Arranged To Him (Riansh) (Immj2) Chapter 5

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Chapter 5Next morning .. Riddhima and Ragini were in kitchen laughing and chatting …  That’s when Uma comes at kitchen .. And every moment Ragini start looking at floor .. avoiding eye contact with Uma .. ” Riddhima beta and you ( ragini ) also  can go office and take lunch for both Vansh and Kabir … Because Kabir forgot to take today’s lunch .. ” said Uma then looks at Riddhima , ” beta I want to talk to you .. ” said and left .. Riddhima follows her , ” ji ma” riddhima exclaimed … “Beta , thanks .. only because of you , after so many years Vansh had his breakfast with us ..  I’m so happy , umm … I know maybe he denied to eat lunch but I trust you .. You can do this , can’t you ?? .. ” Uma said and caress her face .. Riddhima hug her .. ” thanks ma for trusting me and I promised you , he will surely have his lunch .. ” and after breaking the hug Uma leaves smiling .. Soon Riddhima and Ragini left for the office ..  .. At Office … Ragini walks towards Kabir’s cabin ..While Kabir smiles at her, then the two sit down and start talking and feeding each other .. Another side , Riddhima was standing outside the Vansh’s cabin and was trying to hear what was going on inside as she came to know that Ahana and Vansh are alone together .. ” Ahana please just go , I clear told you .. ” Vansh said but Ahana been Ahana .. ” Baby you don’t love her  .. infant you don’t even like her so please just divorce her .. You know how much I love you and even you love me .. ” Ahana said …. Riddhima was burning in rage as soon she heard word divorce ”  how can a girl is so cheap , trying to calm another’s husband … ” Thought riddhima .. But she wants to hear Vansh’s answer .. ” Ahana please go away .. Marriage is not a joke that we can do whatever we want .. Even if I don’t love her , it doesn’t matter because she is my wife and I am not going to divorce or cheat her .. So please leave now , I have a lot of work to do … ” Vansh said … Ahana gets so angry that she left from there , While Riddhima smiles upon hearing his answer .. somewhere her heart wanted the same answer … Ahana was about to leave but stops hearing her name .. She turned and looked at Riddhima with such anger .. Riddhima comes to her with a smile , ” Listen miss .. Just stay away from my husband , you are his past and I am his future , hope you get that .. ” she said .. Ahana looks at her .. She could have burn Riddhima with her anger if possible .. , ” So you are Riddhima , listen and take it in your brain that Vansh is mine and I will take him by hook or crook … So you just stay away from him … ” Hearing this , riddhima laughs .. ” Seriously ?? .. didn’t you hear what Vansh had just told you ..” asked Riddhima .. ” You know what riddhima , just few days and he will be back to me .. ” Ahana said in challenging tone .. ” Really ?? .. Let’s see what’s the results ?? .. Is my relation more powerful or your cheap plans … ” Riddhima said. ” Challenge accepted ” Ahana said … That’s when Vansh comes there and sees them , both give each other some looks that was out of his capacity… ” Ahana you can go , Riddhima come with me .. ” Vansh said .. Riddhima gives her a smirk while Ahana left glaring at them .. ” What are you doing here ?? ..” Vansh said , as soon they enters his cabin .. ” For lunch .. ” said with a smile , while she start settling all on table .. ” Huh ?? .. let it be .. I’m not interested you can eat and leave .. ” Vansh said .. ” I think you forgot what can I say to everyone .. not even there , here too .. ” Riddhima said and smirked at him .. Vansh glares at her for a while , but when he didn’t saw any affect on her , he slowly sat down on the table … Later they had lunch but silently .. ” What were you talking to her ?? ..” He said breaking the silence .. ” None of your business … But I am warning you just stay away from her … ” Riddhima said while hanging her down on food .. Vansh ( shock ) : ” Excuse me ??..  I don’t take orders so don’t dare .. And it’s my choice what should I do or not … And I suggest you .. try to stay away from Ahana and be in less contact with her .. ”  ” So that chudail’s name is Ahana ” riddhima mummers .. ” Did you say something ?? .. ” asked Vansh .. ” Nope .. Aaa I’m going , bye and please don’t be late .. ” Saying this she goes straight away without looking back for once … Vansh looks at the door .. ” What the hell , why she’s always orders me .. ”  Later he again got engrossed in his works … Today evening Vansh returns back a little early because he knows Riddhima will again wait for him .. and he can’t let her be starving ..   Later both together had their dinner and moved to their room .. .. Riddhima was deeply asleep , when she slowly moved to him and encircled her little arms around his waist .. while keeping her head on his chest .. Vansh was still awake .. thinking deeply , when he felt something on his chest .. That’s when he noticed .. riddhima was sleeping on his chest .. Her cute Angelic face brighting due to moon light .. He noticed her more closely , she’s actually beautiful , perfect and and pretty short .. he chuckled at this .. The day of Marriage ,  he just took a glance at her .. but never noticed her … And now having her so close to him .. he was admiring her , his little wife .. but why is his heart beat so fast ??.. He was memerizied by her beauty , the way she was blackmailing him without any fear …  He knows, this crap she would never say to family or anyone , but still why did he listen to her ?? … The VR who never listen to everyone , was obeying her , why ?? .. Today for the first time he was smiling , genuinely … Having a lots of confusion he drift to sleep , holding her in his embrace ..   .. Next Morning .. When Riddhima opened her eyes , while she was shock to see herself on  him .. She tried to get up but in hurry her nuptial chain got stuck in his shirt … Riddhima : ” O god .. all the problems has got my address , First that chudail and now this .. Uffo ..”  She tries to get free but in this chore Vansh sleep got disturbed .. this was really embarrassing for her .. lying over him .. ” Wait , let me .. ” Vansh said and tries to free this , as riddhima would any second could either broke the chain or tore his shirt … ( I think toring his shirt is impossible 🙄 .. but what’s the matter .. let it be .. ) While all this he was looking just at her… Her messy hair which was falling on his chest , her cute little face , She is beautiful and innocent .. As soon he freed the nuptial chain , riddhima got up and runs towards bathroom .. whereas Vansh chuckled at her attics .. After breakfast all the Rai Singhania’s leaves for office .. Today Ragini was happy as for the first time she allowed in Mandir and also at the breakfast Chanchal spoke with her … They’re still angry but if she tried they will soon accept her , As she can feel it .. .. Vansh was sitting in the office and was staring the invitation card of the business party for tomorrow .. He was having the second thought about going there because Ahana will also be there , As Ahana is an employee there .. But then he thought why he should not go ?? … Only because of Ahana , later after a war between his heart and mind , he decides to talk to Riddhima about the party .. After finishing work he quickly leaves for Rai Singhania Mansion , where as usual riddhima was waiting for him .. Never ever till date , anyone has waited for him .. He always used come at late night but but still every night she is waiting for him .. not once , or twice , every day waiting , so what the meaning of coming late and make her more starve .. He smile a little and went towards Their room to get fresh ..  Then They ate there dinner silently as usual …. But this time someone was  stealing a glance to her …  Hii !! Guys ..Sorry to be very very late .. But handling three FF are difficult …And I thought to make it as a weekly story .. so I will upload this FF on Sunday or Monday ..I hope it was not boring …Are they leading towards the next step of their relationship .. Let’s see in next chapter …Stay safe and continue reading my ff 😜 … 

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