Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Anita and Vibhuti have a baby

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
Vibhu walks to Anu disguised as Daku Swami, Anu says Eww change the tone I don’t like it go change and come back, Vibhu says okay and says I am Daku Dakait Singh, Anu says oh no one is home, I am.all.alome, Vibhu says wow such pretty girl alone, keep a body guard like me, Anu says how will you come inside then, Vibhu starts laughing, Anu and Vibhu sing a song and spend romantic time, Phone rings, Vibhu gets irritated and sees Anu has call from Daddy, Vibhu asks to keep phone on speaker, Anu says but be quite he doesn’t like you much.Daddy asks Anu how is she, Anu says you are calling 12 years later, Anu and Daddy argue over their past differences, Daddy asks what does your husband do, Anu says how would you know you called after so long,y face is changed accident, and about Vibhu he is CEO of MNC, and 5 Cr package, Daddy says I am coming to see you and your husband, I want to apologise your husband, we didn’t like him at all, no one liked him at all, Anu says he is a different man now, Daddy says okay I am coming to see him then bye. Vibhu says we have full proof plan dont worry.Angoori walks to Tiwari and gives him milk, Tiwari says business is in loss, Angoori says it will get better have this milk, Tiwari drinks, Angoori asks how it is, Tiwari says usual, and I am worried abouty business, Angoori says children are also important, Tiwari says let us finish with this first, and scolds her, Angoori upset.Tiwari on call.comgratulate Panday on Twins, he sees Vibhu and Anu with a baby and in shock, Anu and Vibhu very carefully getting home, Tiwari asks what all is this, Anu says he is my son, Tiwari asks when, Anu says sometime back, Tiwari in shock says how is that possible, Vibhu and Anu scold Tiwari and leave.Tiwari starts crying.Vibhu and Anu discuss that it is good that neighbours believed we actually have a kid, Anu says you knownkts a doll right, Vibhu says yes and. it cries so cute, Helan walks in and asks whoes baby is that, Anu says yiur grandson, Vibhu whispers tell her truth she is mess, Anu says lets play for sometime, Vibhu says okay, Helan asks whose baby is that, Anu says okay okay and tells whole truth and her daddy is coming, and her dad likes kid and so this doll.Tiwari crying at tea stall, Tilu and Malkan walk there discussing about girl Malkan os interested, Malkan says I am interested to accept her with her baby, he is two old and so innocent, and looks like me, Tilu imitates crying baby, Tiwari gets angry and slaps them, Tilu says we are discussing ourselves what’s wrong with you, Vibhu walks to them and says I have temporary job 5 days 5000₹, Tiwari asks is this for baby, Vibhu says no babies grandpa, Vibhu asks Tilu Malkan to behave infront of Anita’s daddy, Tiwari asks how is bhabhiji, Vibhu says good,and says we need female servant too, Tiwari shave and come and if he likes you, you will play in money, Tiwari gets angry and leaves.Angoori cooking in kitchen, Vibhu says smells so delicious, Angoori says yes cooking shahi paneer and gulan jamun, and asks Vibhu to taste, Vibhu says very tasty, Angoori says I cooked using Rajesh Shahi Paneer Masala and they have many other masala too and Flour is from their brand too, Vibhu tastez Gulab Jamun says very yummy, Angoori says I used Rajesh milk powderPre cap: Anu walks to her daddy with baby, Daddy asks who is he, Anu says your grandson, Daddy says I will give all my property and money to my grandson.Update Credit to: Tanaya

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