Actor Ayub Khan says he is down to his last Penny

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The COVID period has proved to be testing for many people. Television and Film actor Ayub Khan too spoke about how the crisis is everywhere. IN an interview with a leading entertainment portal, he spoke about the financial crisis that he has been facing due to the lockdown imposed post the outbreak of Coronavirus. He mentioned that he has not been working regularly due to the lockdown, thus his financial status has taken a hit. The Uttaran actor shared that he may have to seek help in case the Coronavirus situation does not improve soon.As reported by the portal, the actor said, “I haven’t earned any money since the last one and a half year, and am down to the last little pennies now.” Talking about the latest 15-days lockdown, he said, “t is affecting work, and emotional state as everyone is struggling. It’s been one and a half years since I’ve not been working (regularly). I’ve earned no money. So, the strain is huge.”Further adding, “You can’t do anything. You just have to make do with whatever you have. And, God forbid, if things go from bad to worse, one will have to put out a hand for help. What else can you do?” Hoping that the situation gets better, he said, “By that time, if things don’t get better or I don’t start working, I’ll have to start asking for help. So, I do hope things get better soon and everyone gets back on track.”During the first lockdown, the film and television industries suffered a lot as shooting had come to a halt. Slowly, the industries got back and adapted the new normal, however, the new curbs added to the woes further.

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