Broken hearts – love-hatred-love story Chapter 6

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6: BURIED SECRETSRIDDHIMA’S POVGod!! He is such an tough nut to crack! I mean hours of investigating and i got nada! He is not opening up to me! And if he doesn’t how can he expect me to help him?? I was soo done with him!!!“Mr.Reyansh-” i called out to him, “Oh please Rey is fine” He said with a smile. “No its not fine! Only i call him that, you can call him Reyansh if you like!” Vansh said, Can he be anymore irritating? nope! “Reyansh, i am sorry i highly doubt if i can help your brother” I continued.. “But why?? I mean is the case that complicated?” He asked me with concern.“I don’t know about the case, but your brother is surely complicated, there is a saying that never lie or hide anything from lawyers and doctors, because, they hold the future of your life, your brother doesn’t seem to know about it, i just can’t help but doubt that he committed this murder, because he saw Anand on the day he died” I said, he looked at me with a sense of shock, guess he didn’t know about the last part, i will leave these boys to it then. “I should leave” I said and he nodded.VANSH’S POVI was sitting in my room having a glass of whiskey, and thinking about that night…the night i met anandFLASHBACK“Why did you call me?” I asked anand, honestly i didn’t want to go but he said it was something about maya, his wife, so i had to go. “You cared for her didn’t you? You always called her your sister from another mother and stuff?” Anand questioned me taking a sip of his favorite drink devil’s spring vodka oh boy it hits right where it needs to hit! He was drunk as hell, when he suddenly took out a gun and placed it on the table in front of me.I instinctively took out my gun and pointed at him, all he did was smile and put down my gun gently, with his hand. “No fight brother, only talk, fair meets in our business calls for keeping the ammunition in front right?” He asked me.“Glad that you remember!” I said, and took out my knife which i had attached to my right ankle and put it on the table. “Now shall we talk business?” I asked him, he finished the rest of the glass and looked at me.“No one knows your side business do they? Not even your brother? The stuff you do? Diamonds smuggling, and mafia?” he asked me, yes i needed something to fund my business to create an empire, you have to have strong foundation and this was my strong foundation, i came from nothing except a drunk father and mother working the day and night, so someone had to step up, in my family it was me.“Are we talking about your wife or my business? Because you seem to be riding past the road that we were actually on?” I asked him. He smirked.PRESENT;VANSH’S POVI woke up with a cold sweat it was all a dream, a very bad dream!“Bhai?? You ok? You were shouting in your dreams, you fine?” Rey asked me with concern.“yeah, i am fine” I said. “Bad dream?” he asked “Try nightmare!” I said sarcastically, that night, that dream? Everything was a freakin’ nightmare in my life!! “Anyway get ready, riddhima is going to be here, she said she wanted to talk to you” he said and left the room.God again with that girl! I just can’t bare her anymore! I get up from my bed and go to freshen up.RIDDHIMA’S POV;I come to Vansh’s home, how much ever i hate this, but if he is a innocent i can’t see him suffer, a lady opens the door. “Yes who are you?’ she questioned me, she looked elegant and classy, while i was wearing a very modern look“I am riddhima? I am here to meet vansh” I said and as soon as she heard it, a very beautiful smile crept her face and she looked at me and said “Oh!! You are riddhima?? The girl helping my son? Please come inside, Raju!” She called out a servant, “Take her to vansh baba’s room” she said and gestured me to follow the servant.The servant opened the door “Please wait mam, sir will be coming home” he said and left .I went inside looking around things, when my pinky finger in leg hit a table the pain shoot right through my head “OUCH!!! ou-ouch!!” Much more to my dismay, there was a glass broken, which of course i stepped on!! I sat down on the bed near by and suddenly lights went off AWESOME can this get any worse?? suddenly someone came in the room and threw a coat on me, and obviously i knew who it was VANSH!! If he finds me here he will kill me! But before i could even go out the lights came and he was bare bodied and guess what? That was not his coat it was his kurta.“YOU?? what the hell?? What is your problem? You just come unannounced anywhere?” He shouted at me. “well sorry for coming here to help you!” I stood up and decided to walk and with each step the pain was hitting right where it should… i was literally limping and then i came near that table because of which this happened. “Stupid table like stupid owner” i muttered, “what was that?” he asked me. “Facts!” I said and went outside his room and that’s it i noticed my leg and f**k! it was bleeding! GREAT!!! Cherry on top! I was about to hit the ground.But someone held me i opened my eyes to find reyansh “Thanks!!” i whispered…VANSH’S POV;Weird girl! Why was she limping tho? I looked at the floor to find drops of blood and i looked at myself but i wasn’t bleeding? Then who was? Then it hit me!! That girl! I ran outside only to find her in rey’s arms“Rey?” I called out and he looked at me, “Bhai look at her!” He said and i immediately noticed her legs “Here let me pick her up” i offered and rey handed her over to me, she was conscious but was not looking at me.“thanks” she whispered, i took her to my room and found the first aid.“Bhai, you will be fine right? i need to attend this call?” rey asked me and i nodded soon after he left.“You seriously don’t know how to walk around me do you?There is a concept called walkin, try walking here and there, practice maketh man perfect, trust me you will get used to it” i said sarcastically as i remember our first meet.She searched her pockets and told me to give me her purse which i handover to her, she searches for something and after few seconds she hands me over 2000 rupee note, i am confused.“What are you looking at? take the money! You see, i don’t take free lecture, so here you go take it!” she said.“Ooh well the princess has a answer wow!” i said.How am i going to be with this creature until the case closes!!Comment!!

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