Actor Kavita Kaushik gets into a heated debate with a doctor on Twitter

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Just a day ago it was revealed by actor Anupam Kher that his wife and actor Kirron Kher has been detected with cancer and is undergoing treatment as of now. The entire Bollywood industry was in shock with this and they all offered prayers for her well being.However, actor Kavita Kaushik offered him something else and it lead to a massive debate on Twitter. First Kaushik tweeted, “Dear @AnupamPKher my father had M Myeloma, repeated chemotherapy proved ineffective as it relapsed several times, however a Ayurvedic doc’s herbs and medicine helped increase kretanine levels and clean out the cancer, I’d be happy to give details if you are open to it, prayers”-To this, a certain Dr. Sumaiya Shaikh responded, “It is important to not mislead people if you are not versed with either treatment systems. One case study in the family does not mean a treatment has been effective. Science needs repeated, consecutive effects in a controlled setting in a large group. Glad your dad recovered.”-Furthermore, that led to Kaushik responding to her “I will always advice people going through cancer to take Ayurvedic treatment along side chemotherapy if not avoid it,  I lost my dad after his 5th cycle of chemo as the chemo made his body too weak to take any other treatments! So yeah! I will “lead” by experience and example!”-When Dr. Shaikh said, “Chemo kills fast growing cells. In the process it also kills cancer cells. There is no treatment made to selectively target only a specific cell type & miss others. That would be ideal but it’s not possible. Leading by example that you are uncertain of & endangering others lives!”-Kaushik responded, “After 3 long years of chemo treatments I know that it kills all growing cells the body produces, and the money you doctors make out of it is no secret,  you go ahead and run your business but don’t stop others to look into Altrenative treatments too ! Have a good day, go healFace throwing a kiss”-As of now, this is last conversation between the duo and wonder if it leads to something else.

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