Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update : Prem and Anita as husband and wife

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
Prem and Tiwari sitting in hotel. Prem says to Tiwari Anu taking time to come because Its so much sunny. Tiwari says why are you scared of sun. Prem says why are you upset on me. Tiwari says you think you are very handsome and holds his collar. Anu walks to them. Prem ask why did you call me. Anu says didn’t Tiwari tell you, you know Vibhu is unemployed and hopeless and he has married again. Prem says I was shocked when he married you and now another. Anu says I want to give him taste of his medicine. Prem ask how can I help you. Anu says I want us to act like married couple. Tiwari getting annoyed and mocks Prem. Anu ask Tiwari to shutup and asks Prem is he in for it. Prem replies yes. Anu says we need to get a new apartment for our act. Prem say I just talked to Gupta he is having and apartment. Anu asks Tiwari to do her one favour, she asked Tiwari to go an ask Angoori to visit old market. Tiwari asks for what. Anu says I want Angoori to see me and Prem and make assumptions. Tiwari says tell me one thing didn’t you find any other handsome guy. Anu says this is not the time to discuss all this.Tiwari in his room annoyed on call with Agrawal. Angoori come and ask why are you so annoyed. Tiwari says we are facing huge loss only god can help us now. Angoori say why bringing god in between will he go and say to shop from you. Tiwari says I spoke to Ammaji and she says our business has got an evil eye. Angoori saya how can we get rid of it. Tiwari says you need to go to old market temple and pray. Angoori says I’ll go right away.Anu and prem together at chaat stall. Prem says I don’t think Angoori will come. Anu says I know she will come and you are short of time, I know you could have cracked a deal or two till now sorry for that. Prem says I’m never at loss. Anu sees Angoori and both start acting. Angoori sees Anu and Prem together and she surprised. Angoori sees Anu feeding Prem chat and thinks first Vibhu and now Anu this is not good let me hear what they are actually talking. Anu says to Prem that I’m gonna tell Vibhuti everything about us how happy we are and I get very angry seeing him. Anu says I cannot live any moment with Vibhuti and want to tell him we are married. Prem says even I have lot of wealth and now you too. Angoori surprised and says these two are planning to live together, i never thought about Anu like this.Angoori meets Vibhuti at resturent. Vibhu asks why did you call me here. Angoori says it was urgent and I haven’t said this to anybody but I have to say this to you. Vibhuti asks nit even Tiwari. Angoori says why will I tell him. Vibhuti imagine Angoori expressing love to her. Vibhuti says I love you too Angoori shooks him and ask to pay attention. Angoori says what rubbish are you talking what were you saying. Vibhuti says sorry tell me. Angoori says I saw Prem and Anu having chaat in market and Anu is married to Prem. Vibhu says what are you talking say this is lie. Angoori says dont act I know you sre also in same pool and leaves angry. Vibhuti says what did I do.Tiwari and Vibhuti are drinking. Both decided to share there sorrow. Tiwari says I’ll tell but you eill not understand. Vibhuti says tell me I’ll understand. Tiwari asks If you friend Prem and me are standing in front of you who is the handsome one. Vibhuti says I’ll break his face. Tiwari says just give me answer. Vibhu says you aren’t good looking but if compared to Prem you are handsome. Vibhuti says I feel like spitting on Prem face. Tiwari says thankyou and makes him a drink, Tiwari asks now tell me from a women perspective. Vibhu days that women will be foolish snd brainless. Tiwari says I was asking about me. Vibhu says in comparison with Prem you are better looking but what is your issue. Tiwari says I just want to know who is more good-looking between me and Prem. Pelu hands them a note which says who is more handsome me or Salman Khan. Tiwari and Vibhuti give himma cold look, Tillu and Malkhan drinking, Tillu singing sad song. Vibhu and Tiwari start crying listing to it.Anu with her bag in parking calling Prem ask where are you Vibhu following her. Prem walks to Anu and says sorry I’m little late. Anu says I’m ready to come with you breaking all my past relation are you ready. Prem says yes and Vibhu feels bad. Prem says I was always ready for you but you were behind that stupid Vibhuti but now we will go Switzerland and live there. Vibhu slowly walks to them. Anu asks Vibhu what are you doing here. Vibhuti says seeing my love going to Switzerland from Kanpur. Anu says you could have told me that on phone also. Vibhuti says is your trip more important then my love. Prem says our tickets cost 2.5 lakh which you have never earned in your life. Vibhu says shut up and start hitting him. Anu stops them. Vibhu says how can you do this to me. Anu says same like you did. Vibhuti asks what did I do. Tiwari walks in with Tipsy and Angoori. Anu asks who is she. Vibhuti says I can explain. Angoori says no need we all know about your character. Vibhu asks Teeka to remove wig and all gets shocked. Teeka says what you did in one moment you cahnged my gender. Vibhuti says I listened to Baba to improve my life and gid rid of frustration so I introduced to Tipsy that was my foolishness, I did all this to save my married life but you cheated on me that too with prem. Anu says are you done with your drama we were doing this to teach you a lesson it was all an act. Angoori says both were acting and I misunderstood everything. Vibhuti and Anu apologize to eachother.Pre cap:None Update Credit to: Tanaya

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