Bawara Dil 9th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishwar tries to commit suicide

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Bawara Dil 9th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comScene 1
Vineet is leaving the house and tells Ishwar that my vacations have ended. Ishwar says I can leave you at the bus stop, you have done so much for us so I am thankful. Vineet says don’t say that, this is my family as well. Ishwar says you have been with us in difficult times so let me thank you. I will come to drop you.Ishwar and Vineet come to the bus stop. Vineet greets him and leaves. Ishwar says how will Sidhi live with this pain? He is going through the market and all people are murmuring around him. They keep eyeing him weirdly. Ishwar is confused. He comes near a TV shop and sees news related to Sidhi going on. He hears that Sidhi blamed Akka’s loyalist Shiva for kidnapping her, he is shocked. Ishwar looks at the news and sees Sidhi’s video in which she said that Shiva kidnapped her. Ishwar is shocked to hear that.Bhavin comes to Akka Bai and shows Sidhi’s video to her. She looks on.Shiva is exercising, Jalwa comes to him and shows Sidhi’s video to him. He sees the media blaming Shiva for forcing a girl because he has power in a small village. How a guy played with this girl’s respect just because he had a political hand behind her.Narpat hears the news and dances. He says this was my attack on Akka Bai.Malini sees the video and shouts at Sidhi. She asks what is all this? Did you think about what will happen to us? Sidhi says I didn’t give any interview, trust me. Sagar asks then how did this video get outed? Sidhi says I was just telling Vineet and Meher.. she recalls how Vineet had a phone at the time she was talking to Meher. She is shaken to know that Vineet cheated her. Ishwar is in shock and says I will go to mandir.Ishwar comes to the mandir. He is praying there but hears some women gossiping about Sidhi. They say she didn’t get married but her marriage night did happen. Ishwar is hurt to hear that. He starts leaving from there and hears all of the taunts said for Sidhi. He stands near the water pond and cries. He jumps in the pond. All are stunned. Shiva comes there and jumps in the pond. He rushes to Ishwar and saves him. Ishwar has fainted but Shiva brings him out of the water and checks his pulse. He jumps his heart and Ishwar doesn’t gain consciousness. Shiva lifts him and runs from there. Ishwar’s friend comes there and gets to know the incident.Scene 2
Malini tells Sagar that Ishwar hasn’t come back till now, he has been gone long enough. You should go and check on him. Sidhi says I will go and check. Malini says no need, all villagers must have seen that video and you want me to let you go? Sidhi says you also think that I did all this deliberately? Malini looks away. Sidhi says fine, if you don’t want me to go then I won’t. Sidhi turns to go back to her room but Shiva brings Ishwar on his back there. All family members are shocked. All rush to him. Shiva puts him down on the sofa. A man says I saw Ishwar jumping in the pond. Sidhi glares at Shiva and rushes to Ishwar. She asks him to wake up and cries. All family members are crying. Sagar asks Sidhi to bring a towel. Sidhi turns to leave and glares at Shiva. He looks on. Malini is crying for him. Shiva leaves from there.Akka Bai is calling some politician Deshmukh and tells him that listen to her please, my enemy is doing all this. Deshmukh says that video is destroying our image, if you can’t control your men then we don’t need you. Akka Bai says I will make everything fine, just give me some time. Deshmukh says if you don’t handle this matter soon then forget the next election ticket. He ends the call. Bhavin comes there and says Narpat is on the line. She takes the call and asks what do you want? Narpat says you are in the news so I thought to congratulate you. He says that video was small news, the trending news that Sidhi’s father tried suicide. Akka Bai is shocked. Narpat says he got saved but he had died then you would have lost everything. Let me go and celebrate now. He ends the call. Akka Bai asks where is Shiva? Bhavin says I don’t know. She asks him to find him.Shiva is sitting outside. He gets a video call from Akka Bai. She asks where are you? Did you break your relationship with your bai? Shiva says I can’t stop breathing but I can’t break my relationship with you. You asked me to stay away. Akka says me? I never said it. Shiva says Bhavin told me. Akka bai slaps Bhavin and shows it to Shiva. She asks him to come and meet her, I am missing you. Shiva says just let me know where to come. She says I will let you know soon, she ends the call and tells Bhavin to ignore this slap if he wants to move forward, Bhavin nods and leaves. Sarkar comes there and is drunk. Bai asks him to control himself, she asks if his party ended? He nods. Akka Bai says now come to enjoy the party, come with me and see my action.Update Credit to: Atiba

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