Broken Hearts – Love-Hatred-Love Story Chapter 4

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4: CHOICESRIDDHIMA’S POVI was shocked, how could i work for them? I mean come on, what work does a journalist have in a business related sector? Sounded absurd to me! “Why do they need me? Maybe they might have mistaken me for someone else and called me” I said, with a tinge of i don’t know sounded like relaxation to me.“I guess i don’t make mistakes Ms. Riddhima”my eyes followed the direction of the voice behind me, it was Reyansh, i was surprised “Mr. Raisinghania? How could i possibly help you? and work for you? If you haven’t noticed i am a journalist?” I asked him eagerly waiting for his reply.“You don’t need to work with us completely, i have heard you are a great criminal lawyer, and i have even done, my part of the research on you, and i must say i am quite impressed” He continued saying, “I want you to help my brother in a case, i am assuming that he is being framed in a case, we need your help” i couldn’t understand even a bit of what was going on!A DAY BEFOREAfter riddhima leftVansh’s pov“well that was a decent interview right?” Rey looked at me expecting for me to answer. “yeah she was fine” i said with no enthusiasm, “fine?? Bhai! She was Awesome!! You gotta agree on that come on!” Rey poked me, “Whatever i have work, and also just ready the paper regarding the new start up company collaboration OK ?” I asked him, i always support start up companies with great ideas and future potential because i was also once helped by such man which bought me to this place that i am in &  i am always grateful to himLater that day i was in my study room looking at a few documents, when rey came rushing inside, i was shocked to see him soo breathless and he was clearly hyperventilating…”Rey?? What the hell? What happened! Calm down boy! Take a drink” i handed him over a glass of water which was kept on table.“bhai! What have you done?? How could you do that?” He questioned me, and his voice had a sense of certain disgust in it, “Geez sorry for helping a damsel in distress? next time remind me to kick you out when you come running like this!” I scoffed and i was about to sit on my chair when he held my hand and turned me towards him, looking straight into my eyes, i couldn’t understand why he was behaving like that, it was the first time he looked at me like that and i couldn’t bare it anymore and i finally asked him.“What is going on? Am i that hot that my own brother can’t take his eyes off me?” I said, which i regretted the minute those words left my mouth, i mean you can’t blame me under such circumstances i tend to make weird and sarcastic jokes to cool off the heat or more like fire coming off my brother“Enough bhai! The police are here to arrest you! For murdering  Anand tiwari! Why did you kill him??” He questioned me.“That idiot died?? Well too sad because I DIDN’T KILL HIM!! I agree i warned him that i might kill him, but I DIDN’T” I answered him back, i was taken aback by the fact that my brother thought i could so such thing, i mean i could but i expected more from him“Mr. Vansh please come with us” The police guy said coming into my office, i looked at Rey expecting him to tell me what to do but instead he hugged me and whispered “Bhai, go with them i will handle everything, i will prove you innocent, and i will keep this issue under wraps i also whispered a small “OK” to him…REYANSH’S POVi have to save bhai from this case, but how! First i need to get him out on bail, anand tiwari, a chapter which me and bhai ended a few months ago, he was a close friend but in our business , at some point or the other people tend to fall out, just like anand did, he cheated my bhai in a business, bhai  can’t bear betrayal in professional and personal life, anand was really lucky that bhai let him out without any consequences, considering his wife who bhai considered as his sisterI hurriedly called our family lawyer, i am not specialized in this all criminal stuff, even he is not but he has more experience as a lawyer than i did, so he seemed like the right call to make, after i spoke to him, he gave me a number of a lawyer who can help me out which i found out to be Riddhima’s, the girl who in interviewed us! At least something turned out to be good!Next day, i spoke to Mr. Roy about her and he called her in…PRESENTRIDDHIMA’S POV“You are the only one who can save him” Reyansh asked me“No,no,no i took this break because i needed it, please keep me out of this, i can’t help you with his case, i can’t-” I rushed out of the room, i heard footsteps behind me, which i assume are Reyansh’s , i was rushing outside, when i bumped to something hard, i looked up to find vansh standing in front of me.“Well, well, well HELLO sweetheart” he said in a husky voice and that’s when i realized that I AM IN DEEP SHIT!!SO COMMENTSS!!!!

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