Desire to the Throne_A Saga – The End!!!

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Hey all!!!The war begins!!!!Arjun, Adithya, Karn, Ram and his brothers all fight in the war.In the palace, a girl goes to the king.King: Come Mrinal…Mrinal comes to him with a smiling face.Helena and her mother are shown sitting next to the king.Mrinal is the daughter of the king’s 1st wife. He had 2 marriages. His 1st wife died after the birth of Mrinal. Mrinal has 4 elder brothers. After the death of his first wife, he married Helena’s mother, a maid to take care of his children. But she is a cruel and cunning lady. She fakes love for the children and get pregnant with the king’s child. Helena is born. But the king never treats Helena equally to his other children. So, Helena has a grudge over the other children. Even Mrinal and Helena are not in good terms.Mrinal: Papa, I’m also going to warfield.King: What? no way.Mrinal convince him and goes….Helena: Papa, then I’ll also go.The king doesn’t reply and goes.She goes to warfield where Adithya is fighting.She sees the prince of Persia sitting inside the camp.Helena: Brother, why didn’t you go and fight?That son is a coward and scared of war. Helena laughs at his state and she herself go to the battle.She sees Adithya and get shocked….Helena: Rana….She runs towards him and hug him. This shocks Adithya.Adithya: Leave me, who are you?Helena is shocked.Helena: Rana, I’m your Helena.Adi: I’m seeing you for the first time. I don’t know who you are. And how you know about Rana?Helena: Who are you?Adi: I’m Rana’s younger brother Adithya.Helena is shocked.Helena: That means we are all family. Why are you teaming up against our enemies?Adi: Your king has declared war over us.Helena: What????Adi: You are confusing me.Helena: Wait, I’ll tell you everything.(FB)Rana comes to the king of Persia….King: Rana, come my soldier.Rana: I’m always indebted for you.King: Even me too.Rana sees Helena and smiles….Rana is the own son of Mala. He is not Bhoomika’s son. After being ousted by Nakshatra, Mala goes to commit suicide, but a soldier from Persia saves her in the ocean and marries her. They both have a son and he is Rana. But Mala had the desire to take revenge on Surya. So, she told her husband and they both made the king of Persia to develop a strong desire on Surya’s kingdom. They declare war and kill Nakshatra’s husband. She then comes to Surya’s palace and then Nakshatra give her Karn. She then decides to sketch another plan by bringing up him and attaining the throne. She also stays with Urvi’s father as his sister and during sometimes, she meets her husband and Rana. After Rana grows up, she is shocked to see him as a look alike Adithya. So, she make him a backup plan, if her plan to enter palace fails, then she ask him to enter the palace. They do all the drama. Mala also tells him to meet Swastika as she is very kind hearted and innocent. So, easily he can come through her. But Rana falls in love with Swastika in real.Meanwhile in Persia, Rana and Helena grow up together as Helena’s mom and Mala are close friends.They both love each other and also indulge in intimate moments. They marry each other privately and does not disclose it to anyone except her mom.So, Rana is the informer and he wants the throne as well as Swastika. But Helena doesn’t know that he loves Swastika now. Due to their romantic night, she became pregnant too. Helena’s mother hides the baby and she meets the baby secretly.The king of Persia also trusts Rana a lot and he assured him that he will give the throne of Kashi and anyone of his daughter to him. He asked for Helena and he agreed. Now Helena waits for him to return.(FB ENDS)Adithya is shocked to know that Rana is not his own brother….He leaves from the battle field and writes a letter to Swastika to alert about Rana. He sends the letter through a pigeon. But the Persian soldiers kill the pigeon and reads the letter. They send another letter stating all these things to Rana….But due to heavy rains and floods in the sea, the messengers couldn’t reach Rana for 2 months….The war also halted for 2 months….After 2 months, Rana gets the message and gets shocked. He decides to hide somewhere. But he couldn’t leave Swastika and go. So, he goes to her room at night.He sees Swastika and all the ladies sleeping together along with the elder ladies.He goes near Swastika and touch her. She gets shocked and shouts….All others wake up.Bhoomika is shocked to see Rana misbehaving with Swastika.He grabs Swastika and drags her.Avantika beats him. He gets angry and pushes Avantika down. She hits her bump and occur a labour pain.Swastika: Hey, you animal. Leave me.Bhoomika: Rana, why are you doing like this? Leave her.Rana: Shut up. I’m not your son Rana. I’m Mala’s son. Your son is dead.All get shocked…Panchali and Urvi help Avantika….The soldiers come and surround Rana but he escapes.Bhoomika apologize to Swastika for not believing her earlier. Swastika forgives her…Avantika then gives birth to a baby boy.All gets happy.Swastika hugs the baby and Avantika….After sometime, Avantika is resting along with the baby. And no one is near her.Meanwhile, Surya orders the soldiers to catch Rana as soon as possible.Rana climbs to Avantika’s room and take the baby. A maid shout…Avantika wakes up and shocked.All come there and plead Rana to leave the baby.Rana: I will leave the baby if Swastika and Mala comes with me. Orelse I will kill the baby.Surya: Ok, listen. I will release Mala. Leave the baby.Rana: First release her.Surya orders the soldiers to bring Mala.After sometime, they bring Mala.Both Mala and Rana have an emotional bonding.Avantika: Please give me my baby.Rana: Ask your sister to come with me.Swastika: I will come with you.All are shocked and ask her not to do such thing but Swastika goes with him. Rana: I will give the baby once we reach a secured place. Till then the baby will be with me only. After we reach a secure place, the baby will come to you.Swastika assures Avantika that nothing will happen to the baby.Swastika leaves with Rana and Mala.They go near a cave in a mountain cliff.Rana: You both be here with the baby. I’ll come now.He gives the baby to Swastika and goes out.Swastika sees Mala and also, she sees camp fire there. She slowly takes Mala’s saree and put it into the fire without her knowledge. It catches fire. Swastika then runs out with the baby. Mala screams for help but Swastika ties her mouth. She comes running to Rana.Rana: What happened?Swastika: Your ma…Rana gets shocked after seeing Mala in a burnt state….Swastika smiles….Rana: How did this happen?Swastika: Like this.He pushes Rana from the cliff. He holds a branch and creams for help.Swastika: Why should I help you? You are a saithan. Go to hell. What you thought about girls. They will become kali whenever needed.The branch gets loosen and Rana falls from the cliff and dies.Swastika reaches palace and tells all the incidents.All bless her.Bhoomika: What panditji told became right now. Swastika, from now you will be worshipped as our god.Swastika hugs them….The scene shifts to Persia….The war is halted due to rain and floods. Mrinal is in her room thinking about Ram.(FB)She goes to battle field. Her brother ask her not to come out and she sits inside the camp. But she peeks out and see the war field. She sees Ram and falls for him….(FB ENDS)She lies on her bed thinking about Ram. She grows obsessive about Ram.Her friend come and tell her that he is married and also shows the painting of Sita.Friend: Her name is Sita. She is more beautiful than you.Mrinal: Shut up. I will make him fall for me.She then romances with him in her dream.After sometime, she goes to river and see Ram with bare chest.Ram: Who are you?Mrinal hides her identity.Mrinal: I’m just the citizen of Persia.Heavy wind blows…. Mrinal’s dupatta flies in the air. They both have an eyelock.Mrinal imagines as they both hugging and kissing each other….When she comes out of the imagination, she finds Ram is not there.She then search for Ram and comes to him.Mrinal: Ok, I’ll tell you everything. I’m Mrinal, princess of Persia. I love you and wants to marry you. If you marry me, you will get Persia and also this war will be stopped.Ram smiles.Ram: Sorry, I can’t and won’t marry you.Mrinal: Why can’t and why won’t?Ram: I can’t because of my promise to my wife and won’t because I love just my wife.Mrinal: So, you won’t marry me?Ram: Never in this birth.Mrinal: Ok, let’s meet at battle then.She goes out and wipes Ram away from her heart. She develops hatred towards him….Helena’s truth about baby comes out…The king is shocked!!!!He lashes out them and disowns his wife and Helena. They also come to know about death of Rana which shocks Helena….Meanwhile, war resume after 2 months….Arjun kills one son on the first day itself.But Arjun gets ill due to the climate. The doctors tell them that this can be cured only with the herbs available in Kasi.They send letters…But the rain and flood has not over at sea.They worry how to send.Panchali: I’ll go.All get shocked.Nakshatra: How???Panchali: Ma, did you forget that I’m the skilled sailor of this kingdom. I can cross the sea in any sort of calamities.Nakshatra: But you are pregnant.Panchali: Don’t worry ma. I’ll take care.She convince everyone and goes to get ready…Subhadra burn is jealousy.Panchali struggles in rain and flood still she manages to reach Arjun. She gives the herbs and he recovers.Arjun and Panchali have an emotional moment…Karn kills one son.Ram and his brothers kill the other son but Mrinal is facing them.The king himself comes directly and faces Arjun. After 2 weeks of war, Arjun defeats the king.Adithya kills the other son too.Mrinal accepts her defeat and gives the kingdom to them.All gets happy and celebrate the success.Panchali stay there till the end….After a month, everyone reach Kasi. Dashrat also comes there with his wives and daughters-in-law.All welcome them and they go in.Panchali asks for Subhadra.They take them to Subhadra who is paralysed.Panchali gets shocked….Panchali: How this happened?Swastika: Didi, she didn’t listen to us. After you went, she also came behind you but unfortunately her boat got collapsed and she became like this. Doctors told that she will be alive only for 2 more days.Panchali comes to Subhadra and pats her forehead. Subhadra sees her and cries…Subhadra: I’m sorry didi….Panchali too cries….Arjun: I’m sorry…. I couldn’t love anyone except Panchali. There is no mistake in you.Arjun touch her….Subhadra smiles looking at Arjun and her heart beat stops….Her cremation occurs….She dies with the baby….Dasharat: Now who is the king?Ram: Arjun should be the king as he played the major role…All agrees even Dashrat agrees.After 1 week….Adithya and Avantika baby’s naming ceremony happens. All name their son as Bindusara.After a while,Adithya is seen playing with the baby.Avantika and Swastika goes to him.Adithya: Swastika, sorry for the happenings. I should have been with you.Swastika: Please don’t be sorry. I’m fine.Adithya hugs Avantika and Swastika.Avantika: We make a perfect family.Just then Swastika’s baby kicks….All feel and enjoy.After 2 months,Panchali gets labour pain….After hours of labour, a baby is born.Nakshatra: A boy baby is born.Arjun comes in and sees Panchali first. He kiss her and then sees the baby.All rejoice….Naming ceremony occurs after 1 month.Surya name him as Abhimanyu.The people chant his name…Panchali and Arjun are happy.Arjun Panchali along with Abhimanyu sit on the throne….!!!The screen freezes!!!!Ok friends, we reached the end of this story. The throne finally got the most desired person. Arjun is made as the king. They live happily ever after.All pregnant ladies deliver their babies.Adithya and Swastika name their son as Jehan.Karn- Urvi name their son as Vrishketu.Ram – Sita name their son as LuvBharat- Mandavi name their daughter as BharatiLakshman – Urmila name their daughter as LakshmilaShatrughnan – Shruthakirthi name their son as sugandan.All live happily!!!!!!!The End!!!Thank you so much for all your support for this ff.Signing off!!!     

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