A Hope – Riansh Fan Fiction (Chapter 4)

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to see Riddhima with sid.Sid: so guys this is my wife Riddhima and my son ridhan. We got married a year ago.After that it was time for couples dance.Bepanah pyaar(New song of vani) This was the first song . Sid gave ridhan to rhea and rudraksh and took Riddhima with him to dance. They were dancing so closely and intimate.he help her by waist.
But two pairs of brown eyes were staring them with anger and jealousy.
Ahaana also pulled vansh for a dance.
Song changed.Parteners were changed.
Now ahaana was with sid and Riddhima was with someone else,when she saw her partners face she was shocked.it was that bitterful past which she had left behind.that past who betrayed her. Insulted her.she was about to move away when he pulled her and took her somewhere and pinned her to the wall.
Riddhima: mr leave me,if my husband comes he will not spare you
Vansh:let me so he comes between a husband wife
Riddhima: correction mr ,ex wife, remember how you threw me out of the house with divorce papers??
I signed them and submitted into court too,so you are free to marry ahaana.
Vansh:Riddhima, did you get married mr mathur ??
Riddhima: none of your business. You will not believe me anyways.for you I was a blo*dy sl*t and a woman who can go to any extent for money even slee..
She was cut off in middle as he smaahed his lips on her.he kissed her angrily.she pushed him back.
Riddhima: enough vansh you cant force yourself on me anymore,got it??
Just get lost .
Saying so she angrily went away.
Ahaana and sid were dancing.
Sid: how are you??
Ahaana: I’m fine,you know .by the way were did you meet this blo*dy gold digger??
Sid: shut the f**k up alright! No a word about my wife and I know here since childhood.
Ahana: but how do you have a child within 1 year??
Sid: its her and her ex husband child.he was such a moron man.
Anyway gotta find her. Bye
Ahaana: bye
Ahaana (thinking): no,this means ridhan is vansh and Riddhima son.if vansh came to know he will try to reconcile,no no.
Ahaana saw ridhan with rhea so she intentionally spilled drink on her.
Ahaana: I am so sorry ,you wash it ill take care of the baby till that time.
Rhea: are you sure??
Ahaana: yaa
Rhea: thanks
Ahaana (thinking): now I will kill you, sorry baby ,but if you are alive,their is always a hope that vansh may bring Riddhima back.so sorry (with evil smirk)Ahaana: one strong whiskey please.
She took glass and was about give it to baby ridhan when she felt a strong slap and fell on floor
Riddhima: how dare you ahaana??
Her voice was so loud that everyone was staring at her.sid and vansh came to. Rhea and rudraksh came too.
Ahaana:how dare you riddima??how can you slap me??
Riddhima:you have shame left to ask,you were about to feed my 1 month old boy alcohol to kill him and you are asking me??
Sid,vansh,rudraksh and rhea were shocked.
Ahaana: yes because he is always a hope that vansh and you might reconcile.because he is your and his son.
Riddhima started panicking,she didn’t wanted vansh to know this.
Riddhima: I am not interested I coming back to vr mansion or his life.next time try to touch him,ill dig your gave right here!!
Sid immediately took ridhan from ahaana and went away to make him drink water. Vansh pulled Riddhima .
Vansh: is he our son Riddhima??
Riddhima: no he is my and sids son.
Don’t even dare to claiming right on him
Vansh was shocked and happy at same time.Vansh: Riddhima I am his father you cant deny that right.
R iddhima: vansh I have already told you he is my son not yours so get that in your mind.
He angrily pinned her to wall. It was with so much force that she got hurt.
Vansh: are you ok ??
Riddhima: no need to show fake concern,I am ok leave me
Vansh: I have lost you once ,not now.
Vansh:I wont
someone had punched vansh .it was sid.
Sid:enough, you had hurted her one year back and you are hurting her now,so shut up and leave her.
After all these events Riddhima was so exausted that she fainted,sid carried her in his arms and asked rhea and rudraksh to follow with baby ridhan.
Vansh was just standing their with mixed emotions.Precap: kavir and Aryan  meet Riddhima.vansh gets to know about it.Hi lovlies sorry for delayed.will post my bew ff today too.thabk you so much

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