Desire to the Throne_A Saga – Episode 16

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Hi all!!!!Recap: Wedding of the princesses!!!!Episode 16Scene 1The princesses reach Ayodhya….Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra does the arthi to their sons and bahus.The four bahus enter the palace and does all the rituals.Kausalya: Sumithra and Kaikeyi take the bahus to the room and make them get ready for suhagrat. I’ll come now.They take the bahus and leaves. Ram and his brothers leave to the room.Kausalya goes to Dasharat.Dasharat: I know for what you came now?Kausalya: Yes, please tell me what you are thinking?Dasharat: Kausalya, you know clearly that our Ram is the greatest warrior of this era.Kausalya: Sorry to interrupt. Even Arjun is a great warrior.Dasharat: Ok fine, but if Ram is the key person of this war, then he will get the throne.Kausalya: Why does he need that throne when he have his own kingdom?Dasharat: Kausalya, we have four sons. I want everyone to have a good life. If Ram gets that throne, I will make Bharat as the king of Ayodhi. Lakshman will take care of Northern troops and Shatrughnan will take care of Southern troops.Kausalya is shocked.Kausalya: We can’t do this to our samandhan family.Kaikeyi: I agree for this maharaj.Kausalya and Dasharat see Kaikeyi standing there.Kaikeyi: Didi, please agree to this. Our sons will have a good future.Dasharat: Even I talked with the king of Kalinga.Kausalya: About?Dasharat: He is having two daughters and he is very much interested to make an alliance with our family.Kausalya: But our sons got married.Dasharat: So, what? I gave him my word. After Ram and Bharat returns from the war, they will marry his daughters. If they marry them, then Kalinga will also become ours.Kaikeyi is happy. But Kausalya worries.Kausalya: Ram and Bharat won’t accept this. They really love Sita and Mandavi a lot. They can’t see anyone in their place.Kaikeyi: Didi, a king can marry many girls. All marriages happen for a cause in the royal family. If all the kingdoms come into our control, then we will be the Chakravarthy of this world.Kausalya: For that, they can do war and can get but not this way.Kaikeyi: Why are you so tensed about this? Even we three are married to the same person. And also, our bahus brothers have two wives. So, they will understand.Dasharat: And also, one more thing. Cholas and Pandyas from South also have interest in making alliance with us. So, even Lakshman and Shatrughan will have wedding after they return from the war. By this way, the whole nation comes under the control of us…Kaikeyi: I feel so proud of you.Kausalya: I won’t agree for this.Dasharat: I’m not asking your permission. I just informed you. Now go and take care of Suhagrat. The next generation is also important.Kausalya leaves with a disappointment.Kaikeyi and Dasharat discuss about the future!!!!Scene 2The princesses go to their respective husband’s room.Sita goes to Ram’s room.Ram: Sita, you showed me my letters. Look at these.She sees her letters.Sita: You too preserved these things?Ram: Yes.Sita: You love me a lot, right?Ram: Yes….Sita: I just want this whole love just for me.Ram: Sita, I know what you are worrying about. Don’t worry, I am only yours. No matter what happens, I won’t marry other girl.Sita smiles….Ram hugs from behind!!!!They have a passionate consummation.Mandavi and Bharat have a talk.Bharat: I just have one wish Mandavi.Mandavi: What?Bharat: To spend my life in a peaceful place without any wars or anything. Just with the brothers, you and our kids.Mandavi: Definitely we’ll do that.Bharat smiles and hugs her!!!!Urmila comes to Lakshman’s room.Urmila: Why are looking at me like this?Lakshman: No, I just wondering that the girl who fighted with me now became my calm wife.Urmila: Why should I be calm and loving to some other man. So, I showcased my anger that time. Now you became my husband. I’ll love you more than anything in the world.Lakshman: Urmila, I admit that when I saw you first, I just got fallen in your outer beauty. But after some days, I loved you more seeing your character.Urmila smiles….Lakshman: Today I swear that this Lakshman is fully devoted to you.Urmila hugs him!!!!!Shruthakirthi is shown lying in Shatrughnan’s arms.Shruthakirthi: We’ll have two kids. A boy like you and a girl like me.Shatrughnan: My dear loving wife, we four will make a perfect family.They both also consummate!!!!Scene 2After 4 months!!!!Ram, Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughnan is ready to leave for the battlefield.Sita, Urmila, Mandavi, Shruthakirthi send them with a smiling face. They does tilak….Kaikeyi and Sumithra are happy. But Kausalya is sad due to Dasharat’s wish.Sumithra: didi, why are you looking worried?Kausalya: Nothing Sumithra.The sons seeks blessings from their mothers and father.Kaikeyi: All should return victoriously. Don’t forget that all your wives are pregnant. So, be careful.The husbands look at their wives and smiles!!!!Then they leave!!!!Meanwhile,Adithya gifts bangles to Avantika and Swastika. Avantika’s bump is grown and she is 5 months pregnant. And Swastika is 3 months pregnant.Adithya: I’m so worried about you two. Please be for each other and take care of each other till I come. You both are more important to me than the babies. So please take care. If needed, please go and stay in your mother’s place.Swastika: No need for that. If we go there, definitely ma will feel bad. Here we five bahus are there. We will take care of each other.Avantika: Yes, please don’t think of us and get tensed. You happily go to war.Adithya hugs them both.Then they three come to the entrance.Bhoomika, Nakshatra, Surya, Sunaina and Rana wait for them there.Adithya: I’ll leave now. Today Karn bhai and Arjun bhai will come from south and they will be joining me tomorrow.Nakshatra: Beta, you could also leave tomorrow right?Adithya: No ma, I’m leaving now and I’ll go in another way. I’ll conquer the northern part according to our plan.  Arjun bhai will travel across the ocean and reach the eastern part. Karn bhai will acquire western part and Ram and his brothers will take care of Southern part.Rana clearly listens to all the plans.Bhoomika: Adithya, be supportive to your brothers. Here we will take care of your wives. Even Rana is here to take care of us. You be there without worrying.Adithya nods…Swastika does him tilak and he leaves!!!!Scene 3Arjun and Karn come to the palace. All join at the entrance to receive them.Nakshatra: Welcome you both dads to be.Karn gets happy and look at Urvi. She nods yes….Arjun: Ma, I know this before.Bhoomika: Arjun, Panchali was pregnant before but now Subhadra got pregnant.Arjun sees Subhadra standing beside Panchali. His face changes and thinks of her dirty work.Arjun: Ma, that’s just made up of my flesh and blood but not with love. That baby will receive all my things but not my love.He leaves…Panchali too follows him. Subhadra gets disheartened.Panchali: Stop, why did you tell like that? She might feel bad.Arjun: You can forgive everyone but I can’t. Only our baby will have my love. Not hers.Panchali: No, this is wrong.Arjun: Panchali, please….Panchali: Ok, I won’t talk about this.Arjun: That’s good.Panchali: I heard that you are travelling through ocean. Please be careful. A comet is also seen now a days and you know its meaning.Arjun: Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.Panchali: Wait a minute, take this.She gives him a conch.Arjun: This is for what?Panchali: This conch is a specialized conch. It will produce a sound like an animal. And the sound will hear even beyond 1 lakh kilometres. So, whenever you are in trouble in the ocean, please blow this conch. I will come.Arjun: Panchali, relax. You are now pregnant. So, you just dream of our baby. I’ll come soon.He hugs her….Meanwhile,Karn goes to Urvi. She turns back in shyness.Karn: Urvi, won’t you see your husband?Urvi turns and bends down her head.Karn: Here, this is for you.Urvi: What’s this?Karn: This is famous Pandya’s pearl necklace. This is for you.He makes her to wear.Karn: Urvi, please take care. Eat properly. Don’t be worrying about me.Urvi: Sure…Sunaina come there.Sunaina: Karn, don’t worry, I’ll take care of my bahu.Karn: Ma….Sunaina hugs Karn and bless him.Sunaina thinks to herself that Karn should be the key person and he should sit on the throne with full rights.The next day!!!!Arjun and Karn get ready and leave for the war!!!!!Subhadra feels bad as arjun didn’t even spoke with her…Scene 4Rana goes to the forest and meets the same person.They both talk in a Persian language. That person the messenger of the Persian king who declared the war. Rana helps them by telling them the plans.Rana: Listen carefully, Arjun is going in the ocean. So, kill him there itself.The messenger tells ok and leaves.Later Rana goes to Swastika who is all alone in the garden.Rana: Swastika…She is surprised to see Rana in Adithya’s attireSwastika: Come, sit. You are wearing his clothes?Rana: Yes, just I liked these clothes.She smiles.Rana: What are you thinking?Swastika: The climate is so beautiful. I just thought of my child.Rana (To himself): It’s ok, I love her along with her child. Even after acquiring her, I will love that child as of my own)Swastika: What are you thinking?Rana: No, nothing.He comes and sits near her.Swastika feels uncomfortable…He touches her hands….Swastika gets up in a hurry.Rana pulls her and she falls in his lap….Rana: What a beautiful face. Your face glows in this beautiful moonlight.Swastika gets shocked….Swastika: Leave me….Rana: Why should I leave you? You are my life. I came here just for you.Swastika is shocked to the core.Swastika: What are you blabbering? Leave me.Rana hugs her tightly and about to kiss her. But Swastika pushes him. He falls on the ground.Bhoomika sees this and gets shocked….She shouts as Swastika!!!!!!!To be Continued!!!          

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