Anuama FF – Finally they get hitched Ep: 5

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Recap:AnuRaj spent time together,Kavya and Anirudh are at loggerheadDevika: Kavya what was going on there?Kavya: That idiot is getting into my nerves, I don’t know what his problem is!Devika: Will he be my 2nd jiju??(Mocking)Kavya:Just shut up!! I won’t marry him such an idiot his eyes are not on his face!Devika(Laughing):So you have scanned him throughout aah??Kavya(angrily): You are going to get beaten up by me just shut up!Both disperse from there.Next day morning everyone is getting ready for the marriage.Vanraj is all tensed up and Anupama is all cool.they have a phone convoAnupama: Why are you tensed yaar??Vanraj : Don’t know yaar, may be because it is the first time.Anupama: Yaaa, I am not tensed at all because this is not my first time (mocking)Vanraj: What??? so is this your 2nd marriage??Anupama: Yes!! Don’t you know that??(Irritating him)Vanraj: No!! Are you serious??Anupama: Yes!!!! I am serious I even have 3 kids!Vanraj: Ey you liar, stop it.I know it’s your first marriage don’t try to trick me.Anupama: Buddhu, can’t you use your brains??Vanraj cuts the call as Leela comes to his room.Anupama wonders why he had cut the call. All are busy decorating the Mandap. Guests started to come. Dolly and Bhavesh are welcoming the guests. Leela hears some of the guests talking good about Anupama. Leela thinks that she is going to be out of her son’s life as Anu enters his life.She thinks what should be done.Bride and Groom comes to the mandapAnu is carried on a palanquin while Vanraj is riding a horse and entering the mandap.Anu thinks that he had cut the call because she called him buddhu.Anupama:  I am Sorryyy!!Vanraj: For what??Anupama: For calling you buddhu! That’s the reason right you cut the call?Vanraj: No yaar it’s because Maa came to me at that time.Anupama:Ohh!! I thought its because I called you buddhu.Vanraj: Arey I am not that dumbPanditji(Chants manthra): Asks who is doing the Kanyadhaan??Bhavesh: I will do Didi’s Kanyadhaan(He does the kanyadhaan)They makes seven circles around a ceremonial fire, wherein each round signifies a specific blessing they request from God.He applies Sindhoor on her head and puts on the nuptial chain.The Mandap Ceremony’s get over andfor the Bidaai ceremony Kantha and Bhavesh starts crying.Anupama:Why are you guys crying??I am not going too far! Just to the other street.Kantha: Its not the distance that matters betta!Its the bond between maa and betti that’s being brokenAnu: Please don’t make me cry!New Couples get inside the the carDolly gets the pooja saaman for the grahpraveshAnupama does the grahpravesh and gets inside the house.They celebrate their suhagaraath.Next morning:Anupama makes tea for all.Leela spoils her tea and spits it out.She puts the blame on Anu for spoiling her tea. Vanraj first misunderstands her.Baapuji(Secretly to Vanraj): Have you lost your senses??It’s your mother’s plot to frame Anu!Vanraj(Coming back to his sense): Ohhh……Now I get it!!Baapuji: You are married atleast now develop some common sense.Anupama(on the other side):Sorry Baa,I don’t know how your tea got spoiled. I made the same tea for all, the others didn’t have any problem.Leela: So you are saying that I Spoiled my own tea?? Am I mad to spoil my own tea??Anupama: No,no I am not saying like thatEpisode continues…

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