Bawara Dil 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update Siddhi makes Poha for the family

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Bawara Dil 31st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
In the previous episode, we saw Mangala telling Siddhi to make Poha for everyone. Siddhi is crying because he doesn’t know how to cook. She recalls her Aai telling her to learn to cook and cry. Shiva sees that Siddhi is crying, he goes out and sends Soni inside the kitchen to help her. She says help who, but SHiva as usual refrains from saying her name. He says master ki beti but Soni insists that he says her name.Siddhi receives a call from Aai, she cries and says that she is missing her. She tells her everything and says that she can’t even cut an onion. Aai says that you are a strong girl, how can you give up. She says that she is also preparing poha. She will tell her what to do. She gives Siddhi directions over the call while Mangala enjoys a movie with Vijaya. Vijaya is trying to help Siddhi but Mangala keeps on prohibiting her from going inside the kitchen. On the other hand, Shiva gives a final warning to Son to go and help Siddhi. Soni finally reaches in the kitchen but the sad part is that she also does not know how to cook. The poha is all done now except that they have to add salt to it. They both try their wisdom to put in salt. Finally, the poha is served. Mangala takes the first bite and spits it out. The salt added is too much in the poha. Vijaya suggests ordering misal. Shiva sits to eat the poha and eats it quietly he even says that it is fine, although the salt is a bit on the higher side but is edible. He takes the rest of the poha to his room.Vijaya says that the differences are not as wast as we were thinking. There is still scope for bonding, she says. Siddhi asks Shiva not to eat the poha if he doesn’t like it. He says that it’s his Baba’s teaching never to waste food. Siddhi gives jaggery to shiva to improve the taste of his mouth. At the dinner table, Yashwant tells everyone that they will leave for Dev Darshan, the next morning. Shiva says that he has work tomorrow but Yashwant is not willing to listen.The next day morning Siddhi gets dressed and wears the mangal sutra while recalling what Yashwant taught him. Soni asks for Siddhi’s advise on what she should wear. On the other hand Mangala is planning to keep Shiva away from Siddhi as she believes that their age is such that they will come close to each other. Siddhi, although ready to go with the family is confused why she is doing all this. Why is she praying for the long life of a person who has done so much bad to her. She recalls the deads of Shiva.The episode ends.Precap will be added soonUpdate Credit to: Swapnil

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