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Hello everyone…Another OS which is not related to the show……..Author’s POVRiddhima: Have you told him yet that we’re dating?Vansh looks away from Riddhima’s face on his computer screen and settles his gaze on a spot on the wall. After a few moments, he looks back at her.Vansh: Are you sure? Shouldn’t you be the one to tell him?Riddhima: Ever since I broke up with him, he didn’t talk to me. This is better coming from you. I mean, you two are BFFs.Vansh: Probably not for long.Riddhima: Whatever. Look…It’s been two weeks already, and he still doesn’t know. I know it’ll hurt. You’ll probably lose a friend…But then again, you’ll have me.Riddhima flashes her signature smile, which causes Vansh to laugh.Riddhima: And it’s like, the moral thing to do.Vansh: I know. Okay…I’m gonna do it. Now!Riddhima: Good luck.Vansh presses the red “end” button. He sits on the chair, thinking for a while. Until, finally he scrolls through his contacts and finds Kabir’s number.He hovers his thumb over the FaceTime icon. Closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and then presses the icon.Kabir answers immediately. His eyes are red, filled up with anger and defeated.Vansh: Hey mann…How are you doing?Kabir: Not so good.Vansh: Huh! Sorry to hear. But hey…I wanna tell you something.Kabir: Vansh I should’ve listened to you. About her. About Riddhima.Vansh: What do you mean?Kabir: You warned me about her.Vansh: Did I?Kabir: Don’t you remember? At your last birthday party, you said that she’s good for nothing but trouble. That breaking men’s hearts was her specialty. I should’ve listened to you, then.Kabir’s face breaks Vansh’s heart.Kabir: And, I get this…I think she’s already seeing someone else.Vansh gets a bit nervous, after hearing thisVansh: Really?Kabir: Yeah. Aahana said that she saw her at some bar with someone. They were laughing and holding hands.Vansh: Any idea who he was?Kabir: No…She couldn’t get a good look through the window. I just don’t get it. How can she tell me she still has feelings for me, one day…and not speak to me after that?Vansh raises his brow, confused.Vansh: When did she tell you she still had feelings for you?Kabir: Just last week!Vansh: Really?That’s not what Riddhima told Vansh.Kabir: She called me up and said that she still loved me…and then POOF! Nothing since.Vansh: She told you that she still loved you? A week ago? After she broke up with you?Kabir: Yep. Straight on my face.Vansh’s cheeks flush…And his fists clench. Vansh and Riddhima officially started dating two weeks ago. Vansh feels his pulse hammering inside his ears. He doesn’t know what to say. Then, he had an idea.Vansh: Kabir, can you do something for me?Kabir: What’s that?Vansh: Stay on the line. I’m going to call Riddhima and we’re all going to have a chat.Kabir: What?!Kabir’s face brightens.Kabir: I mean, okay…If you think that’ll help. Make the call.Vansh: Hold on.Vansh quickly finds Riddhima’s number and dials her FaceTime. Her face pops onto Vansh’s screen beside Kabir’s. She wears an excited smile.Riddhima: Did you do it?Vansh: No…Riddhima: What?! Vansh, why not?!Kabir: Riddhu!Riddhima’s next words stop in her throat…When she sees Kabir.Riddhima: Kabir…what are you doing….Vansh: Riddhima, answer me honestly. Did you talk to Kabir, a week ago and tell him that you still loved him?Ridddhima: Baby, of course not. Is that what he told you?! He’s a psycho!First, Kabir’s eyes widen in shock. Then they narrow in anger.Kabir: Are you kidding me?!Riddhima: Kabir. Listen. I know you don’t want to hear this but Vansh and I are dating.Kabir, horrified, looks like he’s about to burst into tears, which is very rare in his case. Vansh can’t believe what’s happening.Riddhima: We would like to request that you respect that and be happy for us. And honestly speaking, please leave us alone.Kabir: Vansh…?The hurt in Kabir’s voice tears Vansh apart. The way Riddhima just delivered that information, was so cruel and heartless.Vansh: Kabir, I’m sorry…It’s true. We have started dating. I was the one Aahana saw at the bar.Kabir: How could you?!! How could either of you?!Vansh: After you guys broke up, both of you came to me. Both of you wanted someone to help talk you through this.Kabir: You talked to her!? While you were talking to me?!Vansh: It felt good. I felt powerful. Kabir, we barely talked or hung out when you dated Riddhima. I lost a friend and selfishly, I wanted you to feel what I felt. For that, I’m sorry…Kabir furrows his brow, contemplating Vansh’s words.Vansh: As for you Riddhima, Kabir reminded me of something just now.Riddhima: And what’s that…?Vansh: That I should listen to my own advice. You are a player and I — we — should both avoid you. You do nothing but break hearts.Riddhima: Vansh, listen to me. Can’t you see? Kabir will say anything to keep us apart.Vansh: I can’t trust you anymore, Riddhima.Riddhima: Please, Vansh. Let’s talk about this without him being here.Vansh: No. It’s over. It was a mistake to begin with. You’ll say anything to get a boy. I mean, you went after your ex’s best friend! Although it’s my fault, too. I’m sorry, Kabir, I hope you can forgive me.Riddhima: Vansh, I…..Before Riddhima could speak another lie, Vansh hangs up on the call. Totally defeated. He tries to hold back the anger and the feeling of being betrayed. Just then, he hears a DING from his phone.It’s a text sequence from Kabir:Kabir: Hey, I won’t blame you. She’s a snake….that too a dangerous one! You’re right. We’re better off without her. Thanks for apologizing. And also, apology accepted!.Kabir: Sooo, Best friends forever!Vansh laughs through his tears and replies:Vansh: Best friends forever!!****************************************It’s always better that before giving others any gayaan, it’s you who should first implement it yourselves and then tell others to do!So that in mere future none should say that “She/He told me this and see, didn’t implement or try it on herself/himself.****************************************
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The end

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