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Hello guys. Here is a new OS of mine. Please guys support me on it.
Let’s start.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
Vansh is very angry right now. He will never understand that I haven’t done that.
He is very broken and shattered along with being very angry.
He is screaming at me very much while he is holding Siya’s body and trying to make her wake up.
He was crying, shattered, and shocked.
I’m also was passing through the same pain that he is feeling it.
I’m also isn’t able to believe that Siya has got killed in that inhuman way!I wasn’t able to see Vansh in that state.
Actually, I’m also was crying very much and I’m not able to imagine that Siya will not be with us anymore.
What makes me more shattered that I have went to her while she was taking her last breaths, but I wasn’t able to save her.
I even didn’t got succeeded in knowing from her the name of the one who has killed her.I was looking at her body while I was shocked and I wasn’t understanding anything.
Then Vansh and the whole family have came now finding me with her.
They will never listen to me, but I don’t care as I will be able to manage everything. I’m just now thinking about Vansh and his state. I have to be with him and support him. I have to know who is the person that has killed our Siya and forbids us from making her being with us.
I have came near Vansh and have putted my hand on his shoulder to calm him down.
Me(in a caring way): Please Vansh relax. She is now in a better place. We have to do the last rituals to her. Please calm down as you are the supporter of that family so please control yourself.
Vansh wasn’t giving any reaction to me.
He was just looking at me in a very angry look.His look was so doubtful. I was understanding the pain that he was suffering from it so I didn’t got upset from him.
We all went to do the last rituals to Siya.
Everyone wasn’t interacting with me at all. They were just looking at me in a very doubtful way.
I was just thinking about Siya’s murderer and not concentrating on their doubtful looks.
After we have done the last rituals to Siya, we were all at the hale of the house being very sad and aren’t accepting that Siya has got killed.
Then Kabir has came near me and he was very angry.
Kabir( being angry): You are the one who has killed my Siya and has forbidden me from being with my dearest wife. You are the one who has killed Siya with that inhuman way. You are the one who has stabbed her and left her to die and you kept watching her while dieing that slowly and enjoying that scene. I will not leave you Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania. I’m a police officer and I will arrest you as I’m sure that your fingerprints will be on the knife and I have sent it to the medical lab. You will take your punishment for killing my Siya.
Me: What nonsense you are saying Kabir?! I didn’t killed Siya. Why I could kill her?! Don’t say stupid words while you are just angry!
Ishani: Shut up Riddhima. I was always saying that you aren’t deserved to be my brother’s wife and now you have proved that I was right Riddhima. I’m sure that you are the one who has killed Siya.
Kabir: Especially that you and Siya weren’t being in a good relation together and this thing was very noticeable.
I got really angry on them for accusing me for that cheap murder.
How dare them to accuse me just because Siya and I were debating many times at the last days?!
They weren’t knowing the reason behind that. They weren’t knowing that I was trying to protect Siya, but she wasn’t listening to me.I was knowing that Siya is trusting her husband so much, but I was doubting him and his behaviours so I was trying to make her understand that, but she wasn’t listening to me.That’s why we were debating, but that doesn’t mean that I could kill Siya.
I will never make them stick to me that crime that I didn’t have done it.
Me: None of you has the opportunity to accuse me for that crime without any proof. None of you was aware of what was between me and Siya so don’t you both dare to talk about my relation with Siya. I will never spare anyone.
I was looking at Vansh while I was saying those words.
I was noticing how he was very shattered and he wasn’t understanding anything from what was happening around him.
I was feeling very sorry for him so I was going near her to support him and make him know that I will never do such a cheap behaviour.
Before I could do that, Kabir’s assistant has came.
He has given him the report of the medical lab.
Then he has left.
When Kabir has opened the report, he has looked at me in an evil look.
I have known from his reaction that I got trapped in a murder that I didn’t have committed it.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Vansh’s POV starts:
I was shocked from what has happened today. I wasn’t able to imagine that my sister got died today and my wife is the one who is accused for that murder. I wasn’t able to tolerate that I could lose my sister and my wife at the same time!
I knew that Riddhima could never do that, but all the proofs are against her especially after the medical report has proved that the fingerprints that have found on the knife that Siya has got killed by it is Riddhima’s fingerprint.
I got shocked when I have heard that from Kabir.
I wasn’t hearing Kabir and Ishani’s accuse and scolding to Riddhima as if my ear got closed and it wasn’t able to hear anything else.
I was very angry and isn’t able to understand anything.
I just has came near Riddhima in angry reaction and I have taken her hand aggressively to leave from the hale of the house.
Kabir: What you are doing Vansh?! Where you are taking that criminal?! We have to arrest her and put her in the jail for killing Siya. She has killed your sister Siya Vansh don’t forget that. Your wife has killed your sister. Don’t make your heart forbids the brother’s duty. If you will not be able to punish that Riddhima, I will do that as I will not leave my wife’s murderer. I will punish her very hardly.
I have completed taking Riddhima with me without concentrating on Kabir’s words.Then he has stopped me.Kabir: You will not go to any place Vansh without making me punish that criminal.
Me( being angry): Enough Kabir. Don’t you dare to do any movement without my permission. Siya is my sister and Riddhima is my wife and I will he able to solve this problem with my own way so don’t interfere. You will never love Siya more than me so just shut up and wait for what I will do as I will not be satisfied without punishing the culprit. We have to get more proofs and that will be my duty so don’t you dare to harm my wife without knowing the whole truth.
After I have said those words, I have taken Riddhima with me while I was still being very angry until we have reached to the poolside.
Riddhima: Vansh please don’t listen to them. I can’t harm Siya please trust me.
I wasn’t able to control my anger when I have thrown her in the pool.
Vansh’s POV ends.Vansh has gotten also inside the pool.
Riddhima was shocked from Vansh’s attitude, but she was understanding the pain that he was going through it.
So she comes near him and she tries to calm him down.
Riddhima: Vansh, I can feel your pain. I can feel what you are feeling it right now, but trust me I didn’t have done that to Siya. I would have never think to just harm her. You are the one who were knowing how much I love Siya so much and I would never do that to her or to anyone. Please Vansh listen to me and don’t be convinced from that stupid stuff.
She was trying to be close to him to calm him down and make him be convinced from her.
He got angry on her and he has pointed on her a gun.Vansh: Don’t fool me by those stuff Riddhima. Just admit the truth and don’t play with words. It got proved that the fingerprints that are on the knife is yours so that means that you have killed my sister Siya. Why Riddhima?! Why you could do that to Siya?! Why you could hurt me that much sweetheart?! You are my whole world and my everything. How you could cheat me that much?! Just say the truth otherwise I will shoot you and I will forget our relation in the same way that you have done it when you have killed Siya.
Riddhima wasn’t giving any fear reaction to Vansh and that what makes him more surprised.
Vansh: Don’t be that silent and say anything. Do you aren’t afraid to die?!
Riddhima: No Vansh I’m not afraid. If you want to shoot me, so shoot me Vansh as I will not stop you. If my husband isn’t trusting me, so what is the need to justify anything? I have told you that I didn’t killed Siya. I don’t know how my fingerprints got to be on the knife and being with Siya while she was dying it was just a coincidence and I was trying to save her, but I was late. If you aren’t trusting me, you could shoot me and I will not be upset from you.
Riddhima comes near Vansh.
Riddhima: Shoot me Vansh. Shoot your wife without even knowing the whole truth. I understand your anger and heartbroken Vansh that’s why I will not take what you are doing in a serious way. I will always be with you and I will support you. Do the thing that your heart tells you to do it Vansh. You just must don’t do a thing that could make you regret your whole life after doing it.
Vansh has left the gun.
He starts to cry and express his shatter and pain.
Vansh: I don’t know what I must to do now?! Everything is against you Riddhima, but my heart isn’t able to accept that. I have to punish my sister’s murderer, but I can’t accept that my sister’s murderer is you Riddhima. I’m confused and I’m not able to reach to a decision.
Riddhima: This is a very important test to our relationship Vansh. Let’s see if you will trust me and my words and you will be sure of my innocence or you will fail in that test and you will lose your wife forever. The choice is yours Vansh. I will be waiting for your decision and I will accept your decision whatever it will be.
Riddhima has left Vansh to make him think and reach to a decision.
Vansh wasn’t able to reach to any decision.
There was a huge confusion inside him.
Afterwards, Riddhima was looking at her picture with Siya while she was crying very much.
Riddhima to herself: I don’t know how a person could kill you and leave you die in that heartless way?!! But I promise you Siya that I will never leave that culprit and I will punish that murderer very hard punishment for killing you my dearest Siya and for wanting to stick that crime on me.
She leaves her picture with Siya and Ishani that they have taken it at Riddhima and Vansh’s marriage.
Then she starts looking at her pictures with Vansh.
She was looking at her wedding picture with Vansh.
Then she starts looking at other pictures of her and Vansh.
Riddhima to herself: I wish that those moments could return when Vansh and I were being happily together, but I’m sure that Vansh will reach to the right decision and he will never allow our love to lose. I just must do my own investigation to trap that culprit.
At the same time, Vansh was looking at his picture with Siya while he was being very broken.
Then he has looked at Siya’s picture.
Vansh to himself: I will not leave your murderer to escape Siya and not take the punishment that this person deserves it. I promise you that I will take your right. I will punish that person who has taken you from me my sister.
Then he has looked at his picture with Riddhima.
Vansh to himself: My heart is telling me that you will never do such a behavior Riddhima. I know that my sweetheart will never be able to kill anyone. I just must to get to the truth. I don’t need that test Riddhima because I trust you so much and I will prove your innocence in front of everyone and everything will be very fine between us like before.
After some time, Riddhima has reached to a clue about the murderer.
Riddhima to herself: My guesses were right. The one who was pretending that he is very broken and sad due to Siya’s death is the one who has killed her..
Vansh: Kabir is the one who has killed Siya.
Riddhima got shocked to see Vansh in front if her reaching to the same conclusion that she has reached to it.
Riddhima: Do you also have known the same?
He comes closer to her.
Vansh: Yes sweetheart. I have listened to my heart and I have known that Kabir is the one who has killed Siya and he used a knife from the kitchen that you have used it and he killed Siya with it by wearing a gloves to stick the crime on you.
Riddhima: I have also reached to the same. We have never to leave him Vansh. He is a very cunning person and he was just cheating Siya. I’m sure that he has killed Siya after she got convinced from my doubts and he decided to stick that crime to me to get rid of me after I got to be the one who has exposed him in front of Siya. You have to punish him Vansh.
Vansh: Don’t worry Riddhima that stupid Kabir will never be saved from me and he will take the punishment that he deserves for killing my sister Siya and making me doubt my Riddhima.
Riddhima: So you have finally trusted your wife?!
He comes more closer to her and he has kissed her in her forehead.
Vansh: I was trusting you Riddhima, I’m trusting you and I will always trust you. I was sure that my Riddhima will never do that cheap behaviour.
Riddhima: And that is very enough to me that my Vansh will always trust me.
They have hugged each other.
Afterwards, Kabir was at the hale of the house pretending in front of everyone that he is very sad on Siya’s death.
Then Vansh and Riddhima have came together to him.
Kabir: I can observe that she has succeeded in fooling you Vansh and you will forget your sister’s murder. Shame on you. What type of brothers you are?! I will never ma..
Before Kabir could complete his words, Vansh has punched him on his face.
Then he has pointed gun on him.
Vansh(being angry): Stop this nonsense idiot. You got caught Kabir so stop this stupid drama as we have known that you are the murderer of Siya.
Everyone got shocked.
Riddhima: Now, you will take the punishment that you deserve it for killing our Siya and for trying to accuse me for Siya’s murder.
Vansh: Good bye stupid Kabir. Now, Siya’s soul could rest in peace.A message from the author of the saga of truth unfolds: my dearest Aisha wants to inform you all that she will not be able to post tomorrow because she is unwell.The end of the OS. I hope you could have liked it guys. Please tell me your opinion about it. All your support makes me encouraged to write more OS episodes. Your respond is the thing that will make me know if should I complete writing OS episodes or I should stop on that point. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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