Confess day between two friends. #Riansh OS

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Hello guys. Here is a new OS. I hope you could like it and please do tell me your opinion on the comments.
So let’s start.
Vansh’s POV starts:
I don’t why I’m feeling that burning from inside while seeing Angre near Riddhima.
Regardless that Angre is my secret keeper and I have never trusted anyone more than him, but I also can’t tolerate seeing him that near to Riddhima.
I didn’t have felt that feeling before.
I didn’t felt that I’m uncomfortable that much when a boy got to be near Riddhima.
Riddhima isn’t just my childhood best friend as she is the only girl that is very close to me after my sisters.
We always do everything together and we are a very close buddies.We always do everything together and we always share everything together that makes us have a lot of similarities between each other.
Today is the first time to me to just want to surround Riddhima by my arms and not make anyone come near her.
Currently Riddhima, Angre, and I are being at one of our favorite cafes and we are enjoying our time together and everything was perfect between the 3 of us as usual.
We always give the mood of the best and the most close friends as the 3 of us have that bond that no one could find it.
I was enjoying my time with them until Angre and Riddhima start to get closer to each other while they were laughing very much.
That what I wasn’t able to tolerate it.
I got to be very angry and I wasn’t able to understand the reason behind my anger.
I interfered between them to stop them from being that close to each other.
Then I opened up about another topic.
Me: Guys what you think about doing a party today at VR mansion.
Angre: Party?! Today?!
Me: Yes and why not?!
Riddhima: What is the reason of that party?
Me: It doesn’t need to has a reason as not everything we feel it we could have a reason for it. I just felt that an.d I really want to party with you guys. Actually, I’m sure that all VR family will be excited about that and we all will enjoy together. So what do you think about that guys?
I have observed how Riddhima was very excited for the party and that what makes me very happy and has minimised my anger when I have seen her beautiful smile.
Riddhima: You made me very excited to the party Vansh as you have never missed to impress me with any new party you organize it and I’m sure that tonight’s party will be just perfect.
Angre: I’m also very excited to the party.
Me: Great! I will organise and prepare for everything for tonight’s party.
Angre: So I will leave now to be ready for the party. Do you will come with me Riddhima to arrive you back to your home or you will stay here for some time?
I didn’t have controlled myself when I have interrupted Angre.
Me: You could go Angre as Riddhima will stay here for some time with me and I will arrive her back to home so you don’t have to worry about her as I’m with her.
Vansh’s POV ends.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
I got shocked and surprised when I have heard those words from Vansh.
He didn’t even asked me if I want to stay here more or not.
I was just staring at him without saying any words.It has been some time since Angre has left and I was just looking at Vansh very deeply.
I always feel safe and happy while being near Vansh. We are always a very close friends and I always feel as if I’m a flying bird when I’m just with Vansh.
Actually, I always feel that he is more than just a best friend to me as I don’t feel the same feelings that I feel it to Vansh like the same feelings that I feel it to Angre regardless that they both are my close buddies.
I always feel that Vansh is a very special and unique person to me, but I didn’t got to feel that he is feeling the same special feeling that I’m feeling it towards him.
So I didn’t got to have the chance to express about what I feel towards him and I just treat him as my best friend with a hope that one day that he could feel that same special and unique feeling that I feel it towards him.
He has noticed my staring at him.
So he has knocked at my head.
Vansh: Knock knock. Are you here my princess? Where you have gone?!
I got back to my concentration.
Me: Nothing. I was just thinking about the party as I’m very excited for it. I’m thinking about the outfit that I will wear it today at the party.
Vansh: You don’t need to think so much about it.
Riddhima: What do you mean?
He gets his mobile and made me look at a very lovely and amazing black dress.
Vansh: I have bought this dress for you Riddhima and it is in the ducky of my car. When I have seen it, I have imagined you while wearing it. So I have immediately bought it to you and I was just waiting for the right occasion to make you wear on it this dress and I think that tonight’s party is the best occasion for giving you on it this dress.
I was just smiling while hearing Vansh’s words.
Every single stuff he was doing it to me makes me be sure of my feelings towards him.
I love you so much Vansh Rai Singhania and I hope that you could feel that love that I owns it towards you.
Me: Thank you so much Vansh. Thank you for always making me that happy. I have really liked the dress so much. I’m super excited to try it and see it in a close area.
Vansh: So let’s go to my car to make you see the dress and could arrive back to him to get ready for the party.
Me: Okay. Let’s go.
I went with him towards his car and I was very happy that I’m with him. I was very excited to this party and I was feeling that something special will happen during it.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Vansh and Riddhima went to Vansh’s car.
Then he made Riddhima sees the dress.
She got amazed of it and she was smiling.
Vansh was staring at her while she was smiling seeing the dress.
He got to feel more attached to her.
He starts to feel the new and special feeling that he starts to feel it towards Riddhima.
She has noticed his staring.
So she has looked at him in a surprised and cute reaction.
Vansh has also done the same surprised look that Riddhima was looking at him with it.They both were looking so cute while doing those face reactions.
They both start laughing after they were doing those similar reactions.
Riddhima: You have started to copy me nowadays Vansh! That’s not good!
He comes closer to her to arrange her hair strands.
Vansh: I don’t feel that it is a bad thing. It is a very lovely thing as that shows how much our bond got to be very strong, Am I right or am I right?!
Riddhima’s heart beats start to increase when Vansh was arranging her hair and being close to her.
She didn’t has said anything and she was just smiling.
Afterwards, Vansh has arrived Riddhima back to her house.
Then he has went to VR mansion to get ready.
He was thinking about Riddhima very much.
Vansh’s POV starts:
I still don’t know the reason that made me arrange this party, but I was wanting to make Riddhima near me as much as I can.
I want to feel her breathes being near to me.
I want to see her smiles and happiness.
I want to be very close to her and I don’t want any man to be near her other than me even if this man is my best friend Angre.
I’m feeling that special feeling that I owns it to Riddhima and I didn’t have noticed it unless I felt jealous seeing Angre near Riddhima.
Maybe that’s why I have decided to make that party as I will not make Riddhima away from me more and I have to put my right on her and this will happen in today’s party.
Vansh’s POV ends.
Vansh has gotten ready to the party.
He was wearing a very attractive black suit.He was looking stunning while wearing that suit.He gets downstairs to wait for Riddhima and Angre.
Angre has came to him.
They have greeted each other.
Then they start waiting for Riddhima’s arrive.
Afterwards, Riddhima has came.
Her arrive was like the arrive of a very beautiful princess.
She was looking so pretty while she was wearing that black dress.
Vansh was staring at her very much.
Then he comes near her.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! You look gorgeous and fabulous in that black dress my princess. I was sure that this dress will look stunning on you. You have beaten my imagination as I didn’t imagine that the dress will be that beautiful on you.
Riddhima was smiling after Vansh has said those words.
At that moment, Janam Janam song plays.
So Vansh has taken Riddhima’s hand and he starts dancing with her.
He was making her very close to him while they were dancing.
Their both heart beats were increasing very much.
They both were very happy while being close to each other.Vansh was making very sure to be very close to Riddhima.He was feeling relaxed while he was smelling Riddhima’s smell and being that close to her.
Everyone was looking at them while they were smiling.
Afterwards, Vansh and Riddhima have finished their dance.
Then everyone has clapped to them.
After some time, Vansh along with Riddhima and Angre were standing together as usual and enjoying their time together.
Vansh was sure to surround Riddhima to not make her engage that much with Angre.
Angre was noticing that and he was smiling.
Angre’s POV starts:
I’m very happy while seeing Vansh starts to accept and observe his feelings towards Riddhima.
Finally, he got to understand his feelings and that has happened when I got to be a kind of more closer to Riddhima as I was sure that Vansh’s love will be observed to him when he starts to be jealous and feeling uncomfortable when he could see Riddhima close to me.
I’m sure that Vansh’s idea for making today’s party was just to try to confess his feelings to Riddhima.
I’m sure that Vansh will not miss that party without expressing all what he feels to Riddhima especially that I knows how much Riddhima loves Vansh.
They are both my close friends who I could understand what they feel without even saying a word.
We have known each other since we were children and we have passed through a lot of stuff together.
We have passed through good and tough moments.
We have shared so many memories together.So I could know what they both feel it even if they have tried to hide those feelings very much.
I just must to do the last move of mine that will make Vansh directly confess his feelings to Riddhima.
Angre’s POV ends.
Angre has came closer to Riddhima then he has taken her hand to dance with her.
That attitude of Angre has made Vansh very jealous.
Angre was looking at Vansh while he has smiling.
He was sure that Vansh will confess to Riddhima very soon.
Vansh’s anger was very high.
So he wasn’t able to control his anger when he has interfered between Angre and Riddhima while they were dancing and he holds Riddhima’s hands while he was angry and has taken her to a far area.Riddhima was surprised and shocked from Vansh’s wired behaviour.
She wasn’t understanding the reason that could make Vansh holds her hand that aggressively.
Riddhima: Vansh, what are you doing?! Why you are holding my hand that much?!
Vansh was silent and he was saying anything.
He was just completing holding Riddhima’s hand and moving to a very far area from the party.
Riddhima: Vansh, where you are taking me? Please say something and don’t be that silent.
He grabs her towards the nearest wall.
Then he has surrounded her with his hands.
He makes her very close to him.
Then he immediately has kissed her a very long kiss.
Riddhima was shocked from Vansh’s unexcused behaviour.
She didn’t have felt herself when she has kissed him back.
They have gone into a very long and lovely kiss.
They kept kissing each other.
Then Vansh has kissed Riddhima some kisses on her cheeks.
Riddhima was very shy.
He puts his hand around her neck to calm her down.
Vansh: Do you have understood now what I’m doing?!
Riddhima nods in a refusing way.
He smiles.
Vansh: I will tell you sweetheart. You will just be mine Riddhima. I wasn’t understanding what was I feeling towards you, but when I have seen Angre that close to you I starts to feel that special feeling that I owns it towards you. I have noticed and accepted my feelings towards you Riddhu. I love you so much Riddhima. I don’t love any girl other than you. I love you and I will keep loving you till the end of my life.
Riddhima was very happy hearing Vansh’s confession.
She has putted her hands around his neck.
Riddhima: Finally, you have confessed Mr. Stone! I was waiting for your confession since a lot. I also love you so much Vansh. I love you since the first day that I have seen you on it. I have fallen for you Vansh everytime I got to know you more. You are the only man that is in my heart and will always be in my heart. I love you Vansh.
They have hugged each other very tightly.
They were very happy that they have finally confessed their feelings to each other.
Vansh: I wasn’t believing that today will be that special day as today was the confess day between those two friends who from now on they wouldn’t be just friends as they were will be friends and lovers forever and finally from today we will always be together.
Riddhima: Till the end of our lives Vansh.Vansh: Till the end of our lives Riddhu.The end of the OS. I hope you like it. I wish that you guys could enjoy and like this OS. Please tell me your feedback on the OS as all of your comments is the thing that encourages me to write more. Please support me on this episode as the previous OS there was a very low respond on it so please comment a lot here so I could be encouraged to write more OS episodes. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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