Broken Hearts – Love-Hatred-Love Story Chapter 5

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5 : DAMAGE CONTROLRIDDHIMA’S POVI was surprised to see vansh standing in front of me…. “You? What are you doing here?You were in jail?” I asked him, instead of answering my question he smirked and i continued “Obviously! Guys with money right? Is there anything you guys can’t get?” i scoffed.“Well we can get anything, but apparently we are are not able to get you” he said sarcastically. “bhai, is that supposed to help??” reyansh asked and pushed his brother to the side and now he was standing infront of me replacing his brother, “I am really sorry, i know that you took this break for your self, but it’s your job to save people and punish the wrong guys right? What if you reject this case and my brother who is innocent is suffering while the real culprit is planning on killing someone else?” He questioned me, obviously i couldn’t answer anything because what he said made sense, i felt like i was just sulking now.“What makes you soo sure that your brother didn’t commit this murder?” i asked reyansh looking at his brother, after listening to my question vansh expression changed to are-you-serious-right-now look, which i found it amusing to be honest.“You know what?? We don’t need you, we will just find someone else much better than you, obviously its such a big profession, you came what like few days ago? we will find much senior and experienced lawyer” Vansh said with annoyance and held his brother’s hand to drag him out but to his surprise Reyansh held back and whispered something in vansh’s ear.VANSH’S POVI was soo done with this sulking behavior of this girl, all she had to do was quote a price but she is playing hard-to-get types, my patience went down the flush, when she questioned Rey how can he be sure that i didn’t commit this murder!“You know what?? We don’t need you, we will just find someone else much better than you, obviously its such a big profession, you came what like few days ago? we will find much senior and experienced lawyer” i said, and held Rey’s hand to go away from their, but he didn’t move instead he pulled me closer and whispered “Bhai! Do you think she was my first option? whole night i made calls for every possible lawyer and enquired who is best and guess what they said she is best and no one is willing to take up your case because if you forgot anand is a lawyers’ son, everyone is against you! So please shut up and let me handle this shit!!” He said and turned to talk to that girl. But now she had certain confidence in her face before Rey could speak again she spoke“I will take up the case, but on one condition if i find him guilty i will leave the case, i can’t fight for someone who took someone’s life” She demanded..“DEAL!” Rey exclaimed!! “So when will you start working? I mean, on the case?” He asked her“From now on, i will come to your house and we need to talk” She looked at me and said, we turned and were about to leave when she spoke again “I will come on one condition, Mr. Vansh has to agree i am the best, all you have to do is say “RIDDHIMA YOU ARE THE BEST” And i will come with you right now!” She said, god!! can she be anymore annoying?? Rey raised a eyebrow at me, waiting for me to tell, i was done for the day, i had enough of this shit! “RIDDHIMA YOU ARE THE BEST!!” I said, trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible!She had a very childish smile which looked soo pure at the moment and i would kill to see that smile again, shit what was i thinking??RIDDHIMA’S POVWe reached his house and i started looking at his case files, and now the moment i hate doing with my clients confession time, it sucks because most of them are guilty or most of them just don’t tell the whole truth, i hate both the kinds though, we were in his study room.“So, shoot!” He said casually, he was stuck in a case and it’s as if he had no tension!“Who is anand? to you?” i questioned him.“Was a good friend until he betrayed me, and i had to warn him and let him go” He said, and i picked off from where he left “Warned him? According to your brother you don’t take betrayals very well, and you sure don’t leave people who betrayed you without any consequences, then how come anand became a exception?” i asked, “Personal reasons, his wife and i were close” he said, and i raised my eyebrow at him like how can he be soo character less?? “By the looks you are throwing at me, i assume that came out wrong, let me rephrase, his wife was like a sister to me, so for her sake i let him go” He said clearing my doubts.“Sad that she died” I said looking at files. “WHAT??” He said with utter surprise in his eyes “You didn’t know?” I asked him, i mean come on you consider a girl as your sister and doesn’t even know if she is alive? “Oh boy! You do take your betrayals seriously? don’t you?” I continued and he looked up to me.“Please be utterly honest with me, when was the last time you saw him?’ i asked, his eyes were showing clear signs of nervousness and he was suddenly sweating in room with 20 degrees celsius. “The last time i saw him was on the day he died” He said, well i was shocked not because of his answer but because of his honesty, after all the signs he showed i assumed he would say a lie, but he didn’t “Well riddhima, not for nothing but the last person that looked at me like that? I got laid” He said breaking me from my thoughts, i didn’t know i was staring at him until he decided to tell me.NOT RELATED TO STORY BUT~IMAGINE MEETING YOUR FUTURE SOULMATE UNBEKNOWNST THAT HE IS YOUR SOULMATE AND SAVING HIM FROM A MURDER CASE?? I MEAN I CALL THAT COUPLE GOALS!! *LMAO*

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