Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 37

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Hi all
Sorry for the long gap.
Recap: All are married successfully.
Scene 1
The elders greets all the guests…
Hanuman and Babita thank Mita for her help.
Mita: Please don’t thank again and again.
Ashok: We’ll leave. Take care.
He sees Babita and leaves.
Hanuman: Babita, where is Mini?
Babita: She is getting ready for the wedding night.
Hanuman: Are you sure about that?

Babita: No, I’m not sure whether she and Neil will start their life but let’s see.
They go to Mini and see her.
Babita: Mini…
Mini: Babes, I know what you are going to tell me. But please leave that.
Babita: Ok Mini, your wish. Preet, take her to Neil’s room.

Mini: Where is Kia?
Preet: Let Kia sleep with me.
Mini: No, from today I’m her mumma. She should sleep with me only.
Mini calls Kia. She comes calling her mumma.
Mini lifts her and goes to Neil’s room.
Hanuman: She got this motherly nature from her childhood itself.
Babita: True…She became my mom. Then to arya and now to Kia.
Hanuman hugs Babita…
Mini comes to Neil’s room…
Kia: Mumma, why this room is decorated like this?
Mini sees Neil…
Mini: Ask your papa itself.

Neil: Kia beta, this decoration is to celebrate the beginning of new life and journey.
Kia: What new life?
Mini: New life of us. We three are gonna celebrate our new life together.
Neil: Yes, you got a new mumma and I got you.

Kia hugs them both….
Neil and Mini look at each other.
Kia feels tired.
Mini: Ok Kia, let’s sleep. Tomorrow morning, we need to leave for Patiala. So, sleep.
Kia: Mumma, please tell me a story. I have seen in movies that a mom will tell story to her child to sleep. So, please tell me one.
Mini: Fine, I’ll tell you a story….
Mini tells her a story…She listens to it happily…… and finally, she sleeps.
Neil looks at Mini happily.
Mini: Why are you looking at me like this?
Neil: I’m surprised that how could a girl be like you.
Mini: Neil, I love you. What yours is mine. So, sleep now.
Mini and Neil sleep on either side of Kia. After they sleep, Kia opens her eyes and takes both of their hands and fold it together and smiles.
She then sleeps!!!!
Scene 2
Mishti is in her room sitting worriedly.
Varsha, Rajshri and Kuhu comes…
Varsha: Mishti, why are you tensed?
Kuhu tease her.
Rajshri: Kuhu, don’t tease her much. Mishti, beta what happened?

Just then Meenakshi and Parul come there.
Meenakshi: Mishti, why are you sad?
Varsha: Even we are asking her the same.
Kuhu: Oh, my sister, tell me what happened?

Meanwhile Abir and Kunal come and stand near the room.
No one notices them.
Mishti: I got my periods now.
Rajshri: Oh my god.
Varsha: Don’t worry, we’ll have this on some other day.
Meenakshi: Yes Mishti…
Kuhu: For this you have been worrying this much?
Mishti: No Abir will be disappointed nah?
Abir: Who told you?
All turn and see them…Mishti gets shocked.
Mishti: Abir sorry….

Abir hugs her….
Abir: What did you think of me? Will I force you for anything? Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.

Just then Kuhu goes to vomit….
Kunal goes behind her.
Meenakshi: What happened to her?
Rajshri: Don’t know, but from evening she is feeling tiredness and nausea.
Kuhu comes…
Mishti: I feel….

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Kuhu blushes….
Varsha smiles at Mishti….
Meenakshi: What do you feel Mishti?
Mishti: she told me that she missed her periods.
Parul and Meenakshi smiles…
Parul holds and checks her pulse and nods yes happily…
All are in happy tears and hugs Kuhu….

Abir: Kuhu, I will have 2 type of relation with this baby. It will be my little brother’s baby and also my little sister’s baby. So, this baby will be my little champ.

Kunal: Bhai, I feel jealous.
Abir smiles and hugs him.
Mishti also hugs Kuhu….

All bless Kuhu and Kunal.
Kunal and Kuhu see each other with happy tears.
Parul: I will get sweets for everyone.
Mishti: Come let’s go down. The new parents spend some time and come soon.
All goes.
Kunal sees Kuhu…
Kunal: Kuhu….
Kuhu takes his hand and keeps on her tummy.

Kuhu: Our symbol of love is inside me Kunal. This is our baby.
Kunal cries….
Kuhu: Why are you crying?

Kunal: This baby is going to be so lucky. It has all the relations. Abir bhai will celebrate this baby a lot.
Kuhu: Yes exactly. More than their kid, Abir and Mishti will love this baby a lot.
Kunal: Thank you Kuhu for giving me this happiness.
Kuhu hugs him….

They go down….
Parul gives sweets to everyone.
Mishti: I don’t want ma. My stomach is aching.
Abir thinks and he goes to kitchen.
After sometime, he brings her a chocolate shake.
Mishti: I craved for this Abir. Thank you so much for bringing this.
Abir: I know Mishti that girls do have chocolate cravings during these days.
Mishti hugs him.
Rajshri: Mishti, your husband is a golden husband. You are so lucky.
Mishti and Abir smiles looking at each other.

Scene 3
Naina, Sameer come to their homes…
Naina sees Vishaka…
Naina: Aunty, I have a doubt. Can I ask?
Vishaka: Yes.
Naina: What made your heart change to accept me as your bahu?
Bela: Yes, even I have this doubt.
Vishaka smiles.
Beena and Naresh come out and see them talking.
Vishaka: My father’s diary changed me…
Vishaka comes to her father’s home and sees a diary in his cupboard.
She starts to read that.
In the first page itself, stated as “THIS IS FOR YOU VISHAKA”
In that dairy, he has stated all the good qualities of Naina and also the several incidents where she had felt his wife’s qualities in Naina. All those incidents make Vishaka emotional. She starts to thinking. She even remembers Rajshri’s words….
After sometime she goes to a function where Sunaina also present. She sees Sunaina and thinks. More to her woes, Sunaina behaves arrogantly with the waiter and Vishaka is determined now.
Vishaka: Sorry to say this Sunaina, I’m not going to accept you as my DIL.
Sunaina: Aunty why?
Vishaka: There is a reason. I prefer Naina’s nature than yours.
Vishaka leaves from there…Sunaina is hurt….
Vishaka: Bela and Rakesh ji, you have given good upbringing to your kids. I’m more debited your family for giving us Naina.
Naina smiles and hugs her.
Sameer: Thank you ma…
Naina: But taiji and tauji is not convinced….
Naresh: Naina….
All gets shocked….
Naresh sees Beena and smiles…
Beena gets happy….
Beena: We too accept this relation.
All are super happy.
Bela: Bhabiji, I couldn’t believe still.
Beena: She is our daughter. We always thought of this family’s happiness. So, how could we say no.
Anand: But Naina, Sameer, you should concentrate on your studies now. Wedding is only after you both get settled. And Naina, I want you to be independent. Vishaka ji, are you ok with this?

Vishaka: Yes, Anand ji, and thanks for making Sameer and his friends responsible.
All laughs and hugs!!!!

!!!To be Continued!!!
P.S : Friends, I’m planning to have a leap in this ff. But don’t worry, all the pairs will stay. I’m thinking of introducing their children and story revolving around them. So, which pairs do you want me to have for the children. Please give me your suggestions.
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