Bawara Dil 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sidhi sacrifices her exam for Yashwant

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Bawara Dil 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
Scene 1
Yashwant asks Vailash what he was doing in Shiva’s room? Vailash says I was looking for a charger. Shiva says you could have switched on the light. Mangala says to leave it. She takes him from there. All leave. Sidhi finds her hall ticket on the floor and says how did it fall? I kept it in my bag.Mangala tells Vailash that you are useless, I have to do something.Sidhi comes to her room. Shiva says I have set an alarm. Sidhi finds a gift there. She asks what is this? She opens the box to find an eye mask. Shiva says I brought it because you had an eye infection from the cloth. This will help you sleep, I brought two so you can use one and wash the other one. Sidhi smiles. Shiva says I thought to bring a simple one. I will bring more if you want. Sidhi says thank you. Shiva says mention not. Sidhi says teacher ji taught you? Shiva says no you taught me. Sidhi thinks what’s happening between us? Shiva thinks she liked it and didn’t fight. He asks her to sleep. Sidhi puts on her blindfold and goes to sleep. Shiva lies on the floor and says your voice is good. Sidhi says thank you. They go to sleep.In the morning, Sidhi wakes up and prays to God. She says I will finally give my exam. She looks at her sleeping eye mask and smiles at Shiva sleeping.Sidhi comes to Yashwant and sees him shivering, she says you have a fever, come with me. Yashwant says I am fine. Sidhi says you don’t listen. Mangala comes there and asks what happened? All come there. Sidhi checks his fever and says you have a high fever, did you take the tetanus injection? Yashwant looks away. He says I didn’t take it. He says I am fine, he asks Shiva to take her for her exam. Mangala says her exam is destroying everything. Yashwant says I will take Vailash with me to the doctor, he tries to go but falls down. All are stunned.A doctor checks Yashwant in his house. He says Yashwant is fine, if he doesn’t wake up then we will have to admit him. Shiva takes him from there. Sidhi says he will be fine. Shiva comes there so Sidhi nods at him. Shiva looks at the time and thinks we are getting late. He asks Sidhi to come with him.Shiva tells Sidhi that we have to leave right now, if we leave now then we will be able to reach before your exam starts. Sidhi says we can’t go. Shiva says what are you saying? It’s your exam. Sidhi says I can’t leave baba like this. Shiva holds her arm and says I will send a driver with you, I will stay with baba, everyone is here. Sidhi says I can’t leave. Shiva says don’t argue, it’s the most important day of your life, don’t your education matter? Sidhi says it’s the most important but nothing is important than my family. I can’t leave him like this, she cries and leaves from there. Shiva thinks she left everything for my family but I won’t let her dream break easily.Ishwar calls Sidhi and asks if she left for the exam? Sidhi says I will call you back. She sits with Yashwant and tells Vijiya that let’s put a cold cloth on his head. She leaves. Mangala says Sidhi is throwing tantrum because she couldn’t go for her exam, I will go and check on her.Mangala comes to Sidhi and says you must be angry that you can’t leave for your exam. You made your father call you. Sidhi says I am not doing any drama, I won’t leave till Yashwant becomes fine. Mangala says you want to show Yashwant that you did a sacrifice for him, I can take care of my husband. Vijiya comes there and asks what happened? Mangala says this Sidhi does everything like she is doing a favor on us. Sidhi says I am doing everything that a daughter would do for her ill father.Sidhi puts a cold cloth on Yashwant. He wakes up and asks if Sidhi didn’t go? Sidhi says I am here. Mangala asks him to rest. Sidhi checks his fever and says he still has a high fever, she goes to call the doctor. Yashwant says why didn’t she go for her exam? Shiva asks him to calm down.The episode ends.Update Credit to: Atiba

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