Barrister Babu 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh risks his life

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Barrister Babu 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Anirudh asking the girl what will I call you, by what name. The girl says we should have a rule to not interfere in personal lives. She says we just got together for this mission. He says I will name you Azaadi express, just to address and talk to you, shall I drop you, its raining and umbrella is just one. She says no, no one shall know where I go and come from. She goes.Anirudh eats much food. Bondita smiles seeing him. Anirudh takes training with that girl. She comes and saves him from a knife. Her hand bleeds. He worries for her. She says I had also hurt you, settles got equal now. She trains him. She asks him to aim and throw the knife. She keeps the apple on her head. He gets scared. She asks him to look in her eyes and aim. He throws the knife somewhere else.Next day, she says its mission day tomorrow, you know you can lose your life, you can tell if you have any fear. Anirudh says no. They both prepare for the country’s freedom. Anirudh gets a mirror for Bondita. She likes it and smiles. She says you are really good. Bondita sits studying.Its morning, Bondita asks where are you going. He says I m going for imp work, I may get late. She says its Sunday, court is closed. He says yes, I have some other work. He recalls that girl’s words. He says what’s this, I got a beautiful mirror for you, you didn’t fix bindi well. She asks him to say. He guides her. He says its good now, you look beautiful. He says I will go. She nods and smiles. She thinks he called me beautiful, it means our relation is getting strong. He locks the door and goes thinking forgive me Bondita, I can’t tell you what dangerous work am I going to do.Koyli says Sampoorna asked for these things for herself. Trilochan says go. He says Sampoorna’s Rasleela is going on. He asks Binoy about his mill work. Binoy says I went to get anklet for Sampoorna, she likes it a lot. Trilochan says fine, give it, give her anklet, necklace, wife’s rights, but she shouldn’t get your child. Binoy asks won’t it be wrong with her, every woman wants to get a child. Trilochan says Sampoorna will be mum for Anirudh, Somnath and Batuk, if she gets her own child, then there will be walls between own and stepchildren, we have to convince our children, not get any new children to create a wall. Binoy thinks.The girl and Anirudh take a disguise. She asks him not to make any mistake, else they will die, their dreams will be incomplete. Bondita misses Anirudh. She says he didn’t answer me, is he hiding anything from me. Anirudh asks the people to see the stunts. The girl dances and shows stunts. She gets a knife in Anirudh’s clothes. She says maybe he is risking his life to pay fees in the school. Binoy asks where are you going. Sampoorna says we are going to Darjeeling house, you don’t spend time with me, we can go there and spend time. He recalls Trilochan’s words. She asks why don’t you come close to me, don’t you like me, don’t you find me beautiful. He says no. She asks what’s the matter. He says I like you, we can’t have a child, I already have a child, we won’t need anyone else, Bondita and Anirudh will have children soon, we will move on with them. She gets shocked.Bondita says I feel Anirudh is doing a dangerous work. Anirudh thinks I will do this work and get money to send Bondita to the school. He does a drama in the roadshow. Bondita finds the door locked. She says what shall I do. She goes and breaks the window to leave.Precap will be added later
Update Credit to: Amena

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