Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update : Teeka to be Vibhuti’s wife

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
TMT in part talking on phone. Tillu talking to Chinki saying we will meet soon. Teeka talking to on phone with his Girlfriend. Malkhan on phone talking to his girlfriend. Vibhu watching TMT and says why there is no love in my live. Vegetable hawker ask Vibhu do you need anything. Vibhu replies give me love.Anu sitting in her hall. Tiwari visits her and start singing. Anu asks Tiwari to come inside. Tiwari says you called me. Anu says I need help for one thing but I feel shy for that but first promise it should be between you and me, I have full faith in you, you will not disappoint me, please understand it took me guts to say to you, then I thought you are the correct candidate for this please say yes. Tiwari says how can I say yes. Anu says can’t you pay electricity bill. Tiwari gets shock and says for paying electricity bill you are making me candidate. Anu says yes, what were you thinking. Tiwari says okay give me bill I’ll pay is there any ration I want to bring give me list of that too.Vibhu sitting near tea stall. A Baba come talking to himself, if I did not complete the work it doesn’t mean you will throw me out of my house. Vibhu says to Baba thats not good, very bad happened to you. Baba says I’m not talking about me I’m talking about you. Vibhu says what rubbish are you talking nothing has happened to me like this. Baba says this is not rubbish I read your face that you have been troubled by your wife. Vibhu says how you know that I’m unemployed that’s why my wife throw me out of my house. Baba says I can read this on your face that you cannot do any work, I can tell you how you can Improve your family. Vibhu asks how. Baba says by having some other girl. Vibhu says I have a wife called Anu and I’ll not see other women. Baba says you are going on wrong track just for some days make one of your female friend as your wife and run your house for some days. Vibhu says this is marriage. Baba says there are many things in marriage but in this you have to stay with your friend and do whatever you are not able to do with your wife by this your first wife will come on track and Baba leaves. Vibhu thinking about the plan.Angoori in park plucking flowers. Vibhu singing song and flirts with Angoori in park. Angoori says what happen Vibhu today you are in singing mood. Vibhu says this is my feelings my philosophy. Don’t you get this kind of feelings like away from this world in mountain you have a small house where you me and loneliness. I feel like going to mountain but Tiwari gets cold whenever we go to mountain. Vibhu says it’s good you go without Tiwari. Angoori says then who will go with me. Vibhu says I’m also feeling to go on mountains. Angoori says then go with Anu on vacation in mountain. Vibhuti says she is boring there should be change in life. Angoori says this is first time I’m able to understand there should be change in life Tiwari always say to me why everyday you give me Aloo ka Paratha so today I’ll change and give him Onion Paratha. Vibhu says I’m not talking about this change I’m talking about the change in day to day life understand what I’m trying to say, for example if someone says go and have a small different family so will you do. Angoori says I can think of that but for that I have to ask Tiwari first.TMT near tea stall having tea. Tillu says don’t know what happen to Chinki she is not picking up my phone call. Teeka says my Minki is also not picking up call. Malkhan says my girlfriend has blocked me she was in love with me. Tillu says I think so there father got to know about us. Malkhan says I got to know why she blocked me her father might have threaten her if you talked to him again I’ll kill that person, because she want to save me that’s why she blocked me. Gupta come Teeka asks what happen Gupta why you look so upset. Gupta says to TMT there is no love left in this world. Malkhan says you are wrong true love is still alive. Tilly says I think so you didn’t got any person to love like we have. Gupta says it might be but today I only got betrayal, today three girls came to my clinic they already had boyfriend but they got new good-looking and rich guys, so make them there boyfriend they came to me and asking about some rituals. Tillu says by god grace we three got Devi. Gupta says first girl name was Minki. Other girl name was Chinki. Malkhan says to Gupta third girl name was Pinki. Gupta says yes but how you know that and leaves. Tillu says who will tell Gupta that we are those three guys he was talking about. TMT strat crying.Vibhu and Teeka near tea stall. Vibhu give 100rs to tea stall person and ask him to rome around for some time. Teeka asks Vibhu what was so private that you gave him 100rs and ask him to rome around. Vibhu says there are some talks which cannot be done in front of everyone. Teeka says what is that personal talk. Vibhu says something is not good between me and Anu, first it was all good but lately she is not talking to me. Teeka says its Anu who is bearing you someone else would have thrown you out of the house earlier. Vibhuti says I accept from last few days I’m not doing outside work. Teeka says from last few days I’m seeing you from last 6 years you are not doing anything. Vibhu says we had an pact that I’ll do household work and she will do outside work but now that arrangment is distributed. Teeka asks what can I do why are you telling me I dont have time for this. Vibhu says a Baba told me a superstitious remedy if I make a new different family so everything will become normal between me and Anu so will you be my new wife for soem days. Teeka says shame on you what are you talking. Vibhu says its for some days you have to live under one roof with me and do all the work. Teeka asks how much you will pay to me for this. Vibhu says I’ll give you money but remember one thing its between you and me. Gupta come to Vibhu and Teeka talking on phone about renting his house and hungs up call. Vibhu says to Gupta you want to rent your house. Gupta says yes do you have any tenant for that.Pre cap: NoneUpdate Credit to: Tanaya

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