Broken hearts – love-hatred-love story Chapter 2

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“I am sorry! I didn’t mean to, actually it’s totally my mistake, i wasn’t looking, i hope you don’t mind?” For a second i didn’t know what i was blabbering, but from the looks he was giving me it became clear that he was anything but calm at this moment, why isn’t he speaking anything? I looked down to find his once shiny shoes now covered with egg yolk…
“Do you even know, what these shoes cost!! And why can’t you girls just walk straight! But No, you have to walk as if you are walking on a ramp right?” i honestly didn’t know how to answer to that, but i was a little offended on his comments too, but i didn’t wanted to prolong the fight anymore.
“Like i said earlier, i am really sorry, there were just too many things in my hand, and then i stumbled, anyway, the gist of it all is I AM SORRY i-” before i could continue he just walked away and helped a lady keep her things in a car must be his mom.
I gave her an earful and was going to give a lot more but mom came and i chose to ignore that girl and walked away to help my mom.
“What was that about?” mom asked, assuming that she saw the whole ruckus
“Just a girl who couldn’t walk properly” i said looking at a few files in my hand.
“Shouldn’t have scolded her like that vansh” mom said, i was as usual irritated because there was a lot going on in my mind and i don’t give a damn about a girl who stumbled upon me a second ago, but here my mom is discussing about it
“Mom not now, i have work let’s talk later?” she nodded, she very well knows how to keep me in check, and she might be the only person in this whole world on whom i can actually control my anger, i try to be as calm as possible in front of her.
After an hour ride, we reach home, and the thought of me sleeping on my bed was just sooo soothing! The thing i like the most about my bedroom is I’ve got my kickass vinyl. I’ve got this killer mattress. Memory foam — it remembers me! because of my business works i mostly stay in hotels so coming to home is like coming to heaven minus of the fact that there is a very irritating person other than that my home is just AWESOME!!
Me and misha had lot of fun last night!! It was fun but the only thing that was bothering me was that guy, and his words, I don’t know why he and most importantly how he affects me, but yeah I have drawn a conclusion to that he is a idiot who I should by God’s grace, never meet again
Finally after 2 days of absolute peace and a retreat to myself I feel fresh and ready to jump back in the pool of work, and trust me when I say pool because I feel like a kid diving in a beach or a swimming pool in summer who refuses to come out, I like and appreciate my work! But yeah I even get death threats because of my work which is no biggie
“Look who finally decided to show up!!” Maya said, which hinted sarcasm we aren’t really big fan if each other just a gut instinct to hate I guess at least from her side, I just behave the way she behaves with me (we all do that don’t we?)
“Ooh it’s me!” I said, “At least unlike you I don’t go around and interview celebrities!” I said, which was I know low of me because I could have given her a great comeback!
“Ha ha ha, anyway coming to that point, Anu mam called you in her cabin, she is here today doing analysis reports on each employee and giving feed backs, I wonder what she has to say about you?!” She said with utter I don’t what I sensed but I am going to go with disgust
I went into mam’s room
“Welcome Riddhima, how was the holiday, you needed it” Anu mam said, she is really a sweet and a warm person she has that very positive aura around her you know
“I am fine mam, and it was just perfect and I came to know that you were doing a analysis report?” I questioned.
“About that, you seem to be spending alot of time in the you know this criminal department, and I seriously appreciate but don’t you think you need a break? I mean you basically are around dead bodies and police stations for these cases, why don’t you take a bit rest from this department and join in the business news department just for a week?” Anu mam explained
“I understand your concern mam, but I think I understand this department better than business department, and I would be more comfortable here?” I answered her politely and which sounded like buttered up I guess because I really didn’t want to leave this department.
“I know you love the guys and work of the department but this is for the best! There are only a few interviews that need to be conducted and then you can hop right back in!” Anu mam said, which sounded like a fair trade to me so I thought why not??
“Ok then, sure!” I replied, and trust me I tried to sound as enthusiastic as possible!
“Sahil?? Yeah come in, please take Riddhima and give her the list of people that need to be interviewed and also the questions and all thr equipment required” Mam ordered and sahil nodded.
We walked out of the office and sahil handed me over the list it was only 2 guys, VANSH RAISINGHANIA & REYANSH RAISINGHANIA  they sounded biggies to me.
“You ready?” Sahil questioned
“Always” I answered
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