Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 36

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Hi all!!!!Recap: Isha kidnaps Mini….Episode 36Mita and Adi follows that car.Zoya goes to mandap and see Mini (Isha) sitting and get tensed.Kuhu and Naina notices that and come to her.Kuhu: Bhabi, why are you tensed?Zoya takes them both to a corner and tell the happenings. They both get shocked.Naina: We need to stop this wedding.Zoya: First we have to save Mini. She is very dangerous.Kuhu: Me and Kunal also will go to Adi bhai’s help.Zoya: No, then this Isha will get doubt. We have to be normal infront of her.Naina: Atleast, we’ll inform cops.Zoya: I did. My friend is the ACP of Mumbai. I said. He will arrive her. He has gone to help Adi.Kuhu: Then fine. Let’s somehow delay this wedding.Zoya: Come….Mishti sees them….Mishti: Kuhu, why are you looking tensed?Kuhu: Nothing Kuhu…Abir and Neil are in mandap doing rituals.Pandit: Ask the brides to come.The girls bring Mishti and Mini to the mandap.Both Abir and Neil are mesmerized seeing their beauty.Abir and Mishti look at each other and smiles.They both have an eye talk…Abir: Mishti, today you look like a beautiful angel.Mishti: Abir, you too look like a prince charming.Neil feels suspicious seeing Mini’s height.Mini and Mishti sit near Abir and Neil respectively.Neil: Mini, you look tall today?Mini gets shocked.Mini: That is because of heels.But Neil is not convinced.The wedding rituals begin!!!!Kuhu, Zoya and Naina worry. They go and tell Kunal and Sameer everything.Sameer: What to do now?Kunal: Call Adi bhai and ask the status. We don’t have time.Zoya calls Adi.Adi: Zoya, we reached the place. We also saw where Mini is. We are going to rescue her.Mita sees Mini tied in a chair and goes to untie her. Suddenly some goons come and hit her. Adi shouts and cuts the call.Zoya: Hello Adi….She tells them.Sameer: Let’s go bhai.Kuhu: If you all go, then Isha will get doubt.Meanwhile in warehouse,Adi fights with the goons…. They also tie Mita….One goon tends to stab Adi, Mita shouts….Just then ACP ARJUN comes to the rescue.Adi: Arjun????Arjun: Zoya informed me.Adi and Arjun fights with the goons….They untie Mini and Mita….They wake up Mini….Arjun orders his officers to go to the mandap soon.Mini wakes up and hugs Mita and Adi….Mita: Mini, are you fine beta?Mini: Yes….Adi: We don’t have time. Come let’s go.Everyone tends to go but suddenly one goon comes and holds knife on Mita’s neck.Mini: Leave her….Arjun and Adi try to save her….Goon: If you come front, they I will kill her….Mita: Adi, take Mini and go to mandap. There is no time left.Mini: No, I can’t leave you like this.Mita: Please Mini, go from here. I swear on Babita that you should go from here now.Adi, Mini and Arjun goes out then…. Mini looks at her cries….Meawhile in mandap, everyone are tensed….Kuhu: How to delay the wedding?Naina: I have an idea.Zoya: What?Naina: If any bad omen occurs, they will halt the wedding, right?Zoya: Yes, but what bad omen?Naina points to the diya….Kuhu and Zoya smiles….Naina goes to the diya and make it fall on the cloth kept for ghantbandan.All curiously see that but just then, Vishaka comes and holds the diya. Naina is shocked. Even Sameer, Kunal, Kuhu and Zoya are shocked. Naina’s family see Vishaka and Naina and get nervous.Vishaka: I don’t if you made it intentionally or accidently but I don’t want others to point on you. Because you are my bahu. So, I want you to be dignified.Saying this she leaves….After hearing this, Sameer and Naina are surprised and happy…. they smile but also feel sad as their plan to halt wedding has failed.Kuhu: Ok leave it, we’ll think something else.Preet, Preethi, Munna, Pandit, Bobby come to them.Preethi: What are you planning for so long time? And Naina, what did Vishaka aunty said?Naina smiles and tell her what Vishaka has said….Preethi gets happy and hugs her. Munna and Pandit also hug Sameer.Then they tell them about Isha swapping the bride.Munna: I have an idea.Sameer: What?Munna shows the juice….Kuhu: Perfect, no girl wants to do wedding with a dirty dress. She will go for a dress change. We’ll lock her that time.Zoya: I’ll go this time….She takes the juice and goes near Mini. She intentionally spills the drink….Mini: What are you doing? Don’t you have any sense?She scolds her….Neil, Babita and Hanuman are shocked to see her behaviour.Hanuman: Babita, Mini won’t do like this. What happened to her now?Babita: May be she is nervous due to marriage.Neil: It’s ok Mini, you can change the dress.Mini: No, it’s ok.Ashok searches for Mita as the baby cry…Babita sees the baby cry and goes to him. She take the baby and consoles it. The baby stops its crying. She gives him the baby back and leaves. Ashok smiles….Kuhu: This plan also spoiled. Now what to do???Pandit: It’s time for kanyadhaan.Zoya: No, we don’t have any choice now. Adi is also not attending the call. We need to tell the truth.There, Varsha and Shaurya and Babita and Hanuman go to the mandap.Just then, original Mini comes with Neil and shouts to stop.All get shocked to see two Mini’s.Original Mini: Neil, babes, Hanuman uncle, I’m the original Mini. She is Isha.She tells them what has happened…Ashok: Mini, are you fine now?Mini cries and hugs him.Mini: I’m fine papa.Isha: No, hanuman uncle and babes, I’m your Mini….She holds Babita’s hands… Hanuman sees her hand and get shocked….Hanuman: You are not our Mini….He goes to the original Mini and sees her hand. He then hugs her saying Mini.Babita: What is happening here?Original Mini: Babes, please don’t get tensed. I came back…Hanuman: Babita, this is our Mini. She made a tattoo in her hand as “BHAM” in her hand. She thought to show it as a surprise but I found it.Babita and Neil comes to the original Mini and hugs her….Isha then takes the knife and keep it on Mishti’s neck.Abir: Leave her….Mishti struggles…Everyone plead her to leave…Isha: Yes, I’m Isha….She takes the mask and throw it off.Isha: Now, I can marry in my own identity. Neil, if you don’t marry me, then I will her.Just then, ACP Arjun comes and shoots at Isha….Mishti frees herself and hugs Abir…Abir: Are you ok?Mishti: Yes….The cops come and take Isha away…Arjun: You don’t worry. She is not dead. But her punishment will be huge. She won’t disturb you again.Zoya: Thank you Arjun for saving us today.Arjun: It’s my duty….Mini: where is Mita???Ashok: Mita?Zoya: She is the one who found this first.Arjun then brings Mita….She is injured….(FB)The goon sets fire and leaves… Mita cries for help…. Arjun sends Adi and Mini to mandap and saves Mita….(FB ENDS)Mini: Thank you so much.Mita hugs her….Babita: Thanks for saving my daughter…Mita: She is also like my daughter….Ashok hugs Mita….Mini hugs Ashok and Mita together….Hanuman and Babita sees this and feels insecure…Kia and Arya hug Mini….Arya: Veer Balika, are you okay?Mini: Yes chutanki…Kia: Ma, we got scared.Mini: You should not get scared when I’m here….Neil, Mini, Arya and Kia share a group hug….Meenakshi: It’s time. Come everyone. Let’s have the wedding….All smiles and the wedding commences…Kanyadhaan starts….Ashok also comes forward….Mini: Ashok papa, today I called you papa. But sorry, my kanyadhaan will be done only by my Hanuman papa…Hanuman gets emotional….Hanuman: I waited a long time to hear this word from you beta…Ashok: This the right decision Mini. More than me, he took care of you and loved you a lot…Mini: That’s true…Then wedding rituals starts and completes….Pandit: Now, they became couples!!!!Abir and Mishti look each other and smiles…. (Dheere Dheere plays)Mini and Neil also smile looking at each other!!!!!!!To be Continued!!!       

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