Choti Sardarni 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update

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Choti Sardarni 9th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
Scene 1Daar ji tries the food. Harleen says do you like the food? He says it’s good. Lentil is a bill watery but it’s good. Take care next time. Rest is all good. Seher says before he came we used to eat with so much fun. Daar ji says did you say anything? Seher says no. He says Chandalchokri. Karan says did you say anything? Dolly says they well-mannered and innocent kids. Param points something at Karan. Karan slides his stick and gives to Param under the table. Daar ji says you three, get up early next morning. The kids cough. He says at 5. The kids say at 5? He says yes I will check your manners at the temple. DO you know how to do paat? They say yes. He says where is my stick? Param says it’s here. It was here. He says so it got feet that it moved on its own. Naughty kids. He leaves.Sarab asks everyoen to come sit and eat. Meher serves to Tai ji. Param says you used to love me so much as a kid. She says don’t I now? Sarab says why didn’t you stop Daar ji? She says you know him. He doesn’t listen to anyone. but his heart. Sarab says but you’re in his heart. She laughs. Harleen says yeah your marriage is like a love marriage. Tai ji says it didn’t happen in our times. Is Sarab’s marriage love mariaeg? Sarab says no arranged but I fell in love right after the wedding and so would you. She’s so pretty. Tai says you’re equally pretty. Sarab says less than you. Meher says I hope you love me the same way you love Meher.Update in ProgressUpdate Credit to: Atiba

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