Actor Viraf Patell tests Positive for COVID-19

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Coronavirus cases are rising once again through the country and we are standing on the same crossroads as were in 2020. The year was dreaded and this one is turning out to be the same. Reports about various actors testing positive for the virus have been doing the rounds, and now, reports in The Times of India have it that Viraf Patell has tested positive for the virus.The report stated that he refrained from traveling to meet his parents on Navroz due to the Coronavirus cases and on March 24, the actor, along with fiance Saloni Khanna, has tested positive. The two had gotten engaged in February. Viraf also shared the same on his social media and asked everyone to be safe and wear a mask.While talking to the portal, the actor simply said that this is proof that no matter how much one ensures that they are taking the safety precautions, no one is completely safe from the virus and they are susceptible to it. He also urged everyone to be extra careful and ensure that they are safe. He also told the portal that he did have a fever during the first few days but it is gone now and they have quarantined together. He also mentioned that he was touched by the gesture of his neighbours as they offered them support by all means. Finally, he also praised the BMC for quick response and sanitization.

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