Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 11th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Darsh doesn’t find any suitable girl

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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Bansuri and Nandini asking Gunjan to learn singing bhajan. Gunjan talks to her lover Ragla and asks him to sell Darsh’s costly phone, it would cost around 50000rs. He says you may get caught. She says I can never get caught. They have a talk. Nandini asks Gunjan to learn bhajan. Gunjan threatens to run away. Nandini says fine, we will sing later. Nandini takes the milk can and goes. Gunjan says she took the phone along with it.Shobit shows his girlfriend Charmy’s pic to the family. They tease him. He asks who will talk to Rajvi about Charmy and me. Dadi says I just completed 3000 steps, Vipul will see it. Shobit insists Vipul to talk. Vipul says okay. Parul says all the girls are good, how can I choose one. Rajvi says any one of them will be made for Darsh. She talks to the girls. She interviews them. A girl says laddoo reminds me of a family, who shouldn’t shatter. Darsh says I don’t want to stay with family after marriage. The girl says I will become his support. Darsh says I m fine, I want companionship, not support. Rajvi says four girls are here, I shortlisted them. He says I don’t want to stay in this house after marriage. Three girls make excuses and leave. Darsh says I know mum will be upset, she will be more upset if I get a wrong life partner. The fourth girl says my decision will be same as yours. He says great, I can talk to her in private.She says I will handle your business. Darsh says no, I have no interest in business, we will raise cattle and do farming also. Rajvi smiles. Nandini gets a call on Darsh’s phone. Driver takes the phone to Darsh. He says we found the phone. Darsh hears Nandini’s voice and says its the same. He acts and asks when will you deliver the cows, we want to start a business soon. He says I m talking from Rawal house. He goes to get network. The girl runs away. He comes to the kitchen. He asks did this girl also leave, its good, she came to marry our richness, not me, we are not so desperate, right. Rajvi says no, don’t worry, you will get the girl made for you. Nandini says how to know whom to give this phone. Naveen comes. Nandini says I have to give this phone to its owner and come. Naveen says fine. Baa asks her to get washing powder. Gunjan thinks how shall I go out to meet Ragla. She sings bhajan. Naveen smiles. He says mummy has taught this to me. Bansuri smiles. Gunjan says I will not get you insulted, shall I go to college tomorrow. He permits her.Rajvi says people don’t see anything else than money, like love doesn’t exist. A man comes home to speak to Rajvi. He says sorry, there are still girls who value relations than money, I like your son for my daughter even if Darsh leaves his richness. She gets happy and beats a plate to call everyone. Everyone comes and asks what happened. She says Mr. Mehta had come. She recalls Mr. Mehta giving his daughter Tosha’s pic, she is an artist, she is Darsh’s photography fan. She says she is beautiful. FB ends. She says we have to make Darsh meet Tosha. They like the pic. Chetan checks the pic and says the girl is homely, she will keep the family united. Vipul says we should meet the girl once. Rajvi says they are coming to meet tomorrow. Dadu says its because of the diya I lit at the ghat. She says yes. Dadu says we will get all the sweets for chadava. Vipul says I think we should ask Darsh once. Rajvi says he said that his daughter will be with Darsh, even if he doesn’t have money.Naveen eats the food. He gifts bangles to Bansuri. He says I was buying it for Gunjan and thought to get it for you also. She smiles. Darsh hears the anklet sound and smiles. Shobit comes and says dhol will play. Darsh says you didn’t say you are getting married. Shobit says I will get married after you marry, your relation is almost fixed. Darsh asks what. Rajvi says the girl’s name is Tosha Mehta, she is your photography’s fan, she is really good. Shobit says there is no harm to meet, I m excited for Kanha function, I will decorate the function. Darsh says I didn’t meet that girl. Rajvi says meet her tomorrow, yes if you yes, else no. Darsh says okay, let Shobit do the decorations tomorrow. She says fine. Shobit hugs her. She scolds him. He says sorry. She says I will keep clothes for you. She goes. Shobit hugs and kisses Darsh. He goes singing. Darsh recalls Nandini and smiles.
Darsh goes out and hears the driver’s talking that the girl’s life will be ruined, Rajvi has fulfilled her 30 day challenge.Update Credit to: Amena

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