Choti Sardarni 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update Meher dies?

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Choti Sardarni 31st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
The episode begins with Pratap’s father telling the Police officer to kill Sarab and Kulwant. Sarab and Kulwant are shocked as the Police points their gun at them. At home Harleen and the Kids praying for Sarab and Meher. Sandhya who was tied to a chair unties herself breaks the wall which was built by Pratap to bury Meher. Police on the other hand shoot Sarab and Kulwant and they leave from there.Kids are trying to reach Sarab over a video call.  Sarab tells them that he is fine and promises them that he will bring Meher back. The police officer was about to inform Sandhya’s father about the job done when he hears a noise from the jeep and moves towards it. To his surprise, he realises that Sarab is alive and tries to attack him again. Sarab fights back and escapes from there with Kulwant. The police officer informs Pratap that Sarab has escaped from there. Pratap realizes that Sarab must be coming towards their house.Sandhya starts to bleed and gets worried for her child. Sarab calls the IG and informs him what all is happening there. IG tells him not to enter the house at any cost and says that he is sending a team. Sarab says that he can’t wait as Meher must in danger. Saran and Kulwant are searching for Meher while Sandhya is also trying to help her. She is trying to get up but is unable to. Sarab and Kulwant find Sandhya among a blast. Kulwant asks him to save Meher.Sarab takes Sandhya outside and asks her where Meher is. Sandhya tells them everything and points towards the wall where Meher is. Sarab is happy beyond measure to see Meher and he hugs her.The rescue team arrives at the location. They find Meher’s dead body. Kulwant says that she will not spare anyone responsible for her daughter’s condition. Sarab is unable to comprehend the situation and asks Meher to never go away from her ever. Harleen informs the kids that their mother will be here by evening.The IG learns that Sarab is not in his senses and is not accepting that Meher is dead. Sarab talks to Meher’s dead body and asks Kulwant not to make any noise as Meher sleeping. Kulwant recalls herself cursing Meher and regrets.Precap: Sarab follows the ambulanceUpdate Credit to: Swapnil Namaste, I am a Blogger and a Voice Artist. Born with a flair to play with words, I invigorate feelings through thoughts, woven with words for the world to imbibe.

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