Anupama 11th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya’s Emotional Blackmail To Vanraj

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Anupama 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comVanraj shouts at Samar how dare he is to push Kavya. Anupama says they were chatting with Sweety on concall when Kavya entered suddenly, so Samar pushed her aside not to hurt Sweety. Kinjal asks Kavya when she knows Pakhi has problem with her, why did she come in front of camera. Kavya says she didn’t know about it. Kinjal says she did it purposefully. Vanraj shouts behave herself. Anu asks why is she saying this. Kinjal says she cannot trust Kavya. Anu asks Vanraj to calm down. Vanraj shouts whoever does anything, he has to hear. Samar says he cannot hear anything against his girlfriend, but insults his girlfriend. Vanraj and Anu at once shouts Samar, and Anu asks him to go to his room. Samar apologizes Kavya saying he didn’t intent to hurt her and was just concerned for Sweety. Vanraj warns Anu to control her son or else he will hit him one day. Anu says if he does so, Samar’s fear will be gone and he is not a kid to bear his slap and return to him next day. Vanraj shouts however big a son grows, father has right to scold and beat him. Bapuji says good that he said that and should remember it, says son keeps silent in front of father until he is wrong and father right like he is standing silent in front of him, he has to protect his dignity as a young son will bear his slaps for 1-2 times and third time he will hold his hand. Anu says Sweety was calling Vanraj repeatedly, but he didn’t pick call, so he should call her.Vanraj angrily walks to his room and vents out his anger. He gets more angrily seeing a message. Kavya walks in and he asks her not to trouble him and return to guest room. Kavya says she is going, but wants to talk to him. He continues. She says he should accept Samar and Nandini’s relationship. He says he knows to handle his children. She asks why is he venting out his family’s anger on her, cries and says its her mistake that she came here and is bearing all this, she is blind in his love that she lost her house and if she goes to Nandini’s house, he will not come to meet her; still its better to shift to Nandini’s house instead of bearing his family’s wrath and his yelling, etc. He hugs and apologizes her and says he feels angry when she supports Anupama. She says she is just sharing her opinion with him and she doesn’t feel bad regarding Samar and Nandini’s relationship. She continues her emotional blackmail. He asks her to stop crying as he is frustrated with so many problems and it comes out as his anger. She continues crying and says she gets afraid when he gets so angry and fears he will leave her. He hugs her again and consoles her. Baa enters with juice for Vanraj and stands shocked seeing them hugging each other.Kinjal and Samar try to explain Nandini that Kavya is trying to play a sympathy card, she accepted Samar and Nandini’s relationship so easily, and is up to something; hence they cannot trust Kavya and are sure her real face will be out soon. Anu hopes Samar and Kinjal’s suspicion is proven wrong.Baa warns maide ki katori/Kavya that public display of affection will not be tolerated in her house and scolds Vanraj that he scolded Samar for the same reason, though Samar did it behind them and he is doing in front shamelessly, he may roam around the house lifting Kavya in his arms; he is stopping young son and is romancing in this age openly; what if Bapuji, Mamaji, and children would have seen his romance. She scolds Kavya to go to guest room instead of barging into her son and bahu/DIL’s room; and if she wants to hug someone, she should call her instead of her son; she if not tolerate it if she sees her shameless act again. Anu passes by and asks what happened. Baa says her son is doing what Anu’s son was doing yesterday, this is happening because of her kind act of bringing her sautan home and should explain her sautan to behave in this house or else find some other place to stay. Anu asks Vanraj not to feel bad about Baa’s words as she is concerned about Bapuji and children.Update in ProgressUpdate Credit to: MA

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