree please tell me

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