Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update : Angoori furious at Tiwari

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
Tiwari talking on phone with Ammaji. Tiwari and Ammaji discussing about how to get a baby. Ammaji says do i have to tell you everything how its done try to understand and dont let Angoori know anything about this. Tiwari says wont let her know. Ammaji says dont fail this time and I’m waiting for good news Ammaji hungs up the call.Vibhu doing inauguration ceremony for his anger management centre everyone present there TMT, Tiwari, Angoori, Gupta, Masterji, Helan, David. Vibhu giving speech for his inauguration ceremony and says this opening will be done by the person who is my inspiration for everything and asks Angoori to cut the ribbon. Angoori says thanks to Vibhu . Gupta asks to vibhu what will you do in this center. Vibhu replies I’ll teach everyone how to control his anger. Masterji say’s to Vibhu now that person will teach who does not have control over his anger. Vibhu says i do have anger and its in everyone and insults Masterji. Vibhu says to everyone that you all can control your anger but for that you need to join my classes. Angoori says should i proceed with the ceremony my hands are getting tired. Prem comes running and says he is lier and dramatic and dont have any control over his anger and starts beating Vibhu with slipper. Vibhu replies to Prem do anything but I’ll not get angry. Prem insults Vibhu. Angoori says to Vibhu You have control over your anger. Vibhu replies ofcourse i do have control over my anger and you all will also learn the same. Prem says to Vibhu from now I’ll come to you to control my anger. Vibhu says to be quick as there is discount for first five members. Angoori cuts the ribbon and everyone applauds. Vibhu acts like he is giving sweets to everyone and goes inside the centre with AngooriAngoori sitting in chair and Vibhu doing something on computer. Angoori says to Vibhu i got angry because you said about Tiwari or else I don’t get angry you are seeing me from last many years. Vibhu flirts with Angoori and says you can get angry on other things too. Angoori replies no to Vibhu. Vibhu says that imagine if we would have got married and celebrating our honeymoon in Switzerland. Angoori gets angry and says stop it you are saying anything. Vibhu replies see Angoori you got angry because you have that anger in you, you have to control that anger just calm down and I’m here for you. Angoori says okay teach me. Vibhu asks Angoori to imagine its holi and someone throws 2 bucket of water on you. Angoori says lets imagine its Diwali. Vibhu replies why anybody will throw bucket of water on diwali they will burn crackers, now suppose someone throws water of buck on you how will you feel. Angoori says I’ll feel wet. Vibhu says i mean do you feel angry. Angoori says yes. Vibhu says to Angoori suppose this thing happen again do you get angry. Angoori says yes a bit less. Vibhu says its a good progress and if someone throws water at you again after sometime so how you felt. Angoori says if some do this again and again then pond will get empty. Vibhu says you are going in other direction I mean do you get angry. Angoori replies if the same person is doing that thing again and again so I’ll feel less angry. Vibhu says to Angoori very well said know if Tiwari says anything bad to you, you have to release your anger on him and by doing this one day you will not be angry on him this is the drill and start flirting with Angoori. Vibhu says to Angoori imagine I’m Tiwari and flirts with Angoori, Angoori flirts back, Vibhu says you have to get angry over this, even if Tiwari praises you, you have to take it in wring sence. Angoori says ok. Vibhu says today’s lesson is over now I’ll give you some therapy. Vibhu says this is anti anger therapy and it will throw all the anger away and switch on the chair.Prem singing song in colony, Vibhu pulls him and scolds him saying i asked to hit me with a shoe it should sound so much and hit me lightly but you did completely opposite. Prem said i did all this to impress everyone. Vibhu says to prem that I’ll kill you. TMT walking in colony see Vibhu holding Prems neck, after seeing TMT Vibhu acts like he was explaining Prem how to control his anger and asks Prem to give me a hug. Tillu says to Vibhu that its our time for the class. Vibhu asks TMT to come indise.Tiwari sitting on dining table and thinking about what Ammaji said and he will spent a whole romantic week with Angoori. Angoori gets him food Tiwari eats it and says its so yummy i feel like eating my fingers. Angoori remembers Vibhu’s therapy and imagine Tiwari’s praises as abuse. Tiwari says you should be awarded for such yummy food come close to me, Angoori imagines him saying get lost. Angoori starts yelling on Tiwari and asks Tiwari to call Ammaji to cook food and leaves in anger. Tiwari confusedVibhu welcomes TMT in anger management centre. I’ll teach you how to control your anger so are you ready for your test. Vibhu says try control your anger and starts abusing TMT. TMT getting angry Vibhu says calm down. Vibhu says well done boys you have passed test with flying colours. Tika gets emotional and starts crying and says no one has ever praised us, everybody has always abused us. Vibhu says these little things pile up anger in you so I’ll give you heavy discount, but in return i need something from you. Tillu says we have nothing to give. Vibhu says you can you have to do my household work and all that i asked you to. Tillu says in name of heavy discount you want us to be your servent, this is unfair. Vibhu says if you feel so you can leave. Malkhan says forget them I know you are doing it for our benefit tell us when to start. Vibhu says start right away TMT start dusting the centreTiwari in his bedroom reading poem and praising himself. Angoori walks in says why haven’t you slept yet. Tiwari says i was waiting for you. Tiwari says i have written a very beautiful poem for you. Angoori asks him how come and when did you turn into a poet. Tiwari say’s why, don’t i have a heart. Angoori say’s narrate what you have written. Tiwari lights up a candle and narrates his poem. Angoori imagines it all in wrong sense.PreCap :
Tiwari in Vibhu’s bedroom yelling at him. Vibhu says you need anger management class. Tiwari angry yells back. Angoori apologies to Tiwari for her behaviour and says will do anything for you Update Credit to: Tanaya

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