Broken Hearts – Love-Hatred-Love Story Chapter 3

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I was pretty whacked out with work the whole weak, i had done my share of work in the business news department and the last day of my work was required to interview those 2 guys VANSH & REYANSH  according to my sources they both are brothers usually the guy named vansh is the CEO and his brother helps him out in legal issues, they seemed like a pretty tight ship to me, anyway since they were enable to come to the office , i had to go to their home.
I quickly went back home to freshen up myself and i changed into a nice blue color kurta with  my favorite jeans.
I started off 15 minutes early so that i could be their on time and from what i have heard this Vansh is very time particular. After 30 minutes of journey i park my car in front of a huge mansion, it was looking very ravishing and wonderful outside, hope to find people inside it also good enough. While i was about to enter inside the gates a security guy stopped me and asked me to wait, after what seemed like 10 minutes he came outside and asked me my name “Its Riddhima, from TOI?” i answered, “Oh sorry to keep you waiting mam, please go inside” the security guy answered and i smiled back and went inside
As soon as i enter the house i see someone, a guy perhaps, he looked similar, OH SHIT! Its the same guy i bumped into a few days back, what is he doing here? I hope he doesn’t remember me!
“You miss? What are you doing here? Or much better question why are you here??” He asked, i gathered all the courage i had to answer him back, he had a very intimidating personality not in a good way though ” Good evening sir, i am Riddhima, i am from TOI , i am here to interview Mr. Vansh and Mr. Reyansh?” i answered him, he looked at me from top to bottom which thanks to him, that look made me feel self conscious “A girl like you will interview me and my brother? Who doesn’t even have the sense to be punctual? I am sorry Ms.Riddhima, i don’t like people who don’t respect time” he said, without looking into my eyes and scrolling through his phone as if that is not rude! “Bhai! She came on time but the security guy stopped her, don’t put the blame on her!” a guy said while coming down from stairs..
“Hello beautiful, i assume we have gotten off on the wrong foot here, let me introduce ourselves, I am Reyansh and this is my brother Vansh” He said while bowing down he seemed like a gentleman, on the other so-called vansh didn’t even shake hands! How rude! and disrespectful, he doesn’t give a jack squat to anyone else but expects others to give him and his time respect, no wonder sahil had a tough time getting a appointment from this Mr.Rude!
” If you both are done, can we get done with this interview??” Vansh said, and just walked away from their. “Don’t worry he has a  track record of being rude anyway he will be absolutely professional during the interview and heads up don’t bother asking him about relationship questions, he loses temper in such matters, don’t tell that i didn’t warn you! We then enter inside the room, only to find that guy staring at us as if he would eat us right away!
After my small fight with that girl i headed up to the conference room for interview, i feel like i have seen the girl somewhere but i just jerked off that feeling, to be honest i didn’t wanted to do this interview but unfortunately i had to, because a few days back there was news about me being a man whore and not suitable and mature enough to run a company, which bought me quiet bad publicity, so according to Rey i needed all the good publicity that we need, so i agreed for this stupid interview.
I heard a few laughs outside the room, which only irritated me to the core and slowly the door opened. That girl, god! She is not at all professional! which just sucks!!
“If you guys are done joking, can we start??” I looked at her as seriously as possible.
“oh yeah sure, please sit down” She answered and took out a recorder from her bag and placed it on the table between us.
“Your company THE EXPLORE  is in varieties of businesses be it marketing, corporation, tech anything you have wide network, it all had to start off somewhere what was your start up about?” She asked i must say though she looked useless but she had asked questions which no one till date asked, i answered all her questions and so did Reyansh, she asked very meaningful questions people who might read this interview might actually benefit from this.
After 1 hour
“I assume we are done?” i asked in polite way, because i started respecting her work now. “Almost done sir, with all due respect, can i ask some personal questions, i assure it’s nothing related to your relationship or love status” She asked politely which to be honest i found very sincere unlike other journalists who just pound on me with such questions. “Yeah sure” Rey answered without a second thought.
“Thanks sir” she said and continued for another 30 minutes. “Sir now we are done, after editing out few questions, the interview will be printed in more 3-4 days?” She said and got up to leave.
“You are very good at questions, you really do like your job huh?” Rey questioned her, she smiled and answered “I guess my law degrees help with it, instinct to question and that too meaningful questions”, rey was quite shocked with her answer “Law degrees? I thought journalists needed to study in mass communications?” and then it hit me too i had the same doubt as rey.
“That’s true, actually my friend’s dad is the head of this branch, so i wanted some time out of law due to a case which was very emotionally draining, so he gave me a job as criminal journalist, i had work rotation so i ended up with business report this week, anyway i will take your leave now” She explained to rey which obviously i was also hearing & she left after a few minutes
“Wow this is amazing riddhima!!” sahil exclaimed and continued “We thought vansh will shoo you away like he did with others but you were good enough to bring this master piece interview!!” he was pretty excited i guess this is a big deal for him. “Anyway, i guess i am done here now can i go back to my department??” I asked him curiously.
“Yeah about that, actually Mr. Roy said he wanted to talk to you about something, and from what i sense its not good” He said, which makes me wonder what happened? So i bid adieu to sahil and go to Mr.Roy’s office who happens to be misha’s dad
“Mr.Roy, sahil told that you wanted to see me? anything urgent?” I questioned.
“Yeah actually after seeing your work Raisinghania’s wanted to work with you on something” he said hesitantly…
i was quite shocked why would they want to work with me and how did that Mr.Rude accept?? and in that moment all i could utter was “awesome” i don’t even know why i said it maybe it has to do with the fact that i use that word whenever i feel like
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