Barrister Babu 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Thakumaa reveals the past

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Barrister Babu 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Anirudh asking Trilochan is Thakumaa saying the truth. Trilochan asks Thakumaa not to dig out old wounds. Thakumaa says old wounds are more deep, shall I tell them the truth. He says enough, I will tell the truth, our fathers decided our marriage, we were going to marry, but Kalindi did something before marriage which is considered wrong, when I reached there with the baraat, the matter came out, my dad got angry and asked me not to get related to Kalindi, he could have given his life, but not give up his family respect so I had returned. Thakumaa says half truth won’t protect you, it was your and society’s view, what about my view, if a man dies by an illness, he dies once, if a woman gets sick, then dies many times.She says Anirudh, he is right, I did what a woman should have not done, can he say why I did that and why, I had done it for him. She says Trilochan came to a neighboring village, he fell sick, my dad wasn’t at home, there was no one to give him medicines, his life was in danger, you tell me, would I stop him from dying, or thinking of my limits, his sickness got fine, but I got stained forever. Bondita cries. Thakumaa says everyone said that I crossed my limits, no woman meets her would be husband before marriage, but I met him to save his wife, did I do anything wrong, I gave him life, he gave me death in return, he gave me lifelong sorrow and loneliness, and a stain of a rejected woman. She says a woman gives birth, love and values, a man snatches everything from her in a moment, he took back the baraat on his dad’s saying, he didn’t think about me, he is asking me today, if he stayed strong that time, then something else would have happened, but he broke the relation and didn’t take a stand for me, my life became a dark night, I didn’t find a life partner, I started living confined in my house, if I went out, then every man would have put a price on me, I started making medicines, after my brother left, I took up family’s responsibility, I made my problems my strength, Kalindi died in this, I ended my existence by my hands, no one knows what darkness I went through.Trilochan says wrong doesn’t become right by the right reason, society made rules for women, when a woman breaks the rules, then she gets punished, even if it was about my life, you should have not come out of the limits, if you thought to ask me, then I would have told the same, that its better that I die than any woman loses respect for me, nothing is imp to me than traditions, I still believed this. Bondita says no, you are wrong, Thakumaa didn’t do anything wrong, she broke the rules for you, she was worried for you, I also broke rules for Anirudh, many times, I went against the old customs, I m also a woman, will you punish me. Thakumaa says don’t keep any hope from them, stay away, if its a man’s mistake, then a woman has to bear it, they can never regard a woman equal. She cries. Bondita says don’t cry, Trilochan didn’t take a stand for you, but I m with you, you are really good, someone’s life is imp than values for you, you aren’t wrong, Trilochan is still wrong. Anirudh says Bondita is saying right, its your mistake, you should apologize to Thakumaa, maybe her wounds heal. Trilochan asks why shall I apologize, when I didn’t do anything wrong, I got insulted on my marriage day, I m feeling the same insult again, I won’t apologize, its better to die. He gets angry. Bondita takes Thakumaa with her. Bondita says Thakumaa doesn’t need to bear any punishment to save humanity, I m proud of her, I will stand by you, I won’t stay here. Anirudh says its about women esteem, I never regarded a woman’s esteem less than a man’s esteem, Trilochan is wrong, he should apologize, I will make him promise, I won’t let any woman lose respect in our house or in this society. Trilochan goes.Bondita goes to Sumati. She asks did you know that Thakumaa was going to marry Trilochan. Sumati says no, she didn’t tell me when she got to know that you have become Roy Choudhary’s bahu, she was happy for you, she is really great. Bondita says she didn’t show her pain, so much wrong happened with her. Tapur asks her to come soon, Thakumaa isn’t opening the door. Sumati and Bondita go to see Thakumaa. The family comes. They see Thakumaa hanging herself to the ceiling fan. They shout and ask her to stop. Bondita runs inside and stops her. She asks her to stop for her sake. Thakumaa gets down and cries. She says my wounds came out, Trilochan insulted me again, he showed that women are still weak. Bondita says no, a woman can never be weak, you are not weak. Thakumaa says if Anirudh calls you, then you will run to him, its better to die today. Bondita says no, I will never leave you, you had raised my dad and entire family, I won’t go to Anirudh until Trilochan returns your esteem, its my promise. Thakumaa smiles.
No PrecapUpdate Credit to: Amena

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