A MAGICAL STORY – Character sketch

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hi friends ☺️.iam kifu..iam very thankful to jasminrahul for giving me an idea of starting an FF related to the movie beta and this FF will be related to beta but with little changes and It will be with naagins..I hope you all like it..so here is the character sketch for it😊😊. please give your suggestions once you read it…1. Young sumitra:she is young sumitra who marries andy for a motive.born in devvansh clan and she is naagin.she has son named yuvraj. Plans to steal naagmani.2.young andy Sehgal:he is married to riya but riya dies after giving birth to a son and so after 6 years he marries sumitra to look after his son but doesn’t knows about her reality and motive.father of mahir and step father of yuvraj.3.young mahir Sehgal:son of andy and riya. Step son of sumithra.4.rahul Sehgal:brother of andy. Studies in college.5.young alek and rohini(karishma Tanna and karan patel):Sister and brother in law of sumithra. Supports sumithra for a motive.parents of tamsi.6.young tamsi:daughter of Alek and rohini.possesses evil power.7. Naagin Nayantara:powerful 5 headed naagin.born in sheshang clan and protects naagmani.she behaves normally before humans not showing her reality .studies in college of same class of Rahul.after 24 years:8.old sumithra:she is old sumithra after story takes 24 years leap. She is a evil naagin.she plans to fulfil her motive using her stepson mahir.9.old Alek and rohini:sister and brother in law of sumithra. Supports sumithra for a evil motive.parents of tamsi.10. Yuvraj Sehgal:son of sumithra and step son of andy Sehgal. He is half naagin as he was born from naagin.he supports his mum a lot.11.old andy Sehgal:he is old andy Sehgal after story takes 24 years leap. Father of mahir and step father of yuvraj.a kind man.12. Mahir Sehgal:son of andy and riya. Step son of sumithra. He loves sumithra so much as she took care of him like her own son.does not know the reality of sumithra.13. Tamsi:daughter of Alek and rohini. Possesses evil power. Have aim to destroy naagins and also wants to steal naagmani’s powers.14.bela Sharma:daughter of a naag and naagin. Adopted daughter of karan and preeta.she will become naagrani once she become 25.she studies in college.sister of zoha15.vyom:cheel vyom.reincarnation of rahul.has good heart.does not know about his parents.16. Zoha:reincarnation of Nayantara. She has naagin powers but doesn’t know about it as she does not remeber her past life.daughter of karan and preeta.sister of bela.friends please tell me about your opinion of how the charater sketch is..if you want any changes please inform me..I have added Rahul Vaidya as iam fan of him. This story will be like beta (film) but with little changes.😊 

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