Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update : Saxena tells the truth to Everyone

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
Vibhu and Tiwari fighting. Tiwari ways why didn’t you tell me Anu is angry. Vibhu says I told you earlier. Tiwari says but you didn’t tell me how much angry was she and you ruined my 6 year old respect earned. Vibhu say’s even you didn’t tell me how much angry was Angoori it was like facing an AK-47 and Tiwari leaves.Everyone in hall celebrating Saxena birthday party, all angry on eachother. Saxena says birthday boy is here and greets everyone, Thankyou very much you came into my birthday party hope you enjoyed well Vibhu, Anu, Angoori says they enjoyed well and will never forget these days. Saxena says I never saw Tiwari and Angoori fighting with eachother, Vibhu and Anu always keep fighting but usually Anu throws Vibhu out of house but this time Anita herself left the room. Saxena says to TMT I saw your friendship turn into hatred. Saxena says I know you all are angry with eachother but forget it because it was all done by me no one said anything about eachother I did that on purpose. I did this for my birthday gift and everyone starts hitting Saxena. Helan and Ammaji apologize eachother. Anu and Angoori apologize eachother. All hug it out and apologize to eachother. Saxena says I like it I never got birthday gift like this before. Anu says to Vibhu because of Saxena our second honeymoon plan is ruined. Tiwari says to Angoori we will ask Saxena to extend the stay. Vibhu calls manager and ask him to extend there stay. Tota Ram says the stay can’t be extended because rooms are already booked, so you have to vacate the room in 10min. All get angry over Saxena.Angoori dancing in living room. Tiwari walks to her, Angoori keeps dancing. Tiwari yells at her and ask her why is she still dancing. Angoori says since our marriage I forget to dance. Tiwari says forget about dancing go get me breakfast quickly. Angoori says I got so involved in dancing, so I forget to cook breakfast. Tiwari says if you’re having any thought of participating in dance competition remove that thought and pay attention in household work. Angoori says stop insulting my talent. If you do so… Angoori gets call from Ammaji. Angoori puts phone on speaker and complaint about Tiwari. Ammaji asks what happen to you. Angoori says Tiwari is killing my talent. Ammaji scolds Tiwari and ask him to behave with Angoori and Angoori starts dancing, Tiwari gets angry and leaves.Anu in bedroom Vibhu walks to her with a rose. Anu ask what are you upto. Vibhu says should I switch off the light. Anu asks did you pay electricity bill. Vibhu says dont bring these things now lets spend some romantic time. Vibhu praises her eyes Anu says that reminds me did you pick up my sunglasses. Vibhu says forget everything just enjoy the night, should I switch off the light. Anu says no and ask did you pay gas bill. Vibhu says enough of it I am not your slave, you can’t talk to me like this just shut up and go to sleep, Anu starts laughing, Vibhu says I am sorry I will do everything I am really sorry, right now, Anu says okay, take this pillow and sleep in hall just go.Angooru buying vegetables, Vibhu walks to her and greets her, Vibhu says these Vegetables are so lucky, and asks do you feel romantic, Angoori says yes seeing Tiwari, Vibhu says anyone else, Angoori asks why will I, I can’t even dream of anyone else, Tiwari walks to.her and says lets go home dont waste time lets go, Tiwari flirts with her and leaves. Vibhu gets angry and says look at these two and then Anu ruined my life.Pre cap: Baba asks Vibhu to have an affair to bring his life back on trackUpdate Credit to: Tanaya

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