Aashiq…The Lover…RiKara SS Part 7(Last part)

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Aashiq..The Lover…Part 7
The credit for the RiKara and Zain Helly edits goes to the real editor.The doctor came out.
Archit:How is our Jugnu doctor?
Pranati:Is she alright?
Omkara and Gauri were tense.
Doctor:Thank God.The operation is successful.
Archit and Pranati shed tears due to happiness.
Archit:Pranati…Jugnu will be with us always.
Pranati:We will live happily with her forever.
In happiness unknowingly Omkara embraced Gauri.Gauri also embraced him back happily.
Suddenly Omkara came back to senses and moved away from her.
Om:I am sorry.
Gauri:It’s ok.When Jugnu regained her conciousness Omkara and Gauri spend some time with her.  The college ended.
The last day…
Omkara went near Gauri:Tomorrow I am leaving for Dubai.
Gauri’s heart got torn.
Omkara:Gauri,I always teased you.I am very sorry for that.It just did it for fun.I did’nt mean it.
I simply lied that you are not that beautiful to irritate you.Actually in my eyes you are the most beautiful girl.
Gauri looked at him emotionally.
Om:I will pray for you.Wish you a happy married life with Akhil.
Gauri’s heart was paining.
Both were struggling hard to hide their tears.  Gauri was in Akhil’s house.Dhara was also there.
Gauri was crying:Today Omkara is leaving.I am losing him forever.
Dhara:The flight time has’nt reached yet.Still you have time.Go to the airport.
Akhil:Tell him how much you love him.
Gauri shed tears:No,I can’t.He will call me a gold digger.I cannot bear such harsh words from his mouth.
Akhil:You feel that Omkara will think that you are after him just for his money.But what if he does’nt think like that?
Dhara:He may understand your true love Gauri.If Omkara understands you ..if you don’t confess your love now later you may regret that you lost Omkara only because you hid your love from him.
Gauri looked at them tearfully.   Omkara reached the airport.
He saw a boy bidding good bye to a girl.The girl held his hand and said tearfully:Please don’t leave.I can’t live without you.
He caressed her face emotionally:Please don’t cry.I will come back soon.
They embraced each other crying and the boy walked inside.
Om:I wish Gauri had come here in a filmy style to stop me from going.But it’s a wishful thinking.It will never happen.
Suddenly he heard a scream from behind:Omkaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
He turned back.He could not believe his eyes.It was Gauri.
Gauri and Omkara ran towards each other.
Gauri:I came here to see you.To tell you something.
Om:What do you want to tell me?
Gauri:I love you Omkara.
Omkara could not believe his eyes:What?
Gauri:Omkara…I know that you misunderstand me.You may be thinking that how suddenly I fell in love with you.You may be thinking that suddenly I fell for you after knowing how rich you are.You can think anything.But I am telling you the truth.I fell in love with you long ago.Because of ego I controlled my feelings for you.I tried to make myself believe that I don’t love you.But I realized that I am really in love with you.But just to win the challenge I lied to you that my marriage is fixed with Akhil.But the truth is that Akhil is my best friend and he is engaged to Dhara,not to me.
Omkara was shocked:Akhil and Dhara?
Om asked her emotionally:You won the challenge.But after the college ended why did’nt you tell me that you love me?
Gauri:I wanted to confess my love to you.But …I got worried whether you will not believe my love thinking that I accepted your love proposal because I came to know that you are Tej Singh Obreroi’s son.
Gauri looked at Omkara to know his response.
Om:Gauri..I need to go inside now for immigration.Otherwise I may even miss the flight.
Gauri was shattered as without responding to her confession of love he is leaving.
Om:After reaching Dubai,I will send you something.
Gauri did not understanding anything.
Gauri:What will you send me from Dubai?
Om:My love.
Gauri could not believe it.She was really surprised:What?
Om was smiling at her emotionally.
Cupping her face with his hands, he said emotionally:How did you think that I will misunderstand you?I love you so much that I can never misunderstand you.I know that your love is true.
His words touched her heart.
Om:After reaching Dubai,I will tell dad about you and our love.
She blushed.They got into a sweet embrace and Omkara pecked her head.Gauri told her parents about Omkara.As she was tensed about their reaction, she pressed Akhil’s palm.  Shakti and Pinky giggled.
Shakti:I knew that you will end up loving Omkara.Because 24 hours you were irritated with Omkara not praising you and talking to some other girl.
Gauri was embarrassed.
Pinky: We always thought that Omkara is the best for you.In fact only Omkara can handle a crazy girl like you.
Gauri was surprised and shy.Akhil smiled.  In Dubai…Omkara to Tej:Dad…I love someone.
Omkara was surprised:How did you guess it correctly?
Tej:That day when Gauri took me to you and you introduced her to me itself I felt that there is something between you both.
Omkara became shy.
Tej:Your selection is good.I liked it.
Omkara hugged Tej happily:Thank you Dad.
Tej smiled.  Tej spoke to Shakti online and fixed Omkara-Gauri’s wedding.Omkara-Gauri were busy with their respective careers,but they spent their free time talking to each other online.  After some months,
Omkara-Gauri’s wedding got arranged.
Archit-Pranati helped Tej and Shakti-Pinky for wedding preparations.Jugnu was around the to be married couple always.
Rudra-Vaiga who are married came there even before Omkara got dressed for the wedding.
Vaiga:Wish you a happy married life Omkara.
Omkara:Thank you Vaiga.
They took photographs together.Vaiga:I will go meet Gauri.
Gauri was getting ready.
Akhil:Are you not ready yet Gauri?
Dhara:Akhil…it’s her wedding.She has the right to take time.
Akhil:Ok ok.
Gauri giggled.
Akhil-Dhara are already married.
Vaiga entered:Hey Gauri.
They hugged each other.
Vaiga:Wish you a happy married life.Gauri smiled:Thank you Vaiga.
Akhil:The bride is not ready yet.
Vaiga:No problem.Now I am here.I will get Gauri ready fast.
They all smiled.Omkara-Gauri dressed up grandly in their wedding attire.
Raju who married the girl chosen by his mother came along with his wife.
Omkara,Rudra,Raju gathered together while the girls were with Gauri.
Omkara:Hey Rudra..how is your married life in Tamil Nadu.
Om:You demanded daily food from Vaiga’s sister.Is she serving you food?
Rudra:Meena Akka never fails to fulfil her promise.That’s the problem.I wish she had broken her promise.Because I am fed up of having South Indian food daily.
Omkara and Raju laughed.
Rudra:Don’t laugh too much.Because my Vaiga understands me so well that she cooks my favourite food once in a while.
Om and Raju smiled.
Om:By the way did Vaiga’s sister get married?
Rudra:Of course yes.Since Vaiga got married to me,Vaiga forced her also to get married.Finally she agreed to marry the boy chosen by us.And guess what?He is also staying with us as a ghar jamai.That was her biggest demand.
Om giggled:Cool.
Rudra:So I have a good friend too in our house.Meena akka will come soon with her husband now.
Om:That’s cool.Eager to meet them.
Om:How is your married life Raju?
Rudra:Ya ya…all are surprised that a guy like you got a beautiful wife.
Raju stared at Rudra while Rudra-Om laughed.
Raju:My wife is very nice.There is only one problem.Since all are saying that she is too beautiful for me she is obsessed with her looks now.So 3/4th of my salary goes for her make up kits.
Om-Rudra laughed a lot.
Meenamma arrived with her husband.
All were surprised to see him.
Om:This is our senior Ram.
Rudra:Exactly.Meena akka married our senior Ram.We only selected him through the matrimonial site.
Ram to Meenamma:My juniors are there.Let me meet them.
Meenamma:Ok ok.You go.Ram went near Om.
Om and Ram hugged each other.
Om:But Vaiga’s sister wanted to marry only a tamilian.Then how did she marry you Ram?
Ram:When I saw her for the first time itself I fell for her.So to impress her I learnt Tamil English dictionary and learnt tamil.I spoke to her in tamil.She got flattered and agreed to marry me.
Om-Raju giggled.
Om:How is your life going on?
Ram:Nice.The only problem is that Meenu is allowing me to speak only in tamil.So I almost forgot my mother tongue.
Rudra:For relief Ram bhai speaks to me in hindi secretly.
Om-Raju-Rudra laughed.Ram too joined them.Omkara-Gauri had a grand wedding.
All of them wished Omkara-Gauri a very happy married life.
By teasing each other,playing pranks on each other and loving each other madly Omkara-Gauri lived happily.The End  Thank u so much 4 the support.plz do not forget to write the fav scene,fav character n why u liked them.After rikara which jodi did u like?

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