Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti becomes a Doctor

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
David, Helan, Vibhu sitting together a man approches them saying I’m providing an anger management course in your locality. Vibhu says to person to go and do something else. David asks the person why are you doing this job. Person says anger management is big issue and I’m able to earn lots of money so why should i opt for some other business and leaves.Tiwari sitting in hall doing some work Angoori comes to Tiwari. Tiwari asks why are you sad. Angoori I talked to one of my friend she went for the holidays in Switzerland lets go there. Tiwari says to Angoori do you know how much cold is in Switzerland. Angoori replies is my friend a sheep, if she can go why can’t we. Tiwari says I dont want to go foreign we got Kashmir which is so much beautiful. Angoori says ok then lest go to Kashmir. Tiwari says you went to Kashmir in your sisters wedding. Angoori says but it was wedding not an holiday, atleast we can go to Shimla. Tiwari says you can ask your relatives to do nest wedding in Shimla. Angoori gets sad and replies you cant take me anywhere for holidays always asking me to attend marriage’s of my relative. Tiwari gets angry and shouts who will look after the shop its takes 2-3days to go on holiday. Angoori says to Tiwari so lets go for 2-3 hours nearby Kanpur or go to market or lets go to watch movie. Tiwari agreed to go and watch movies and asks her to wait for 1-1.5 years as the shooting is going on for that. Angoori says its so boring to be in house daily. Tiwari replies if you get bore in house you can go and sit in lawn if you gets bore in lawn come back in house and sit here. Angoori gets irritated. Tiwari asks Angoori to join a cooking course. Angoori replies all the tutor asks me for the support in cooking for some dish. Tiwari asks her to join sewing course. Angoori replies that i already knew from childhood. Tiwari’s asks Angoori to start over again and this time dont talk to any of your friend who went on holidays he screams at her and leaves. Vibhu visits Tiwari house and asks Angoori why is she so sad. Angoori says to Vibhu Tiwari never take me for vacation. Vibbu says to Angoori he is a chep man he is good for nothing. Angoori says to Vibhu what should I do, Its so boring in here. Vibhu says talk to me. Angoori replies I dont understand half of the things you say. Vibhu says to Angoori there are many people in locality who can take you for vacation or picnic. Angoori asks what kind of people. Vibhu replies the people who are free don’t have any work to do like me I’ll take you for a ride. Angoori says i only like going with Tiwari not anyone else, but Tiwari asked me to join some course if you got any leads let me know. Vibhu says if i got any I’ll let you know and will do something for you. Angoori asks Vibhu do you wanna eat something. Vibhu replies yes and start talking to himselfPrem and Vibhu sitting together and opening bottle. Vibhu says to Prem this looks expensive. Prem replies this one is mine because this bottle is expensive and keeps a chep bottle in front of him. Vibhu says to Prem i consider you as my friend that’s why I’m sitting here, you can have your drinks alone. Prem says to Vibhu dont get angry i was just kidding with you listen today is lucky day for me, today I got certificate of pilot. Vibhu says you can’t drive straight on road people are scared of you and now you will fly plain there are many protocols for that, flying hours and training and you did that in free. Prem replies to Vibhu you dont need to do anything thing is your friend is Paplu i took many certificates from him like Doctor, Engineers, Lawyer and i also visited moon two times. Vibhu asks Prem to make one certificate for him. Prem asks what kind of certificate.Angoori and Tiwari were in hall and Angoori showing newspaper to Tiwari in excitement. Tiwari says what happen I’m doing work let me do that. Angoori says to Tiwari anew movie is released lets go and watch that. Tiwari says watching movie is against our ethics we cannot se them. Angoori says nothing will happen to me come lets go. Tiwari says go and watch fare its good then movie. Angoori says ok lets and see fare. Tiwari says fare are too much crowded and pick pocketrs are there. Angoori says don’t make excuses. Tiwari says to Angoori i have some work regarding shop to do go and keep yourself busy cut some vegetables. Angoori says already did that. Tiwari says try to make those vegetable one and do timepass. Vibhu visits Tiwari in Doctors dress. Vibhu says to Tiwari that i did an course of anger management, in this course they teach you how to control your anger in this i did diploma with gold medal. Tiwari says to Vibhu that’s a very different kind of course. Vibhu says to Tiwari you tried to disrespect me but i didn’t get angry because I did anger management course in my collage days so who remembers that. Tiwari says to Vibhu you use to work in collage days, I heard this first time. I’m talking about the days when i use to study in collage so today i was cleaning my cupboard and saw this certificate and everything came in front of my eyes as flashback and my anger got vanished. Angoori says to Vibhu that’s good that is something different. Vibhu says to Angoori that’s write and I’ll teach this thing to everyone I’m starting from a small scale so i opened an anger management centre called as cap on volcano and asks Tiwari to join. Tiwari says to Vibhu that Angoori should join the course she has to control her anger. Angoori says but i dont have anger issues. Vibhu makes Angoori angry ans says case is closed you have anger issues. Tiwari says to join the course. Vibhu asks Tiwari how will you pay the fees by cash or will send through Angoori because i opened an coaching centre. Tiwari asks what is the fees. Vibhu says 5000 per month. Tiwari says 5000per month is too much now you are making me angry. Vibhu replies it will 2 hours daily and she will learn something new and its fine. Tiwari say’s to Angoori to join the course and learn something new. Vibhu says to Tiwari I’ll not let this opportunity go from my hand and leaves.TMT sitting together at tea stall. Tika says friends i meet Lalli she has become more beautiful after getting married. Tillu says to Tika was she asking about me. Tika syas yes she and her kids were also asking about you. Gupta come and asks for ginger to to Sharukh. Tillu says to Gupta you dropped your money, Gupta bends to see his money, Tillu sits on Gupta’s back. Gupta shouts on TMT dont you have any kind of respect for anyone because of these reasons you wont be able to do anything in your life and leaves angry. Master walks there, TMT laugh at him. Master scolds TMT, they irritate master too, he leaves angry.
Malkan says Tilu we don’t get angry what will we do, Vibhu walks to them and says you three just waste time and abuse them, TMT get angry, Vibhu says see a can get angry, Teeka asks why are you doing this, Vibhu says I have anger management centre where I will teach you to control anger, Tilu says we are good the way we are, Vibhu says have you ever thought why you never succeeded, you three have personality, good lucks but never succeeded, the reason is anger but I will teach you to control your anger, so join it and control your anger.Tiwari gets call from Amaji, Amaji says I have something important to tell you, you have to stay close to Angoori for a week, Tiwari says we stay together what do you mean, Amaji says I meant husband and wife close, this is so that you have a baby.Pre cap: Vibhu says to Angoori that you have to abuse Tiwari and get angry and then at one point all your anger will be gone.
Angoori yells at Tiwari while having food and says call your Amma to cook food.Update Credit to: Tanaya

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