Apna Time Bhi Aayega 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
Scene 1
Dadi says Rani I made your favorite food. Ramo and Tinku will come soon. Where are you lost? Are you okay? Rani says I am very good now. You made daal for us. It’s so good. Make me eat. Dadi makes her eat. Dadi says I always wanted a good husband for you. I am glad he’s in your life. We will go to the temple to pray for both of you. Vikram says can I go as well? Dadi says let’s go. Rani says in her heart the marriage you wanna pray for is over. He left me alone.Scene 2
Everyone get ready. Dadi says let’s go Vikram. Birju decorates the house so Rani feels good when she comes home. He says that doctor has hurt Rani so mcuh. The door knocks, Birju opens the door. It’s Veer and Kiara. Birju says what are you doing here? ARen’t your done hurting Rani? Veer says I didn’t come to your place. Oh, I forgot you must be living here. Birju says I don’t have time for your rubbish. Veer says if I don’t tehn? Kiara says shame on you ad Rani. He says what are you saying? Kiara says don’t do this drama. You and Rani should become actors. Birju says shut up before I forget that you are a woman. Veer shoves his hand and says an illiterate like you don’t know how to talk to a woman. He says yeah why did you do the same to Rani then? Veer shoves him and says why is it hurting you? Birju says you were a drama. I won’t leave you. Veer shoveshim. He hits his head on the wall. Birju hits him back. They come out and hit each other. Kiara says Veer stop.Rani comes there and is shocked. Rani says what are you doing? Why are you fighting? They both run towards each other with rods. Rani comes in between and shouts stop. Rani says step back. Stop it. Rani says go from here. Birju says I won’t leave you here. Rani says I am okay go from here. Birju leaves. Rani looks at Veer and recalls what he said. Rani says what are you two doing here? He says came to see your shamelessness.Episode ends.Precap-Rani says to Veer how do you feel? He says don’t you get tired of this drama? No one could think what this innocent face was capable of doing? IF you wanted money only you could tell me but it must be your nature to betray. Rani says are you done? He says tale off this mangalsutra because it doesn’t matter now. Update Credit to: Atiba

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